A look at The Tourist Attractions of Nainital

For those who’re looking for a weekend holiday from Delhi, but don’t know where to head out exactly, Nainital can be a good place to relax. This city of lakes is located in Uttarakhand, and is known for offering tourists with a refreshing air and view of the enchanting lakes. If relaxing and rejuvenating is on your mind and you’re looking forward to a fun time with family, then either take a Delhi to Nainital taxi or plan for a long drive. Mentioned here are some of the tourist places that you can see in your tour.

Nainital is called a heaven for tourists due to its attractive landscape and peaceful environment. A British retailer, P. Barron, established Nainital in the late 1830’s, mesmerised by its attractiveness. If relaxing and rejuvenating is on your mind and you’re looking forward for a fun time with family, then either take a Delhi to Nainital taxi or plan for a long drive. Travellers planning a trip to Nainital should also visit Hanumangarhi, which is famous for a temple can see. Furthermore, the Naina Devi Temple is an important spiritual site, which is counted amongst the 51 ‘shakti peethas’ of India.

Visitors can go for a picnic at the amazing Kilbury, situated around 10 kilometers away from Nainital. Rhododendron woods, pine, and the verdant green oak make it a perfect destination. It's a habitat for more than 580 species of colourful birds, like brown wood-collared grosbeaks, owls, and white-throated laughing thrushes. The Laria Kanta, perched at an altitude of 2481 m above sea level, offers visitors magnificent views of the whole area. This is also the second highest summit of Nainital, situated at a distance of 6 kilometers from main town.

The End of the Land is the best location to appreciate the mesmerising views of the lovely Khurpatal Lake. In addition, it offers panoramic views of hills encircling Nainital and the lush green valley. Tourists can travel by a ropeway to reach the hilly places of the destination. The ropeway covers a total distance of 705 m and each cabin of the ropeway can accommodate a maximum of 12 individuals. The Snow-View is a great vantage point and is reachable by ropeway, from where tourists can admire the great view of the Himalayan ranges.

The Naina Peak is the highest summit of Nainital. It is situated at an elevation of 2611 m above sea level, and generally horses are used to get to the top. The Dorothy’s Seat or the Tiffin Top is a perfect picnic area where tourists can spend leisure time with endless pleasure. This site was developed by Dorothy Kellet’s husband, after her death in a shipwreck. It is said that the Dorothy was an exceptional artist, who usually painted from the particular place. The Eco Cave Garden is another popular tourist attraction of Nainital, which introduces visitors to the eco-friendly lifestyle.

The Raj Bhavan, Zoo, The Flatts, The Mall, St. John in the Wilderness Church and Pangot are the other important tourist attractions of Nainital. Gurney House, the Thandi Sadak, Khurpatal, Guano Hills, and Aurobindo Ashram are worth visiting. Moreover, tourists can indulge in various tasks like horse riding, trekking,.boating, among others. It takes about 6 hours to cover the Delhi to Nainital distance.

What Makes Tourists Love Vietnam Travel the Most?

Despite the differences in lifestyles and culture, Vietnam tourism still attracts tourists by its natural sceneries, people and interesting stories about traditions.

Safe Destination

When planning for a vacation, the first thing visitors should note is choosing a safe destination. Thus, the "loveliness" of Vietnam in the eyes of foreign tourists is the safety when traveling, including traveling alone.

The page “Business Insider” rated Vietnam as the most friendly and safest destination in Southeast Asia in the list of 30 ideal tourist destinations. HCM City was also ranked 48th in the list of the 50 safest cities for tourism in 2015 by The Economist (UK).

This is not the first time Vietnam is honored by foreign press or websites. Last year, Business Insider also ranked Vietnam at the 45th on safety level and at the second on the level of happiness. DeMorgen (Belgium) also praised that the S-shaped land is particularly suitable for female travelers.

Many Landscapes

Stretching from North to South, Vietnam possesses many landscapes that amaze visitors. In the list of the most attractive destinations on the planet, Vietnam also presents many times.

They are Hanoi - the capital for peace, Halong Bay - one of the world natural heritages of human beings, the world’s largest natural cave of Son Doong, stretching terraced fields in the northwest with splendid beauty, or the planet's most beautiful beaches stretching from North to South with numerous other landmarks and historical sites.

Hanoi in Autumn
Sunset in Halong Bay
Son Doong Cave - The Biggest Cave in the World
Long-lasting History

Vietnam has a rich culture and history spanning over 4,000 years. This is expressed through a folklore treasure such as legends, traditional folk festivals of each region, cuisine or French colonial architecture still remained in French-style works, temples, tombs and historical sites. Today, visitors travel to Vietnam not only to visit, but also to explore thoroughly the history of Vietnam.


Vietnam cuisine is favored and appreciated by foreign tourists. On the world cuisine map, Vietnam has contributed several dishes including noodles, breads, bun cha, spring rolls.. which are well known throughout the country.

Besides, street food and sidewalk restaurants with a variety of delicacies are things that amaze visitors when exploring the daily life of Vietnamese people. Vietnam foods are not as spicy as Thai foods, not as luxurious as European food, not as much oil as Chinese foods ... but elegant. Tourists can enjoy noodles all day without feeling fed up; apart from the most famous beef noodles, there are many variations from noodles such as fried noodles, rolled noodles, chicken noodle soup ...

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Coffee is not a kind of drink originating from Vietnam but it helps Vietnam well-known for its delicious coffee - egg coffee. Vietnamese connoisseurs usually drink filtered coffee added a little milk or fragrant egg coffee, but not bland instant coffee – a drink produced in mass. Egg coffee is praised for its uniqueness, nutrition and taste by foreign newspapers.

Fresh Food

One of special things in Vietnam attracting curious visitors is food stalls displaying fresh foods in the markets rather than supermarkets filled with frozen foods.

Strolling around the markets in Vietnam, foreign tourists can see fish swimming in pots, shrimp crackling, and fresh meat remaining warm because pigs have just brought to markets ... Fresh vegetables of the tropical region are also stocked in stores in markets that make visitors excited.

Friendly and Kind Locals

Most foreign visitors feel the kindness, thoughtfulness and friendliness of Vietnamese people. They are willing to give you directions for the shortest route to attractions, or help you catch a bus when needed in spite of language barrier ... Certainly, foreign visitors will quickly feel the hospitality, thoughtfulness and generosity of kind and hard-working people.

Cheap Travelling

Travelling in Vietnam is not as expensive as in Tokyo and Japan, moreover, there are numerous interesting things waiting for tourists to explore. Many foreign newspapers ranked Vietnam in the list of the cheapest and most pleasant tourist attractions compared to other countries.

Even the Happy Lifestyle Journal gives examples, with amount of money which is only enough to rent a room at a 3-star hotel in New York, visitors can enjoy a luxurious service at a 5-star hotel or a luxury resort in Vietnam.

Even in the city considered to have expensive living costs in Vietnam such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City there are also many affordable restaurants and homestays for you to stay if you want to travel as a backpacker.

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Top Ways To Save On Travel

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Top Ways To Save On Travel

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The Mesmerizing Beauty of Bac Son Valley Before the Harvest Season

Bac Son Valley is located in Lang Son Province, just around 160 km from the center of Hanoi. Thus, travellers can easily get to this fascinating town by following the Highway 3 before turning onto the Highway 1B to reach this beautiful town. Bac Son is a new tourist attraction in Lang Son that enchant visitors with the splendor of nature and the simple in way of life of the locals.

In July when the rice terraces in Bac Son Valley begin changing to yellow color is the ideal time for people who have passions about travelling and photographing to come here for sightseeing and memorizing wonderful moments in their lifetime.

The two most fascinating moments during the day is the aurora when the whole valley waking up in the bright sunshine and the sunset when the sun hiding down behind the majestic mountain. It will be more interesting to admire these wonders from the top of a mountain because tourists can have a poetic panorama unfolded in front.

The charm of Bac Son in the sunset features the peace, tenderness, and rusticity of a rural town as well as a grandeur of layer on layer mountains, lush green forests, curving streams in the magical sunshine at the end of the day.

After making effort to reach a high mountain’s peak, traveller will be rewarded by an astonishing view of charming valley beneath. From there, visitors can take many share-worthy shoots because Bac Son is beautiful at every corner.

Besides contemplating the wonders of yellow rice field, travellers can also make a trip to Dang Mo Waterfall, which is located 20 km from the town, with the limpid water and the poetic landscape among the majestic green mountains.

Furthermore, tourists have chance to visit some small ethnic village of Tay, Nung, Dao in the region, discover their interesting lifestyle and enjoy some delicious local dishes.

Travel to Bac Son Valley before harvest is truly a stunning time to explore this enchanting mountainous town.

Some traditional festivals of Thailand you should not overlook

Known as the paradise of tourism in Southeast Asia, Thailand attracts millions of visitors each year. This country is attractive by not only ideal tourist spots, spectacular islands, stunning cuisine but also colorful festivals throughout the year. Now let’s have a look at some traditional festivals of Thailand to know more about its cultural identity.

1. Songkran Festival

Songkran (Water Festival) is one of the traditional festivals of Thailand. It is held as the traditional New Year’s Day from 13th to 15th April. On this occasion, Thais organize many religious rituals, especially splashing water. According to locals, this is the best way to wash away all of bad luck and welcome a happy new year.
Some traditional festivals of Thailand you should not overlook
Thai people are excited to splashing water in Songkran Festival
Besides splashing water, during Songkran festival, there are parades or beauty contests. People also cook traditional foods and wear colorful clothes. Songkran is typical of the traditional festival model of Thailand, helping this nation become the paradise of tourism.

2. Loy Krathong Festival

Loy Krathong is regarded as the most romantic traditional festival in the world with the sparkling light of thousands of candles and lanterns.
Some traditional festivals of Thailand you should not overlook
Loy Krathong Festival full of light and colors
In Thai language, “Loy” means float and “Krathong” means a floating raft in the shape of lotus. This festival takes place on the night of full moon in December (according to Thai calendar). If you travel to Thailand during this time, you will be overwhelmed by the brilliant beauty of the festival. In Chiang Mai, residents also shine numerous lanterns or set off the fireworks.

3. Vegetarian Festival

This is one of the unique festivals of Thailand, taking place on 1st September every year (lunar calendar). Over the period of 10 days, eating meat, egg or onion-related food is prohibited.
Some traditional festivals of Thailand you should not overlook
A large number of people support Vegetarian Festival in Thailand
In Bangkok, the festival can be clearly seen in Yaowarat or Chinatown (the town of Chinese). A large number of big banners and colorful flags are hung up in front of eateries or restaurants to encourage people to have vegetarian meals.

4. Khao Phansa Festival

With over 90% of Thai population following Buddhism, this religion plays a vital role in religious beliefs of Thai people.
Some traditional festivals of Thailand you should not overlook
Khao Phansa - The big Buddhist festival of Thais
This is a big Buddhist festival held in July to declare the beginning of 3 months of austerity of monks. At that time, many Thai youngsters also tonsure to show their gratefulness to parents – a tradition of Thais.

5. Surin Elephant Festival

Surin Elephant Festival is famous as one of the typical festivals of Thailand. It occurs in Surin – Issan (in the northeast) at the end of the third week in November.
Some traditional festivals of Thailand you should not overlook
Figure Elephants play with mahouts in Surin Elephant Festival
This festival aims to honor elephants and mahouts. There are interesting activities during the festival like the parade of over 300 elephants. They express their talents through dancing, playing soccer with humans.

6. Kite Festival

Kite festival in Thailand is held in March every year. The idea for this event derives from the hot wind blowing in this country in March. Its aim is to preserve the long tradition of kite flying of Thai people.
Some traditional festivals of Thailand you should not overlook
Thousands of colorful kites flying in the sky in Kite Festival
From March to April, colorful kites fly in the sky, which evokes the sense of peace. Tourists can admire this scene at about 4 p.m every day. Unlike other traditional festivals of Thailand, it, in a way, brings you the sense of relaxation and entertainment after stressful working days.

Being a part of Thai cultural identity, traditional festivals are also one of the reasons why a lot of travelers choose to this nation to be an ideal destination. In addition to large-scale events, there are still many other local festivals waiting for you to discover. In this article, I mention only the most impressive festivals of Thailand from my point of view. Enjoy them by yourself!

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Reasons to Hire a Travel Management Company For a Business Trip

The travel industry has completely changed over the last few years. It has evolved into a modern, technologically advanced and progressive industry. This has resulted into quite a few new ideas and businesses being introduced. One such new concept is the use of travel management services. This concept might still be a little foreign to some people. Let me give you a quick introduction about it. Travel management services are provided by proper travel companies who have the right expertise and knowledge to plan your business trips for you. You might have noticed that I specifically mentioned “business trips”. The reason being that for vacationers and family travelers, outsourcing the travel management doesn’t really bring much benefit, nor does it suit them as such people usually only travel once in a while.

Traveling for business purposes mean you travel quite frequently. Such frequent traveling to different parts of the world is not only troublesome but results into stress as well. Since it is a business trip, chances are you already have a lot to work on. Why not consider letting someone else do the travel planning for you. This is where a travel management company comes in handy. Now you must be wondering as to what the benefits of such a company are. Outlined below are a few benefits of hiring a travel management company.

Save Time:

If you let a travel management company handle the travel planning, you would find a lot of time in hand to handle your clients and other business aspects. Travel planning and bookings easily take you days to do. These days can definitely be utilized better if you don’t have to do the planning and booking yourself.

Cost Management:

Travel management companies only survive because they do provide benefits to users. They don’t just plan your business trip but also ensure everything is handled perfectly in the minimum possible cost. Your travel costs are managed in such a way that you get maximum value for money.

No Stress:

Businessmen or business women already have quite a lot of things to worry about. With the work stress, you definitely don’t want to add up the stress of travel planning. Let someone else do the worrying for you.

Money Saving:

Since travel management companies have the right expertise, they know how to save money. They have all the knowledge about hidden charges and how to avail the right prices from the web. These companies know all there is to know about airlines, so let them handle the ticketing, it’ll definitely save you money.

Other Benefits:

These travel management companies offer quite a few perks to attract business travelers. They of course in return want you to use their services. These benefits include discounts and special deals. Considering the benefits of a travel management company, I wonder why any businessman/business woman would ever do travel planning himself/herself.

Top Ways to Avoid Bank Fees While You’re Abroad

A traveler has to face a lot of challenges while touring around the world. From transport to the currency, there are a lot of matters to look into. Among such matters is how to avoid bank fees while they are abroad. Foreign currency can be a very tricky aspect for travelers because of the confusion it causes for a traveler in a foreign land. If you’re traveling to another country where the currency is likely to be different, here are the best ways to avoid the bank fees.

1. Pick the Right Bank

The bank you opt for is going to have a huge impact on your experience with the foreign exchange. This is because all banks are entirely different when it comes to their policies.

When choosing the bank, it is important to go through their policies and see if they are friendly when it comes to international traveling. Most of the large banks would charge you increasingly because they want to maximize their profits. But when you pick and choose the smaller banks, the services will be limited. Based on your requirements, choosing the right bank is essential for your travels.

2. ATM Charges

ATMs are the most convenient way of withdrawing money. Because carrying cash in a huge amount can be risky, ATMs are considered the safest option even when you’re off to a foreign land. This is fine as long as the bank doesn’t charge you a ridiculous amount when it comes to withdrawing the amount.

Before you end up making transactions with the airline, you need to be clear what the ATM charges you for the transactions. This is important to understand because money spent on unnecessary transactions can easily be used for other transactions. If you still want to choose ATM for withdrawing money, ensure that you’re registered with a bank that is part of the Global ATM Network. Even when you’re expected to pay a lot for banks outside this network, it is a great option when you’re in a foreign land.

3. Say No to the Airports

Airports are the most expensive places when it comes to withdrawing money. Surprisingly enough, a lot of travelers tend to resort to the airport kiosks when it comes to transactions in foreign exchanges because they expect these kiosks to be extremely safe and reliable.

Although it’s very convenient to withdraw money from the ATM, they are generally the most expensive places when it comes to withdrawing money.

A better alternative is to carry a little foreign exchange for the immediate transactions when you’re traveling to a new place. As soon as you get hold of a convenient place where the foreign exchange seems reasonable, you can withdraw the money easily.

You can only avoid bank fees if you’re truly aware of the hidden fees the banks charge you when you’re dealing in the foreign currency. Carefully choosing the bank and studying its policies can help you to easily escape the costs.

Danang city – A must-see place for backpackers in Vietnam

In recent years, visitors have known more about Vietnam with Danang - a fully interesting city. With beautiful scenery and distinct cultural identity, Danang city has been listed as one of the must-see places in Vietnam.

Danang is a central city located in South Central Vietnam. It is the center of economy, culture, education, science and technology of Central-Highland Vietnam. Experiencing centuries of war and peace, Danang city is currently developing with high speed to become the symbol of Central area. Now we will explore the most famous destinations in this city to understand why Vietnamese are always proud of Danang city.

Magnificent bridges of Danang city

If you love Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco or Tower Bridge of London, do visit Danang city. It is no exaggeration to say that Danang is "The city of bridges". Especially, two most well-known ones are Song Han Bridge (Han River Bridge) and Dragon Bridge.

Song Han Bridge is not only the pride of Danang people but also a popular tourist attraction of Vietnam. It is the first swing bridge built in Vietnam, marking changes of Danang to become a dynamic young city. It also symbolizes desire of all locals for a brighter future.

Danang city – A must-see place for backpackers in Vietnam
The beauty of Song Han Bridge (Han River Bridge) at night
After 12:00 pm every day, Song Han Bridge swings on its axis to allow shipping traffic to pass along the river. At that moment, this bridge really boasts its sparkling beauty with bright lights. Waiting to see Song Han Bridge swing is one of the main reasons of tourists coming to Danang city.

Like Song Han Bridge, Dragon Bridge also crosses Han River, making the shortest roads from Danang international airport to main roads of the city. It is designed in the shape of a dragon and has the possibility of breathing fire and water at 9:00 pm every Saturday, Sunday and national holidays. Its design has been recognized as a unique architectural structure by World Bridge Association. It also makes a new appearance of Danang city in integration and development period.

Danang city – A must-see place for backpackers in Vietnam
Dragon Bridge boasts its beauty at night

Son Tra Peninsula

Located in the east of the city, Son Tra Peninsula is 10 km far away from the central area of Danang city.
Danang city – A must-see place for backpackers in Vietnam
Gorgeous landscapes in Son Tra Peninsula
The long winding coastline along with diverse flora and fauna makes this place extremely impressive. Another attractive point of Son Tra is the sacred pagoda named Linh Ung Bai But. This is the first place you can see in your trip to Son Tra. The most prominent feature is the highest Guanyin Statue of Vietnam with 17 stories inside - one of the highest statues in the world. Besides, this pagoda's monumental architecture also attracts those who have the opportunity to admire it.

Ngu Hanh Son ( Marble Mountain)

Danang city – A must-see place for backpackers in Vietnam
The overview of Marble Mountain
Metal Mountain (Kim Son Mt), Water Mountain (Thuy Mt), Wood Mountain (Moc Mt), Fire Mountain (Hoa Mt) and Earth Mountain (Tho Mt) are 5 mountains forming the famous cluster of mountains of Danang city. This is the convergence of sea and mountain landscapes with deeply cultural, historical and spiritual values. Don't miss famed pagodas, caves and the stone carving village Non Nuoc to explore a diverse spiritual world of Vietnamese.

My Khe Beach

The charm of My Khe Beach in Danang city
Forbes Magazine (USA) has voted for My Khe Beach being one of six most charming beaches on Earth. That is enough for you to know about its beauty and attractiveness. My Khe Beach is world renowned with fine white sand and warm and crystal clear blue water surrounded by poetic coconut ranges. Visitors can also choose going fishing, surfing, diving or numerous other entertainment activities for ultimate relaxation.

Ba Na Hill

Majestic scenery on Ba Na Hill
Situated in the southwest of Danang city, 1487 m above sea level, Ba Na Hill is called "The fairy scene of Danang". This place brings tourists open fresh air and unique feeling of four season climate each day. When it comes to Ba Na Hill, people often think of 4 Guinness records for the cable car system. It is famous for five-star resorts and hotels with high-quality services. Ba Na is also known as "the green lung" and "the pearl of climate" of Central Vietnam. Its pristine beauty, without doubt, has left a deep mark in the heart of all tourists.

These places are not enough to write about DaNang - The dream city of Vietnamese. But they are enough to inspire you of a destination that can't be missed in your travel. So let's go to Danang city to feel it right now.

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Three Destinations in Tam Coc- Bich Dong at Weekend

Tam Coc - Bich Dong tourist resort (about 100km from Hanoi) has many sightseeing cruises connecting nearly 20 major tourist destinations such as:

- The cruise routes includes visiting Tam Coc (from Van Lam wharf on Ngo Dong River); Xuyen Thuy cave (under Bich Dong); Thach Bich – Thung Nang; Thung Nham - bird sanctuary.
- The attraction of walking and climbing: Bich Dong Mountain and Pagoda; Tien cave; Thien Huong cave; Mua (Dance) Cave, Co Vien Lau ancient houses; Thai Vi Temple ...

1. Bich Dong Pagoda

Bich Dong is an ancient temple with the appearance of an Oriental pagoda. Mountains, cave and temple are mixed in harmony and hidden among the green giant trees making the landscape even more majestic, mystical. With architecture in style of the letter "Tam" in kanji, the temple consists of three discontinuous blocks relying on the mountain from low to high creating three separate temples including Ha Pagoda, Trung Pagoda, and Thuong Pagoda.

Bich Dong Pagoda attract tourists not only by its unique architecture but also by the charming, romantic surroundings scenery. After exploring, you should take time to admire the fields of reed around stretching until the foot of the mountain.

2. Co Vien Lau

Vietnamese ancient village – Co Vien Lau Resort Ninh Binh Park is located on the heart of tourist resort of Tam Coc - Bich Dong, the place endowed with a cool climate in the summer and warm in winter.

This resort covers an area of over 20,000 m2, borders the entrance to Thai Vi temple worshipping Tran Dynasty Kings to the East, Ngo Dong River to the West, Tam Coc wharf in the south, and borders Cua Quen mountain in the north.

The resort is where more than 20 ancient houses of the Red River Delta culture, dating from the 18th century to the 20th century are conserved and exhibited. The houses are built next to each other, made from precious woods, with exquisite, vivid carved patterns, have the color of art and traditional culture of the nation.

In the old house, hundreds, thousands of artifacts of cultural value associated with the historical development of the people of Vietnam throughout thousands of years of building and defending are displayed. Here, visitors will learn about the cultural values through the houses, the antiquities collection which are disposed scientifically and systematically including stone, bronze, ceramics, furniture artifacts... At the same time, tourists can participate in folk games, enjoy the special dishes of Ninh Binh land and rest in the peaceful space in the old house located next to Ngo Dong river and Tam Coc marina.

3. Thung Nham

The first impression visitors have when setting foot on Thung Nham is a area where mountain, water, sky and cloud are blended. Thung Nham is surrounded by limestone mountains covered with a strip of tropical rainforests. In autumn days, the fog covers the space when the sun has not shone bringing Thung Nham a glamor like it is the fairy land.

You'll be sure to see countless species of birds here, the most common ones are trigger, cauldron, teal, white-rumped shama, and starling. In particular, it is also home to many rare birds listed in the Red Book. They sometimes perch in the tree branches overhead, joke, sometimes fly and dance as they want to attract tourists.

Leaving the boat to stroll on the shore, visitors will come to the orchard, visit the thousands of year old streblus, centuries-old banyan tree, primeval forest, aquaculture zones. This is also a great base for organizing hiking, camping, weekend vacation with many entertainment activities such as fishing, campfire, cultural exchange.

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Thung Nham, Ninh Binh

While Trang An, Tam Coc - Bich Dong are the destinations which have been familiar, Thung Nham still seems to be a relatively unfamiliar name with visitors to Ninh Binh. However, if you love the natural beauty of the two landscapes known as the "Ha Long Bay on land" of the ancient capital, surely, the poetic beauty of Thung Nham will not make you disappointed.

Thung Nham, Ninh Binh

Located in Ninh Hai Commune, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh, Thung Nham is situated in the core area of the entire population of Trang An landscape, near the famous tourist resort of Tam Coc - Bich Dong. To come here, tourists usually pass Tam Coc tourism area approximately 4 kilometers, through Thung Nang, then continue the journey by road or by boat if you want to have a look at Hang Pagoda.

The first impression visitors get when setting foot on Thung Nham is an area of blended mountains, water and clouds. Thung Nham is surrounded by limestone mountains covered with green color of the strip of rainforest. In the early morning of spring days, the fog when the sun has not been shined gives Thung Nham a magical beauty, a glamor as it is the fairy land.
Thung Nham, Ninh Binh

Perhaps the typical feature of Ninh Binh tourism is the peaceful setting of the boats taking tourists to visit the landscapes, and Thung Nham is not an exception. On the blue waters surrounding the limestone foothills, small boats will take you to stroll in the land of the birds.

You'll be sure to see countless species of birds here, the most common ones are stork, cauldron, heron, teal, white-rumped shama, starling... In particular, it is also home to many rare birds listed in the Red Book. They perch on the branches closed overhead, sometimes, they twitter and joke, and sometimes they fly as they dancing to attract tourists.
Thung Nham, Ninh Binh

In the quiet space, there is only the sound of brandishing oars and the echoes from the cliffs of people sitting on the boat talking, the sound of chirping birds… all of them blend and are like a symphony of boisterous nature. Because the twilight is the time when the birds return to their nest after going to find food, to witness the scene of thousands of birds flying back and perching on the wetlands, instead of staying up late in the afternoon, visitors can choose to go in the autumn because the weather is chilly, the birds will find the food in nearer area and return to their nest more early.

Not only can visitors discover interesting things about wildlife of birds, when sitting on the small boats going into flooded forests, visitors also enjoy the wonderful pristine beauty which is hard to find in any other elsewhere apart from Thung Nham. After satisfying your eyes, you can visit the caves in the rocky mountain such as Vai Gioi cave, But (the Buddha) Cave, Tien Ca (Mermaid) Cave, Thuy Cung (The Aquarium) cave, Ba Co (Three Fairies) cave.
Thung Nham, Ninh Binh

Leaving the boat to stroll on the shore, visitors will come to the orchard, visit the millennia streblus, centuries-old banyan tree, primeval forest, aquaculture zones. This is also an ideal area for hiking, camping, weekend vacation with many entertainment activities such as fishing, campfire, cultural exchange.

Thung Nham is suitable for trips of one to two days. If you intend to stay overnight, you can stay in the stilt houses in the valley which is as beautiful as the fairy land and enjoy the rustic cuisine, such as pigs, chicken raised in the hills, fish in the lake, cane shoots, wild vegetables, and relax in the quiet, peaceful space in Thung Nham.

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Enjoying the 9 Days Spring Tour through 5 Provinces (Part 2)

Day 7: Yang Bay Waterfall, Khanh Hoa

Coming to Yang Bay waterfall, you both admire the wonderful natural landscape and experience the exciting activities. About 45 kilometers from Nha Trang city, located on an altitude of 100m above sea level in the valley and on an area of over 570 hectares, Yang Bay Waterfall is surrounded by the primeval forest.
Yang Bay Waterfall is located on Phu Khanh commune,
Yang Bay Waterfall is located on Phu Khanh commune, Khanh Vinh District, about 45 km from Nha Trang city center. According to the dialect, Yang Bay means " Heaven Waterfall"... In the past, for many visitors, the name "Yang Bay" was still relatively unfamiliar, but thanks to the investment practical plan of Khanh Hoa province, Yang Bay waterfall today is considered a tourist attraction for picnic of students and the young. This is also certainly the place not to be missed by many domestic and international tourists who have a chance to visit the gentle and beautiful coastal city of Nha Trang.
Traditional music of Raglai people as Lithophone, flute, T’rung ...
In the forest surrounding the waterfall, there is the "God Tree", the banyan tree of 25 meters high with the giant stool. Yang Bay tourist resort is very attractive with hot spring bathing area with open- cast source, the fun games such as pigs racing, fishing crocodile, visiting bears raising area or once trying riding ostriches.

In addition, you can also enjoy specialties and learn the customs of the people through the instrument, strange- looking items on display and enjoy performances of traditional music of Raglai people as Lithophone, flute, T’rung ...

Day 8: Phu Yen

The last destination in the 9- day spring tour through 5 provinces is Phu Yen. It takes visitors 2 hours travelling from Nha Trang to come here. Phu Yen has many fascinating attractions in which the most notably site is Da Dia Reef (An Ninh Dong commune - Tuy An district), the unique natural marvel in our country.
Da Dia reef is about 50 meters wide and stretches over 200 meters in Phu Yen
Da Dia reef is about 50 meters wide and stretches over 200 meters, is one of the beautiful landscapes in the land of Phu Yen. From high, visitors can see the reef jutting out into the sea with the hexagonal stones fastened together like a giant wax creating a solid overall structure in shiny black. This particular area of reef was formed when volcanic lava flowed into the sea. When hot lava met the cold sea, it froze, along with the displacement, the entire lava block was cracked multidimensionally creating the interesting landscape today.

Ganh Den lighthouse is not very far away from Da Dia reef. Although Ganh Den lighthouse is not very majestic, it is a well located sight. From Ganh Den reef lighthouse, you can go towards highway 1 to visit Mang Lang church - one of the oldest churches in Vietnam built 120 years ago in Gothic architecture with unique decorations.
The glorious sunrise over Ganh Den
Continuing going toward Highway 1, you can see the Tam Giang dam then visit Tuy An wooden bridge, the longest wooden bridge in Phu Yen. Down toward the city, you can stop at O Loan lagoon to enjoy specialties of oysters and cockles.

In the evening, you should spend time wandering the city to enjoy squid pancakes, sucking snails, chicken rice, roasted corn, bread, tuna’s eye, fruit tea, ...

Day 9: Back to Saigon

In the morning, you can go to Tuy Hoa market to have breakfast, go shopping and pack up your luggage to return to Saigon, ending the 9 day trip through 5 provinces with a lot of interesting and memorable experiences.

Part 1 : Enjoying the 9 Days Spring Tour through 5 Provinces

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Incredible Money Saving Travel Tips

A great self-promise to make this year would be to make an effort to travel more. Although many of us wish to explore the beauty of this planet, the financial restrictions and obligations stop us many a times. However, time waits for none and it is best to fulfill your dreams before ending up in a pit of regrets. Fortunately for dreamers, there are some fantastic ways to save on travel. If implemented in the correct manner, you can travel around the globe and still make massive savings.

Incredible Money Saving Travel Tips

1. Prepare Your Mind

This might surprise many, but part of the problem is the mindset we live with for years of our life. It is most commonly believed by many that traveling is only for the richer and therefore a middle class worker can only dream of it. It might cost you your comforts, but you can still travel around the globe by making savings. Having this mindset and setting your priorities right can favor you a great deal if you wish to make savings.

2. Budget the Trip

Everything would appear extremely expensive to you if you don’t budget your trip. This is the first essential step in the right direction. This can then be your guideline to assess all your expenditure. Once prepared, you can classify all your expenses in the needs and wants category so that you can effectively prioritize your expenditure.

3. Be Accommodating

If you wish to save on travel, it is an absolute must to be flexible in all your travel plans. Naturally, summer time is the peak season where everyone wishes to travel. Because of this, travel costs are likely to go extremely high. In order to avoid this situation, shift your plans to less busy travel days. Traveling during the holiday season can also become extremely costly. Since it is still unavoidable to travel within this time, it would be great to consider alternate airports or multiple stops for a cheaper fare. Of course, this means you have to compromise over your comforts. If it gets you closer to fulfilling your dreams, why not!

4. Become a Frequent Flyer

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. What is the need to become a frequent flyer? It is important to know that the sign up doesn’t cost a single dollar, so there is no harm. Frequent flyers collect miles as they travel and enjoy a premium status that the ordinary travelers do not have the privilege of. Miles can be collected in countless ways and the benefits of these are many.

5. Walk Often

This is an invaluable advice if you wish to save on your travels. A lot of us primarily focus on the major expenses such as the airfare and hotel. However, it is those little expenses that can majorly eat up your budget. In order to avoid this situation, opt for walking whenever you can instead of overspending on taxis and public transport. Walking is one of the best ways of exploring a destination and it gets you to save tremendously along the way.