10 Most Interesting and Romantic Things to Do in Co To Island

Co To is an island located in the East of Van Don Island, Quang Ninh Province with more than 50 islands, small and large rocks. Check out 10 fascinating experiences when staying at Co To.

Get up early and enjoy magical sunrise

Dawn in Coto is always tinged with a subtle purple. No matter where you enjoy sunrise around the region, you will easily be amazed by the beauty endowed by nature.

Relax on Cau My Rock with weird shapes

Dubbed as the most beautiful place to enjoy sunrise in Co To, Cau My is a combination of rocks with strange shapes and blue layers of waves of Co To. The rock layers with different colors, different shapes make the scenery here looks like a vivid picture with full of innovative features of nature.

Enjoy peaceful life at Bac Van Port

Located about 11 km from Co To center, Bac Van Port is still a very calm and gentle sea. From the port, you can immediately see Bac Van beach with a length of nearly 15km running to the end of the island with wonderful wild beauty in the sunlight and wind of Co To.

Ride a bike on the romantic road of love of Co To

Anyone coming Co To will know about a romantic road of love here. The road with over 2 km long lies about 100m from Co To center. The road is paved with red bricks, stretching along the coastline. Whether walking or cycling, you'll feel incredibly romantic atmosphere. This is also the most beautiful place for couples to take their wedding photos.

Relax at Hong Van Beach

Hong Van is about 7 km from Co To center, belonging to Hong Hai village, Dong Tien Commune. As far away from populated areas, Hong Van owns long white sandy beaches and calm sea water. On the sandy beach are unique wooden houses, close to nature so that you can be spoiled for sightseeing.

From the port, you can hire motorbike taxi with the cost of around 2 USD to get to Hong Van Beach. Then you rent a motorbike around 9 USD a day to visit other surrounding tourist spots.

Experience at wooden houses on the beach

Wooden houses in Co To is a should not be missed experience when visiting this landscape. With an average cost of around 22 USD/ room / person, accompanied by flexible services such as means of transport, BBQ on the beach ... experiencing at wooden houses will give you exciting moments this summer. Note that you should make a reservation in advance because in summer, wooden houses are more and more scarce.

Relax at Van Chay – the most beautiful beach in Co To

Water here is crystal with sloping, clean and fine sandy beach; waves are just from 2-3m high which is suitable for tourists to swim and play without fear of any danger.

Enjoy spectacular view from the lighthouse of Co To

The lighthouse station in Co To is one out of more than 30 operating lighthouses throughout the country with the height of 118m from the sea level. In order to get there, you have to overcome steep bends to reach the lighthouse, then continue climbing 72 stairs from the foot to the top. Here, you can enjoy panoramic view of the green scenery of the sky and sea in Co To.

Admire sunset on the beach

After a day exploring, there is nothing better than lying on the beach, admiring the sun starts setting on the foot of mountains.

Enjoy the romantic BBQ on the beach at night

This is a great chance to enjoy fresh and delicious seafood caught in Co To on rows of tables and chairs which are set up in a unique and romantic style. Visitors could grill, process seafood by their own and then spend the rest of the day sipping a cup of wine.

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Suoi Mo Park – A Brand New Destination of Dong Nai Tourism

Dozens of small streams flow from the cliffs toa lower rocky areas, creating a beautiful natural lake in Tra Co, Tan Phu, Dong Nai. That is Suoi Mo, a brand new destination attracting thousands of domestic and international tourists.

Located around 100km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, Suoi Mo Park is one of the newest tourist destinations attracting both adventurous travellers and families come at the weekend.

Suoi Mo belongs to Tra Co Commune of Tan Phu District, Dong Nai Province. This park is considered the paradise of “sea on the jungle” with fresh water streams and cool waterfall combining with a mesmerizing setting in an area up to 150.000m2.

It will take about 3 hours motorcycling to get to Suoi Mo from Saigon. Upon arrival at Suoi Mo, tourists will be rewarded by an open space of lush green forest, beautiful lake, and fresh atmosphere. Differs from other springs, the water of Suoi Mo is very special, which is very clean enough to see the lake bed.

In addition to sightseeing, to save the beautiful pictures in the park Suoi Mo, visitors can participate in many interesting events such as camping, BBQ parties, team building activities...

Entrance ticket costs only $2 for adults and $1.5 for children. However, tourists come to Suoi Mo should notice that it is not allowed to bring food and drink into. For dining and beverage, there are many restaurants inside the park serving numerous dishes with reasonable rates.

It will be a fantastic experience when getting into and relaxing with the fresh water in Suoi Mo. This stream is also the only one that tourists can see all the pebbles and colorful fish under the water.

In addition to enjoy swimming in the huge lake, visitors can with friends, family participate in funny activities such as cycling on the water, water sliding, paying water polo, kayaking... or relaxing at a beautiful hut nearby.

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The Unique Natural Picture of Ba Be in Autumn

Ba Be National Park in Bac Kan province is a natural area with the most beautiful sceneries in the North. In autumn, the water in the lake is blue and smooth reflecting surrounding trees.

About 240km from Hanoi, the road to Ba is now quite convenient whether travelling by car or motorcycle. In the late fall and in the early winter, the ancient trees in Ba Be forest are dyed with yellow, leaves are gradually replaced. Along the road from the gate of the park are ancient trees with hundreds of years old. Its trunk with the size of two or three arms is a unique beauty of Ba Be. This season, the water level in the lake is shallow but blue and smooth as a huge mirror reflecting mountains and sky of the highland.

Indeed, only walking or cycling slowly along the trails that one can see all the charming beauty of the region. On the roads through the villages of Nam Mau, there are countless beautiful moments. On the high slopes crossing a mountain ledge, looking towards the lake, visitors will encounter very nice pictures. They are old and scrawny trees hanging its shadow down the lake. Yellow leaves flutter whenever wind blows. In the distance are small islands floating on the deep- blue water of Ba Be Lake.

It is more interesting when catching the image of fishermen on the canoe casting their fishing nets. Although now most of boats are made of iron instead of wood as before, the Tay people here still retain the beauty and uniqueness on those fishing boats. This season water in the lake is shallow which reveals plots for villagers in Nam Mau to cultivate. Villages with stilt houses in the distance along with rice fields on the edge of the water also enchant travelers wandering around this place.

On the way to explore Ba Be National Park by walking, cycling under the jungle on the lakeside is a must-see landscape; it is Hua Ma cave, located about 6km from Pac Ngoi village. Hua Ma Cave is well known for ten years and there are many things still undiscovered. Currently cave passage for travelers to visit is about one kilometer long. According to unofficial calculations, the cave is over a hectare wide, and there are points from the floor to the ceiling over 50 meter high. The multi-colored stone blocks gradually amaze tourists. After walking for a short distance, you will see the cave is tightened up; which make people think it is the end of the road, but not so. Just stepping through a small slot, you will see a vast space with a stone matrix. As continuing, there are countless stalactites gardens during nearly 1,000 meter long journey.

Some stalactites here are giant blocks as ancient trunks among Ba Be forest with various shapes from lotus, tower, to the Buddha image, and Duong Tang. All tourists visiting Hua Ma fascinate with the spectacular beauty of the cave. Although the cave is the most beautiful landscape of Ba Be National Park, Hua Ma has not been as famous as Phong Nha Cave, Thien Duong, Huong Tich or Bich Dong. That makes Hua Ma have a particularly attractiveness; natural setting invites visitors and researchers, explorers to continue to enjoy and explore.

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A look at The Tourist Attractions of Nainital

For those who’re looking for a weekend holiday from Delhi, but don’t know where to head out exactly, Nainital can be a good place to relax. This city of lakes is located in Uttarakhand, and is known for offering tourists with a refreshing air and view of the enchanting lakes. If relaxing and rejuvenating is on your mind and you’re looking forward to a fun time with family, then either take a Delhi to Nainital taxi or plan for a long drive. Mentioned here are some of the tourist places that you can see in your tour.

Nainital is called a heaven for tourists due to its attractive landscape and peaceful environment. A British retailer, P. Barron, established Nainital in the late 1830’s, mesmerised by its attractiveness. If relaxing and rejuvenating is on your mind and you’re looking forward for a fun time with family, then either take a Delhi to Nainital taxi or plan for a long drive. Travellers planning a trip to Nainital should also visit Hanumangarhi, which is famous for a temple can see. Furthermore, the Naina Devi Temple is an important spiritual site, which is counted amongst the 51 ‘shakti peethas’ of India.

Visitors can go for a picnic at the amazing Kilbury, situated around 10 kilometers away from Nainital. Rhododendron woods, pine, and the verdant green oak make it a perfect destination. It's a habitat for more than 580 species of colourful birds, like brown wood-collared grosbeaks, owls, and white-throated laughing thrushes. The Laria Kanta, perched at an altitude of 2481 m above sea level, offers visitors magnificent views of the whole area. This is also the second highest summit of Nainital, situated at a distance of 6 kilometers from main town.

The End of the Land is the best location to appreciate the mesmerising views of the lovely Khurpatal Lake. In addition, it offers panoramic views of hills encircling Nainital and the lush green valley. Tourists can travel by a ropeway to reach the hilly places of the destination. The ropeway covers a total distance of 705 m and each cabin of the ropeway can accommodate a maximum of 12 individuals. The Snow-View is a great vantage point and is reachable by ropeway, from where tourists can admire the great view of the Himalayan ranges.

The Naina Peak is the highest summit of Nainital. It is situated at an elevation of 2611 m above sea level, and generally horses are used to get to the top. The Dorothy’s Seat or the Tiffin Top is a perfect picnic area where tourists can spend leisure time with endless pleasure. This site was developed by Dorothy Kellet’s husband, after her death in a shipwreck. It is said that the Dorothy was an exceptional artist, who usually painted from the particular place. The Eco Cave Garden is another popular tourist attraction of Nainital, which introduces visitors to the eco-friendly lifestyle.

The Raj Bhavan, Zoo, The Flatts, The Mall, St. John in the Wilderness Church and Pangot are the other important tourist attractions of Nainital. Gurney House, the Thandi Sadak, Khurpatal, Guano Hills, and Aurobindo Ashram are worth visiting. Moreover, tourists can indulge in various tasks like horse riding, trekking,.boating, among others. It takes about 6 hours to cover the Delhi to Nainital distance.

What Makes Tourists Love Vietnam Travel the Most?

Despite the differences in lifestyles and culture, Vietnam tourism still attracts tourists by its natural sceneries, people and interesting stories about traditions.

Safe Destination

When planning for a vacation, the first thing visitors should note is choosing a safe destination. Thus, the "loveliness" of Vietnam in the eyes of foreign tourists is the safety when traveling, including traveling alone.

The page “Business Insider” rated Vietnam as the most friendly and safest destination in Southeast Asia in the list of 30 ideal tourist destinations. HCM City was also ranked 48th in the list of the 50 safest cities for tourism in 2015 by The Economist (UK).

This is not the first time Vietnam is honored by foreign press or websites. Last year, Business Insider also ranked Vietnam at the 45th on safety level and at the second on the level of happiness. DeMorgen (Belgium) also praised that the S-shaped land is particularly suitable for female travelers.

Many Landscapes

Stretching from North to South, Vietnam possesses many landscapes that amaze visitors. In the list of the most attractive destinations on the planet, Vietnam also presents many times.

They are Hanoi - the capital for peace, Halong Bay - one of the world natural heritages of human beings, the world’s largest natural cave of Son Doong, stretching terraced fields in the northwest with splendid beauty, or the planet's most beautiful beaches stretching from North to South with numerous other landmarks and historical sites.

Hanoi in Autumn
Sunset in Halong Bay
Son Doong Cave - The Biggest Cave in the World
Long-lasting History

Vietnam has a rich culture and history spanning over 4,000 years. This is expressed through a folklore treasure such as legends, traditional folk festivals of each region, cuisine or French colonial architecture still remained in French-style works, temples, tombs and historical sites. Today, visitors travel to Vietnam not only to visit, but also to explore thoroughly the history of Vietnam.


Vietnam cuisine is favored and appreciated by foreign tourists. On the world cuisine map, Vietnam has contributed several dishes including noodles, breads, bun cha, spring rolls.. which are well known throughout the country.

Besides, street food and sidewalk restaurants with a variety of delicacies are things that amaze visitors when exploring the daily life of Vietnamese people. Vietnam foods are not as spicy as Thai foods, not as luxurious as European food, not as much oil as Chinese foods ... but elegant. Tourists can enjoy noodles all day without feeling fed up; apart from the most famous beef noodles, there are many variations from noodles such as fried noodles, rolled noodles, chicken noodle soup ...

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Coffee is not a kind of drink originating from Vietnam but it helps Vietnam well-known for its delicious coffee - egg coffee. Vietnamese connoisseurs usually drink filtered coffee added a little milk or fragrant egg coffee, but not bland instant coffee – a drink produced in mass. Egg coffee is praised for its uniqueness, nutrition and taste by foreign newspapers.

Fresh Food

One of special things in Vietnam attracting curious visitors is food stalls displaying fresh foods in the markets rather than supermarkets filled with frozen foods.

Strolling around the markets in Vietnam, foreign tourists can see fish swimming in pots, shrimp crackling, and fresh meat remaining warm because pigs have just brought to markets ... Fresh vegetables of the tropical region are also stocked in stores in markets that make visitors excited.

Friendly and Kind Locals

Most foreign visitors feel the kindness, thoughtfulness and friendliness of Vietnamese people. They are willing to give you directions for the shortest route to attractions, or help you catch a bus when needed in spite of language barrier ... Certainly, foreign visitors will quickly feel the hospitality, thoughtfulness and generosity of kind and hard-working people.

Cheap Travelling

Travelling in Vietnam is not as expensive as in Tokyo and Japan, moreover, there are numerous interesting things waiting for tourists to explore. Many foreign newspapers ranked Vietnam in the list of the cheapest and most pleasant tourist attractions compared to other countries.

Even the Happy Lifestyle Journal gives examples, with amount of money which is only enough to rent a room at a 3-star hotel in New York, visitors can enjoy a luxurious service at a 5-star hotel or a luxury resort in Vietnam.

Even in the city considered to have expensive living costs in Vietnam such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City there are also many affordable restaurants and homestays for you to stay if you want to travel as a backpacker.

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Enjoy Some Photos on Topics about Vietnam: Vietnam Photos

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The Mesmerizing Beauty of Bac Son Valley Before the Harvest Season

Bac Son Valley is located in Lang Son Province, just around 160 km from the center of Hanoi. Thus, travellers can easily get to this fascinating town by following the Highway 3 before turning onto the Highway 1B to reach this beautiful town. Bac Son is a new tourist attraction in Lang Son that enchant visitors with the splendor of nature and the simple in way of life of the locals.

In July when the rice terraces in Bac Son Valley begin changing to yellow color is the ideal time for people who have passions about travelling and photographing to come here for sightseeing and memorizing wonderful moments in their lifetime.

The two most fascinating moments during the day is the aurora when the whole valley waking up in the bright sunshine and the sunset when the sun hiding down behind the majestic mountain. It will be more interesting to admire these wonders from the top of a mountain because tourists can have a poetic panorama unfolded in front.

The charm of Bac Son in the sunset features the peace, tenderness, and rusticity of a rural town as well as a grandeur of layer on layer mountains, lush green forests, curving streams in the magical sunshine at the end of the day.

After making effort to reach a high mountain’s peak, traveller will be rewarded by an astonishing view of charming valley beneath. From there, visitors can take many share-worthy shoots because Bac Son is beautiful at every corner.

Besides contemplating the wonders of yellow rice field, travellers can also make a trip to Dang Mo Waterfall, which is located 20 km from the town, with the limpid water and the poetic landscape among the majestic green mountains.

Furthermore, tourists have chance to visit some small ethnic village of Tay, Nung, Dao in the region, discover their interesting lifestyle and enjoy some delicious local dishes.

Travel to Bac Son Valley before harvest is truly a stunning time to explore this enchanting mountainous town.