Top 4 Homestays in Sapa to Consider Staying

1. Phơri’s House

Phơri’s House is a pretty small house in Ta Van village and located about 10 km from Sapa town. In front of the house, there is a small cool stream - a good place for relaxing and reading on the huge stone. Or take a walk throughout terraced fields for sightseeing peaceful villages and sceneries in the afternoon also is the great experience in your stays. 

The price is ranging from $30/night/ two persons. If you have three people, there will be a surcharge of $10/person. This home – stay has space up to 14 persons for overnight and provides convenient facilities such as pillow and blanket. The price for hiring the whole house is $120/day and it doesn’t increase in the main holidays.

Moreover, Phơri’s House also provides with well – equipped facilities such as kitchen, bathroom with warm water, wine, tea and coffee, etc. All of them will make you the most comfortable vacation.

2. Eco Palms House

Located in Lao Chai village and designed with good view overlooking the Hoang Lien Son Mountain and Muong Hoa valley, Eco Palms House is one of the best places for relaxing and overnight. Eco Palms House consists of 5 bungalows, which is built in the traditional style of ethnic minorities living here including Mong, Red Dao, Tay, Xa, etc. 

These bungalows are designed with natural materials such as wood, bamboo, thatched roofs, etc, which give you the cool space in the summer and warm atmosphere in the winter.

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3. Nam Cang Riverside Lodge

Located in the Nam Cang village, the home of Dao group (Red), Nam Cang Riverside Lodge owns the beautiful sceneries. It offers seven twin/double rooms and two family rooms with well – equipped facilities as the luxury hotels, especially it has view overlooking the romantic river and majestic sceneries of mountains. 

Besides, this is a great opportunity for you to discover the culture and custom of hill tribes here in just short distance to get to their villages.

4. Viet Trekking Homestay

It can be said that VietTrekking Home-stay would be the best choice for overnight and relaxing when you are in Sapa. Here you will feel the most fantastic moments while relaxing and watching the soft bobbing white clouds in front of the home – stay, especially in the early mornings, which give you the feeling as you are losting in the fairyland.


Viet Trekking Home - stay’s design has the good view overlooking the sea clouds and majestic mountain of Hoang Lien Son and consists of 6 rooms including four single rooms, one double room and one room for a group of people with the affordable price:

  • The single rooms: 200.000 VND (8.96 USD)/room from Monday to Thursday and 250.000VND (11.20 USD)/room from Friday to Sunday.
  • The double rooms: 300.000VND (13.44 USD)/room from Monday to Thursday and 350.000VND (15.68 USD)/room from Friday to Sunday.
  • The room for a group of people (maximum of 12 people): 80.000VND (3.58 USD)/person (and just 60.000VND (2.69 USD) for more than four people) and has a surcharge on the weekend of 10.000VND (0.45 USD).

3 Famous 50-year-old coffee shops in Saigon

1. Chieu Café

Pass over for a long time nearly a half of century, Chieu café has become a symbol for Saigon’s culture. Built in 1969 with the beautiful interior of warm earth colors, the blend of burnt oranges and browns, Chieu café give you the most comfortable feeling when sitting here. Besides, it is decorated with green lianas ornamental trees creating the spacious space. 

In the space filled with music written by Trinh Cong Son and Ngo Thi Mien, you will feel relaxed while drinking fruit juices, coffee, cocktails and enjoying Vietnamese foods.

2. Am Phu (Hell) café

This café has been operating for 60 years continually, which is located at the alley at 330 Phan Dinh Phung Street, Phu Nhuan District, belonging to Dang Ngoc Con and his wife. 

It was the first mobile café, set on a trolley, in Saigon, has no – name, no brand and no stop for a long time of 60 years. Therefore it is called Hell café (Am Phu café) and named by the closed customers. In the memory of Mr. Dang Ngoc Con ( Ba Con), his father has started a small business by pushing a trolley to the road to sell coffee from the period of French colonization in the middle of 1950s. After that, he took over his father’s trade and has started the small business together with his wife at 300 Phan Dinh Phung until now since 1975.

His café was once closed because of the family’s stuff, his wife said. However, the café is never closed from then.

The café is just the trolley, placed inside the old house and decorated with some plastic chairs and tables, but it is quite crowded by many people, mainly with frequent customers. Even though in a far distance, they also come and chose it as the familiar place. The café is featured with net racquet, which is used to process an aromatic coffee. 

3. Cheo Leo café

It is considered one of the oldest coffee shops in Saigon, which has been operating for a long time of 77 years. It was opened by Mr. Vinh Ngo, a person from Hue dynasty and then handed down to his third daughter, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Suong (53 years old) as the owner. 

The café has the location on 109 Nguyen Thien Thuat, district 3. It is designed in the old style of many years ago and not luxury, but it is the favorite place of many students after their lesions. Sitting at the café, you will see all the social classes, which have no discrimination. 

At the café, the coffee sits in the strainer for a while and then it is transferred into another pot and placed near the stove to keep its flavor and warm enough for customer.

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Four Top Famous Temples in Kerala That Should Not Be Missed By Any

There are numerous top famous temples in Kerala that are built during various countries with various architectural styles. This article will talk in detail about the handpicked top four famous temples in Kerala that should be visited by everyone with no regards to their religious belief.

1. Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple

This temple is an iconic monument located in Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram. It is one of the oldest temples in the country. This is one of the famous temples in Kerala that is recognized for its architectural beauty. The pillared corridor with 500 musical pillars is the top attraction in this temple. This temple is also famous for its buried treasure which accounts for more than one trillion Indian rupees. Many explorers visit this temple to find out more buried treasures. Other important attractions of this temple are the mural painting collection, golden mandap, Travancore’s royal crown, sanctum Sanctorum and others. It is the richest temple in the world and you ought to visit this temple in which Lord Vishnu is worshipped in his sleeping position. It is just one km away from the central railway station and six km away from the international airport.

2. Attukal Devi Temple

This temple is one of the many famous temples in Kerala that is located in Trivandrum. This temple gets its name from the Attukal festival that is celebrated in February and March in which more than a million woman participate in a small gathering. This temple is famous for its numerous sculptures. There are numerous stories related to the history of this temple. The idol of this temple is decorated with exotic ornaments and gems. The temple is located 2 km away from Thriuvananthapuram central railway station and 7 km away from the international airport.

3. Guruvayur Krishna Temple

This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is located in Guruvayur. It is an important pilgrim spot and is called as the earthly abode of Lord Vishnu.  This temple is more than 5000 years old and you can find a lot of interesting sculptures here. Top attractions of this temple are the morning 3 am rituals, elephant blessings, offerings provided to devotees and many others. This temple is located 30 km away from Thrissur. There are many trains that connect this city to various other parts of the state. The nearest airport is located in Cochin which is 75 km away.

4. Ambalapuzha Sree Krishna temple

Sree Krishna Temple of Ambalapuzha is a famous pilgrimage spot (do not confused with Alappuzha). This temple falls under the list of famous temples in Kerala because it architectural style. This temple is famous for satiric art and the sweet provided after rituals to the devotees. This temple used to be a haven for those who survived Tippu Sultan’s raid in 18th century. The temple pond is another attraction in this temple. You ought to take a dip and feed the fishes in the pond. This temple is located 2 km away from Ambalapuzha railway station and 14 km away from Alappuzha railway station.

5 Must to Conquer Milestones in Vietnam

1. Milestone 42 on pristine Phu Si Lung mountain

Phu Si Lung is a 3.076m high mountain located on the border between Vietnam and China. This mountain has a section located on the territory of Vietnam, in Pa Ve Su commune, Muong Te district, Lai Chau province. Phu Si Lung is considered one of the most spectacular mountain peaks with a challenging height and wild, mysterious beauty like a different world in our country. The mountain has become the dream destination for many backpackers.
5 Must to Conquer Milestones in Vietnam

On the way to conquer the peak of Phu Si Lung, visitors will have the opportunity to stop at the landmark 42 at an altitude of 2.866 m above sea level. The road to the milestone 42 is a long journey of experience filled with streams with clear waters, white clouds hugging the hill or fields of wildflower flying in the wind ... All this beauty will definitely set in the minds of visitors a strong impression and make you love the S-shaped strip of land more.

2. Milestone 79 on Phan Lien San mountain

Similar to Phu Si Lung, Phan Lien San is also a mountain located on the border between Vietnam and China and is one of the most dangerous mountains in the Northwest. The highest point of Phan Lien San is 3.012m above sea level. On the way to conquer the mountain, visitors will encounter a lot of traces of fierce war in the past, especially the walls imprinted traces of time making the space here more mysterious.
5 Must to Conquer Milestones in Vietnam

Milestone 79 located on Phan Lien San mountain at an altitude of nearly 3,000m high above sea level is the highest border posts in our country. Located in the solitary jungle; therefore, to conquer this milestone, visitors must have a good health and a true perseverance so that they can overcome difficulties along the way. However, when all the obstacle and tiredness are left in behind, visitors will feel happy and proud of winning our the limitations of themselves to reach a sacred landmark of the country.

3. A Pa Chai – the Westernmost area of Vietnam

Compared with milestones 42 and 79, the marker of A Pa Chai located on Khoang Lan San mountain in Sin Thau Commune, Muong Nhe district, Dien Bien province has a lower altitude (about 1.864m), but conquering this milestone is no less arduous. A Pa Chai milestone is considered the starting point of the borders of Vietnam - China and Vietnam - Laos and has become a sacred destination where numerous backpackers are keen to have the opportunity to visit in Dien Bien.
5 Must to Conquer Milestones in Vietnam

A Pa Chia milestone is built very specially. The milestone of 2m high has three sides, built firmly from granite on a square pedestal. Each face of the landmark is engraved emblem and language of each country. To conquer the landmark, visitors will have to pass the difficult and dangerous forest road of about 6km long. However, the hardships, challenges are factors that bring the journey to conquer A Pa Chai landmark extremely memorable feelings.

4. Milestone 304 atop Da Do (the Red Rock) Mountain

5 Must to Conquer Milestones in Vietnam

Milestone 304 (also known as G8) divides the line between the two countries Vietnam and Laos. This landmark is located on Da Do mountain of 1.889m high above sea level. To reach the milestone of 304, visitors will have to overcome the dangerous stretch of road running through the middle of the dense jungle. Therefore, despite not located on a towering place as landmarks 42 or 79, you also have to spend many hours moving to reach this milestone.

5. Indochina T- junction

The legendary Indochina junction is the meeting point of the three countries of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. This junction is located on the territory of provinces of Kon Tum (Vietnam) - Attapeu (Laos) - Ratanakiri province (Cambodia). No one knows exactly when the story about a chicken necking and the three countries at the junction of Indochina can hear has become the great motivation urging backpackers from everywhere to come here.
5 Must to Conquer Milestones in Vietnam

To be able to visit Indochina fork, visitors will have to pass a journey full of difficulties with the winding road, in the burning sun of the Highland. However, all difficulties will be paid off when you stop at the legendary intersection of Indochina and watch the rolling hills which are extremely beautiful.

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As lovely the state is with its natural and deep cultural experiences, so is the hospitality business’ preference to set up their hotels here to add to an already remarkable experience of the guests. You will not be able to find regular biggie names in the best luxury hotels list of Kerala but ones that are present in the state are close to offering what the state stands for- luxury in the lap of God’s own country.

Let us have a look at the following list to get an idea about the top luxury hotels in Kerala:
  1. Parakkat Nature Hotels & Resorts
Located in Munnar which is by far the best honeymoon destination of South India, Parakkat Nature Hotels and Resorts will be a retreat to luxury with nature in its best combination ever. Tucked along the countryside, Parakkat Nature Hotel will provide you breath-taking views of Munnar and simply unforgettable will be the taste and aroma of a perfectly brewed coffee enjoyed at the hotel’s coffee shop with edenic waterfall view. Further, hospitality and services extended are of high quality and guarantee customer satisfaction every time.

2. The Nattika Beach Resort
Next on our list is Nattika Beach Resort, location of which is paradisiacal. People looking for a holiday place to have idyllic pleasure of calm and tranquil surroundings should come here at least once. Minimal interiors done in wood and eye-pleasuring shades of beige and browns with just the right amount of lighting give it the extra points for ambience. At the top of it, palm trees inside the resort provide kind of freshness to this ambience. And since it is an ayurveda resort, the massages and Ayurvedic treatments are simply soul rejuvenating. The result is that Nattika has earned loyal customers who come for repeat longer duration stays.

3. Old Harbour Hotel

Situated in the Fort Kochi acreage, Old Harbour Hotel stands with the reputation of being a one of the best vintage luxury hotels in Kerala as the hotel is housed in a 300 year old heritage building. It is one elegant boutique hotel that appeals to the senses of its guests. The speciality of this hotel is that along with the regular food menu they also offer a sumptuous sea food menu- location of the hotel close to fishing nets is the reason. All things organic are provided to the guests- organic vegetables, organic soaps, lotions etc. Take the Kerala tour packages and stay in these luxury resorts.

4. Spice Tree
Another hotel in resplendent Munnar, Spice Tree is regarded as one of the best honeymoon resorts in Kerala. Nestled over the lush green slants of the mountains, this hotel is for the ones who are looking for a luxurious nature retreat. It claims to offer its guests with a stay that rejuvenates their mind, body and soul away from hustle- bustle of city life. Unique experiences like tea tasting sessions, Traditional cooking classes etc are offered to the visitors during their stay. Take the 6 Nights and 7 Days Kerala honeymoon tour Packages and spend your honeymoon in Kerala.

5. Forest Canopy
Very much true to its name, the hotel is set up in the plush rainforest like surroundings. It is a premium resort with all modern facilities and does complete justice to the tagline “Nature Untouched”. It is located close to the Periyar wildlife sanctuary and thus offers its guests nature walks, jeep safaris, boating and bamboo rafting in the sanctuary. But the experience is not limited to exploring the sanctuary only, visitors can also enjoy traditional art performances of Kerala like Kalaripayattu, Kathakali and can also embark on spice plantation tours to discover and take in the aroma of the wide variety of spices cultivated in South India like cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, cloves etc.

The Importance of Vietnamese Meals

As one of the cultural elements playing an essential role in Vietnamese people’s lives, the family is the foundation of social ethics. In Vietnamese culture, family meal is not simply a place where people in the family enjoy delicious dishes together. It is very meaningful when all family members gather, talk, share stories and enjoy the meals. This creates the unique beauty of Vietnamese culture.

Normally, Western people usually do not appreciate family meals. Their children are grown up and have their own lives. In contrast, in the past, after a hard working day, Vietnamese people returned home and gathered together to share dinner. That was when grandparents, parents, children, siblings enjoyed their favorite dishes while the kids happily told about their study at school in a cozy and intimate atmosphere. This tradition has maintained from generation to generation.
The Importance of Vietnamese Meals

It is proved that the meals of Vietnam families are very simple depending on the economic conditions of each family has. Food for cooking is rich and diverse. In Vietnamese families, mothers are in charge of cooking for the whole family with the different nutritious food. For breakfast, Vietnamese families prefer quick meals like bread, noodles, Pho, or milk. Some families gather at lunch to eat and chat together while enjoying delicious food. After that, they take a nap to have energy for the busy afternoon. Obviously, dinner is an essential meal during the day. People return home after a hard working day with the intention of relaxing and entertaining. Dinner is cooked carefully with a wide variety of dishes and desserts. They eat together, tell each other funny stories in a happy environment. Especially, during meals, it is indispensable that they eat many kinds of shrimp sauces, fish sauces and pickles.

The Vietnamese cuisine is different in each part of the country. Many people appreciate Hanoi cuisine and say that it represents the most typical food in Vietnam with Pho, Bun cha, Spring rolls…and other unique spices. The Southern cuisine was influenced by Chinese, Cambodian and Thai cuisines. They usually add sugar and coconut milk into the food. This place also produces numerous types of fish sauces. Additionally, food in the central part of Vietnam has its unique characteristics with spicy and salty food. The color of the food is brilliant with natural red and brown
The Importance of Vietnamese Meals

Not only is home a place where families gather to eat, it is the place where people express their communication culture. More specifically, most elder women including mothers or sisters sitting next to the rice cooker are responsible for delivering rice to other family members who sit on the food tray. Many girls are taught this manner in Vietnamese families. Therefore, Vietnamese meals not only provide people with food to eat but also a time to understand each other better, increase the intimacy of family members. Traditionally, during the meal, everyone is not only happy with funny conversations, the old people also share many valuable lessons and teach children how to treat and behave properly in the society.
The Importance of Vietnamese Meals

Moreover, inviting guests to the family meals is more popular because a lot of new relationships are established and need to be maintained. At this time, the owners usually cook a plenty of delicious dishes and make careful preparations before guests come. It is extremely different from Western meals when the owners often pick up delicious food for guests. They avoid eating before visitors. They also encourage guests to eat more in the meal. It is thought that this kind of meal also expresses the hospitality of the Vietnamese people.

Now, in the era of industrialization, people become busy, especially in the big cities. Many families have little chance of being seated together for an intimate meal. People often choose fast food and no longer focus on the family meals anymore. It is probably true that the lack of family meals result into the breakup of one’s family because they do not spend time with each other. However, almost of all Vietnamese people understand the importance of family meals and its positive benefits. Therefore, on holidays or special anniversaries, every member gathers together despite working away from home. Dinner is always a place for sharing, expressing the work pressures and emotions of the day.

For each Vietnamese, the family is vital. Family brings about traditional values to nurture a person. Therefore, it is widely said that family meals are an important symbol of Vietnam. Through each meal, people get to know each other more and share everything happily. Family meals are one indispensable factor standing for Vietnamese cultural identity. Vietnamese kids should understand this traditional value and be aware of the essence of family meals in the modern life.

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Top 5 Online Bus Ticket Booking Websites in India

Diwali, Sankaranthi, Christmas, and Ramadan- what comes to your mind on hearing these words? Right! Regional/National holidays when you can stay with your near and dear at home. But for those who stay away from their home, look eagerly for a vacation during such auspicious moments. And this is where the online bus ticket websites come into foray.
These online bus ticket websites offer innumerable help such as easy ticket booking, easy cancellation, rescheduling the trip etc. and the best thing is that all these services can be availed right from one’s living room. While there are many online ticketing websites in the market, the best ones which have garnered great customer support and good feedback are the ones listed below.
One ticket to elsewhere: Redbus.

Even a child knows Redbus is the largest ticketing platform online available in India.
·         It lists all transport service providers under one roof
·         It brings customers amazing discounts on early booking or bulks booking
·         Book tickets for any remote corner within India in no time
·         Bus ticket booking gets discounts on hotel booking
·         By availing Redbus users can get good discounts

A travel organizer in disguise: MakeMyTrip
Makemytrip is that one joker card that can make anyone hit a jackpot. They not only help in bus ticket booking but helps in planning the complete trip.
·         Easy user interface to book single or round trips  
·         One stop for hotel booking and travel itinerary planning
·         With plenty of banks offering secured payment gateway, Makemytrip is trusted by everyone.

No extra charges is the Mantra: Yatra
What makes Yatra the best ticketing portal among others? Here you go!
·         There are no additional costs in the name of booking charges or cancellation charges
·         Get your tickets conveniently without moving from the comfort of home
·         Plenty of deals and offers are available
·         Tickets can be booked for any place across India

3 steps and job well done: Ticket Goose
Though this portal is quite new in comparison to its competitors, here are its attractive features which make it liked by all:
·         It is a light-weight website supporting more user traffic
·         Boasts of a simple and attractive user interface
·         They have networked with all leading transport providers across India at most attractive prices

Assured tickets at lowest prices: Paytm
What? Paytm runs an online ticket booking website too? Yes! And it is running super smooth as it offers the following:
·         With this portal you will get assured price discounts on the bookings
·         There are a number of early bird booking offers
·         They also offer Cash back plans
·         It networks with all major transport providers thereby connecting every corner of India through its seamless services

Easy ticket booking interface, handful of offers, secured payment gateway are the USP of these online ticket portals in India. With such giants in the pitch, no matter how far you live from your loved ones, a four wheeler bridge is always running between you and your dear ones connecting hearts!

Why luxury travel in Vietnam attracts tourists

Travelers have viewed Vietnam as a beautiful country with incredibly friendly people, unique traditions and beautiful towns and countrysides. Not only do Vietnam tourist attractions attract visitors by the fascinating Old Quarter, the UNESCO-listed port town of Hoi An or the country’s best beaches, it also surprises tourists with dramatic limestone islands in Halong Bay, remote hill tribe villages, the narrow canals of Mekong Delta and luxurious resorts. That is the reason why Vietnam has become the favorite destination of many western upper-classes.

Ideal Weather: One of the reasons why luxury travel in Vietnam is registered increasingly by the international visitors in the autumn is that the weather is so wonderful when it is cool, sunny and pleasant

Luxurious and international standard resorts: With more than 3,200 km of coastline, including numerous bays and beautiful islands, Vietnam has so many areas to build luxurious resorts

Vietnam has a great number of glamorous resorts and hotels which are loved by travelers including the InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula with the prestigious prize as " the world's leading resort" awarded by The World Travel Awards

Villa number 5 of Six Senses Ninh Van Bay resort won the Smith Hotel Awards with the category “the sexiest rooms in the planet” where provides the perfect romantic atmosphere for couples.

The best Vietnamese Islands

Vietnam is naturally given with incredibly beautiful beaches and islands which are not inferior to the leading tourist countries and has increasingly caught the special attention of international tourists

The luxurious resorts in Vietnam are highly appreciated by the harmonious design with the natural and subtle combination between classic designs of eastern culture and modern designs of Western culture

Service and staff at luxurious resorts are invested carefully with the purpose of providing tourists with the most relaxing moments ever

Spectacular landscapes: Vietnam is one of countries in favor of nature with breathtaking views where nowhere has. Moreover, many Vietnamese destinations are rated as "must come once in a lifetime” places by including many famous magazines and websites specialized in Tourism

Ha Long Bay is situated in north Vietnam round a 120 kilometer long coast line and is literally translated as “Bay of Descending Dragons”. Ha Long Bay was voted as one of the natural wonders of the world and become the new favorite destination for international tourists. Currently, with the 5-star yacht service, visitors can experience Ha Long Bay in the most comfortable way

The beaches of Vietnam with white sand, clean waters and beautiful sceneries is one the reason why many visitors choose it as a place to rest and relax

The islands such as Phu Quoc and Con Dao attracts international tourists by the wild beauty and luxurious resorts, which brings about the experiences of calmness, isolation and privacy

Visitors can also stay overnight and experience on the Me Kong yachts designed with the convenient space that suits with the river features of Vietnam

Delicious food: Vietnam is rated as one of the countries with the most unique and wonderful cuisine in the world. In the past few years, Vietnamese food has become more and more popular around the world. Food lovers may have tried the two best known Vietnamese dishes including spring rolls and bread rolls. Rice, noodles, fresh vegetable and herbs all play big roles in Vietnamese food, making it one of the healthiest cuisines in the world

With abundant raw and fresh materials, the chefs have created perfect dishes with combination among unique flavors from Eastern countries and the Western cooking process so that they can give visitors perfect food experiences in Vietnam

Every country has a rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, yet Vietnam seems especially endowed. The beauty of nature and its landscape in Vietnam are breathtaking and spectacular. The convenience of international resorts, the friendliness of Vietnamese people and the beautiful landscapes have left the most impressive impression on the overseas visitors. The beauty of Vietnam obviously increases the number of luxury travel currently and introduce the image of a great S-shaped country to international friends. Therefore, quality of tourism in Vietnam is hoped to make more remarkable progress so as to attract tourists as well as provide the travelers the most unforgettable experience ever!

5 Reasons You Should Travel to Myanmar Now

Myanmar, a beautiful country in Asia area is best known for mysterious temples and pagodas as well as peaceful landscapes. Nowadays it is changing gradually to become a renowned tourism center in the area. Certainly you will want to travel to Myanmar immediately when referring top 5 great reasons travel to Myanmar below. 

1. Ideal Destinations for Backpackers 

Many famous tourist magazines voted Myanmar as the most favorite destination of backpackers. Indeed, when visiting Myanmar you will feel the nostalgic beauty of the temples as well as streets and enjoy the serene atmosphere.

Myanmar has opened to the tourists recently, but it still not focuses mainly on tourism. Thus, you will feel that you are the first person discovering this magical land. 

2. Ngapali – One of the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches 

As the most famous and beautiful beach in Myanmar as well as in the world, Ngapali beach would make you incredible holiday because of its pristine beauty. Here you will have great opportunity to release yourself in the tranquil space and enjoy the dreamy sceneries of stretching sandy beach, cool seawater, bright sunshine and lush green palm trees.

Besides, take a walk to visit small fishing villages nearby or discover some local markets, and take a bike ride to rural areas are also great experiences in your stays. 

3. Mysterious Temples in Bagan

Located on the river Ayeyarwady’s bank, Bagan city is famous for Archaeological City with numerous sacred temples and pagodas dating back hundreds of years. These temples and pagodas are adjacent so you can use bicycle as the most suitable transportation to visit. Also you can choose other interesting vehicles such as tuk – tuk, horse cart, bus, etc. Some famous temples in Bagan are Dhammayangyi Temple, Thatbyinnyu temple, Ananda temple and Htilominlo Temple

4. Ideal Place to Enjoy Cuisine 

Myanmar cuisine has huge mixing culinary culture of India, China, Thailand, and other ethnic minorities. However, the dishes here are still own features. Dishes of Myanmar are very tasty and especially cheap. Several unique street foods such as tea and flat bread, salad samosa, Shan noodles, and aromatic curry rice dish. You can see them at all corners of Yangon and Bagan. 

5. Friendly and Generous People

Magical golden temples, pagodas, and smiling faces with streaks of thanaka as well as waving hands of hospitable people are something of what make you the most impressive in this beautiful land, Myanmar. 

Eight street foods you should not miss when to Vietnam

Specialist travel page of CNN has described Hanoi as the most impressive food capital of the world. Many visitors have also commented this is the paradise of street food. Here are ten famous dishes of Hanoi

1. Kebab rice noodles

This delicious and nutritious dish is often sold on the street. At the roadside shops, kebab rice noodles are the perfect street food. And if any tourists coming to Hanoi are always highly recommended the prevalent tour in the last few years is Hanoi street food tour which provides the full insight into Vietnamese food in general or Hanoi street food culture in particular.
Eight street foods you should not miss when to Vietnam

Grilled pieces and dumplings that are made from pork grilled over charcoal eat with noodles and sweet-sour sauce that is made with lemon, garlic, chili.

2. Noodles

Hanoi is the home to noodles. With pure noodles made from rice and bones fragrant stew soup; people often eat them with undercooked slices of meat, lemon, chili. This dish has become popular in the world.

Noodles are made with many different styles, depending on each region that creates its richness and unique. The two most common types of pho in Hanoi are rice noodle soup with beef and Rice noodle soup with chicken. This traditional dish is known as a warm and energetic breakfast, so you can easily find noodle on most sidewalks of Hanoi as well as other regions in Vietnam in the morning.

3. Crab Rice Noodles

Eight street foods you should not miss when to Vietnam
This is also a nutritious and very popular dish. It is made from tomato soup and crabmeat pureed into ice onto boiled, seasoned, then pour on rice noodle bowl and add a few pieces of fried tofu. Diners can add a little seasoning shrimp sauce combining chili, lemon, herbs.

4. Grilled Chicken

Ly Van Phuc “Chicken Street” in Hanoi is known as the paradise of the grilled chicken. Chicken wings, legs, potatoes, and bread are spreading with honey before baking, eating with chili sauce and pickled cucumber. Even though the recipe is simple, this compelling dish is similar in most eateries. This is one of the popular street foods, especially for “drinkers” who like sipping chicken with alcohol.

5. Sticky-rice

In the morning, when walking along the streets of Hanoi, you will see many people selling this dish. This is a popular breakfast and quick dish, which is widely favored. Sticky rice is wrapped in banana leaves and there are dozens of different kinds such as steamed chicken, sticky corn, beet sticky, sticky green beans, black beans away … usually eaten with sesame.

6. Ice-Coffee

Eight street foods you should not miss when to Vietnam

Drinking a cup of black coffee or cappuccino ice at the roadside while watching Hanoi streets crowded with luxurious cars such as Toyota Camry – Toyota Vios is an elegant hobby of many people, especially men. Apart from bread, coffee is brought into in Vietnam by French people and it has become one of the oldest beverages in this country.

7. Stuffed Pancake

Stuffed pancake is a popular dish for breakfast in North of Vietnam. Rice is pureed with water, and then a thin layer of it is coated in the hot skillet. Fillings are made from minced pork with wood ear mushrooms. It is delicious when eaten with chili sauce.

8. Grilled Squid

It’s fun to drink a glass of cool beer and sip some slices of grilled squid dotted chili on a hot day while watching the busy and bustle streets of Hanoi, you will feel the sweetness and appeal of this unique dish. Squids are dried and then grilled over charcoal and shredded, sold at most eateries in Vietnam.