Enjoying the 9 Days Spring Tour through 5 Provinces (Part 2)

Day 7: Yang Bay Waterfall, Khanh Hoa

Coming to Yang Bay waterfall, you both admire the wonderful natural landscape and experience the exciting activities. About 45 kilometers from Nha Trang city, located on an altitude of 100m above sea level in the valley and on an area of over 570 hectares, Yang Bay Waterfall is surrounded by the primeval forest.
Yang Bay Waterfall is located on Phu Khanh commune,
Yang Bay Waterfall is located on Phu Khanh commune, Khanh Vinh District, about 45 km from Nha Trang city center. According to the dialect, Yang Bay means " Heaven Waterfall"... In the past, for many visitors, the name "Yang Bay" was still relatively unfamiliar, but thanks to the investment practical plan of Khanh Hoa province, Yang Bay waterfall today is considered a tourist attraction for picnic of students and the young. This is also certainly the place not to be missed by many domestic and international tourists who have a chance to visit the gentle and beautiful coastal city of Nha Trang.
Traditional music of Raglai people as Lithophone, flute, T’rung ...
In the forest surrounding the waterfall, there is the "God Tree", the banyan tree of 25 meters high with the giant stool. Yang Bay tourist resort is very attractive with hot spring bathing area with open- cast source, the fun games such as pigs racing, fishing crocodile, visiting bears raising area or once trying riding ostriches.

In addition, you can also enjoy specialties and learn the customs of the people through the instrument, strange- looking items on display and enjoy performances of traditional music of Raglai people as Lithophone, flute, T’rung ...

Day 8: Phu Yen

The last destination in the 9- day spring tour through 5 provinces is Phu Yen. It takes visitors 2 hours travelling from Nha Trang to come here. Phu Yen has many fascinating attractions in which the most notably site is Da Dia Reef (An Ninh Dong commune - Tuy An district), the unique natural marvel in our country.
Da Dia reef is about 50 meters wide and stretches over 200 meters in Phu Yen
Da Dia reef is about 50 meters wide and stretches over 200 meters, is one of the beautiful landscapes in the land of Phu Yen. From high, visitors can see the reef jutting out into the sea with the hexagonal stones fastened together like a giant wax creating a solid overall structure in shiny black. This particular area of reef was formed when volcanic lava flowed into the sea. When hot lava met the cold sea, it froze, along with the displacement, the entire lava block was cracked multidimensionally creating the interesting landscape today.

Ganh Den lighthouse is not very far away from Da Dia reef. Although Ganh Den lighthouse is not very majestic, it is a well located sight. From Ganh Den reef lighthouse, you can go towards highway 1 to visit Mang Lang church - one of the oldest churches in Vietnam built 120 years ago in Gothic architecture with unique decorations.
The glorious sunrise over Ganh Den
Continuing going toward Highway 1, you can see the Tam Giang dam then visit Tuy An wooden bridge, the longest wooden bridge in Phu Yen. Down toward the city, you can stop at O Loan lagoon to enjoy specialties of oysters and cockles.

In the evening, you should spend time wandering the city to enjoy squid pancakes, sucking snails, chicken rice, roasted corn, bread, tuna’s eye, fruit tea, ...

Day 9: Back to Saigon

In the morning, you can go to Tuy Hoa market to have breakfast, go shopping and pack up your luggage to return to Saigon, ending the 9 day trip through 5 provinces with a lot of interesting and memorable experiences.

Part 1 : Enjoying the 9 Days Spring Tour through 5 Provinces

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Incredible Money Saving Travel Tips

A great self-promise to make this year would be to make an effort to travel more. Although many of us wish to explore the beauty of this planet, the financial restrictions and obligations stop us many a times. However, time waits for none and it is best to fulfill your dreams before ending up in a pit of regrets. Fortunately for dreamers, there are some fantastic ways to save on travel. If implemented in the correct manner, you can travel around the globe and still make massive savings.

Incredible Money Saving Travel Tips

1. Prepare Your Mind

This might surprise many, but part of the problem is the mindset we live with for years of our life. It is most commonly believed by many that traveling is only for the richer and therefore a middle class worker can only dream of it. It might cost you your comforts, but you can still travel around the globe by making savings. Having this mindset and setting your priorities right can favor you a great deal if you wish to make savings.

2. Budget the Trip

Everything would appear extremely expensive to you if you don’t budget your trip. This is the first essential step in the right direction. This can then be your guideline to assess all your expenditure. Once prepared, you can classify all your expenses in the needs and wants category so that you can effectively prioritize your expenditure.

3. Be Accommodating

If you wish to save on travel, it is an absolute must to be flexible in all your travel plans. Naturally, summer time is the peak season where everyone wishes to travel. Because of this, travel costs are likely to go extremely high. In order to avoid this situation, shift your plans to less busy travel days. Traveling during the holiday season can also become extremely costly. Since it is still unavoidable to travel within this time, it would be great to consider alternate airports or multiple stops for a cheaper fare. Of course, this means you have to compromise over your comforts. If it gets you closer to fulfilling your dreams, why not!

4. Become a Frequent Flyer

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. What is the need to become a frequent flyer? It is important to know that the sign up doesn’t cost a single dollar, so there is no harm. Frequent flyers collect miles as they travel and enjoy a premium status that the ordinary travelers do not have the privilege of. Miles can be collected in countless ways and the benefits of these are many.

5. Walk Often

This is an invaluable advice if you wish to save on your travels. A lot of us primarily focus on the major expenses such as the airfare and hotel. However, it is those little expenses that can majorly eat up your budget. In order to avoid this situation, opt for walking whenever you can instead of overspending on taxis and public transport. Walking is one of the best ways of exploring a destination and it gets you to save tremendously along the way.

Solving the Mysteries of Foreign Currency Transactions

Travel costs can become extremely tough to tackle at times; especially for the one who is not an ardent traveler. Although most of us do a mighty fine job, we still struggle with the foreign currency transactions. The complicated procedures and the risk of carrying extra cash can make it very difficult at times. In order to survive this ordeal, it would always be worth it to spend your precious moments studying and searching what works out best for you as a traveler. Simply put, if you spend the wrong way, your holiday can surely cost you a fortune.

Here are some wisest ways of saving on foreign currency transactions and being proud of making the best travel decisions along the way.

1. Avoid the Airport

This brings a shock to many. After all, don’t we all love how convenient airports can be for getting foreign currency exchanged? Indeed, they are! However, it is also important to realize that they are the costliest as well. No matter what part of the world you head towards, you’ll always come across airport kiosks charging exorbitantly for the transactions. It’s best to avoid these lousy rates and wait for getting an alternate option. To tackle this situation in the best manner, it would be wise to carry a sufficient amount of foreign currency and wait to get a better rate for exchanging money.

2. Travellers’ Cheque

Although the popularity of these has gone down over the recent years, it still stays as an option. One of the biggest benefits of using these is the security you get unlike carrying cash all the time. However, you must be aware that a lot of merchants may not accept it in the foreign country so having an alternate option would be very wise.

3. Make Use of the ATMs

One of the most convenient ways of getting money exchanged for many are the International ATMs. Through this way, you can easily use your own credit or debit card. The best aspect of using these is that the ATMs are abundant. Although you might have to face the high ATM fees as well as the foreign transaction fees; it still works out to be cheaper than opting for the airport kiosks.

4. A No-Fee Credit Card

Merchant surcharges are a huge turn off when you’re trying to exchange foreign currency. The best way to make the best of this situation is to get a credit card that doesn’t charge a fee on foreign currency transactions. This makes the exchange rates affordable and you wouldn’t have to spend extra every time you make a transaction. It is also one of the safest ways of exchanging currency and the chances of fraud are minimal as well.

Foreign currency transactions can puzzle your mind for a long time and it can also cost you if you aren’t aware about the basics of carrying out these transactions. While it may take time for the beginners to get an understanding of it, there are plenty of ways through which you can avoid spending more on these transactions.

Enjoying the 9 Days Spring Tour through 5 Provinces

With 5 places of Vung Tau - Phan Thiet - Phan Rang - Nha Trang - Phu Yen, your early journey will be full of exciting and surprising experiences.

Below is the schedule for a 9 day- spring tour for you to discover the coastal cities.

Day 1: Vung Tau, Ba Ria - Vung Tau

Coming to the coastal city, you can take the cable car to go to Ho May tourist area. The scenery in this area is compared to the fairy land with the largest artificial lake on mountain in Vietnam, admirably beautiful 9 m high waterfall, 30 meters high Buddha Maitreya statue, diverse ecological gardens, and attractive game and play area for everyone.
Enjoying the 9 - Day Spring Tour through 5 Provinces
The Maitreya Buddha statue and the artificial lake in Ho May resort
After having lunch and taking a short break, you can continue visiting some interesting destinations in Vung Tau such as Bach Dinh (White Palace) of King Bao Dai. This white mansion bears the late 19th century French architecture and stores a lot of ancient artefacts.

Statue of Christ in the foot of Tao Phung mountain is 32 m high. Conquering 133 spiral stairs to reach the 18.4 m long arm of the God, you will get a panoramic view of the city from high.

By the late afternoon, you can freely swim and relax in cool water at Sau beach, then admire the romantic scenery sunset over the sea surface.
Enjoying the 9 - Day Spring Tour through 5 Provinces
The poetic sunset over Sau beach
In the evening, you can enjoy seafood, drink coffee or go to the lighthouse on Nho (Little) Mount to have a new view of the coastal city’s night scene and rest to recharge power for the next day’s journey.

Day 2: Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan

You can enjoy the fresh morning air, have breakfast with Khot cake, the famous specialty of Vung Tau, before departing for Phan Thiet.

After 4 hours, you will come to the center of Phan Thiet city. There is Duc Thanh School, where Uncle Ho taught, keeping mementos bringing historical value.

In the afternoon, you can go swimming at Rang beach, Phan Thiet’s most beautiful beach. Here, you not only get a dip in the cool water under the coconut trees, but also can fly a kite, surfing with kite, canoeing, or windsurfing.
Enjoying the 9 - Day Spring Tour through 5 Provinces
The couple is flying a kite on Rang beach
Ong Dia (The Earth God) rock, one of the spiritual areas of the coastal residents, is about 4km from Rang beach towards Phan Thiet. Driving about 30 minutes further, you’ll arrive to Phu Hai tower cluster to learn about the culture of the Cham.
Enjoying the 9 - Day Spring Tour through 5 Provinces
Ong Dia rock, the pride of Phan Thiet residents
At night, you can adore the city and enjoy the unique flavors of squid teeth, lồi fish, herring salad, specialty delicacies like rice pancakes, rice wafer baked with fat and onion,...

Day 3: Mui Ne, Phan Thiet

Welcoming the dawn in Mui Ne market is an exciting beginning of a new day. The rhythm of coastal life becomes more busy when the boats carrying full of fresh seafood dock.

Hon Rom in Long Son Village, Mui Ne Ward is an ideal bathing place. Mui Ne sand dune, where you can excitedly experience sandhill sliding, is near Hon Rom. After playing a delight, you can enjoy ba nhát coconut, Phan Thiet bột lọc (clear flour) cake...
Enjoying the 9 - Day Spring Tour through 5 Provinces
Sliding down the sand dune in Mui Ne attracts many visitors
Walking in Suoi Tien near Hon Rom, you will see the gorgeous sandy valley with the natural hill stalactites of strange shapes.

About 18km from Hon Rom, Bau Trang (White Lake), a freshwater lake, is located among an extremely wonderful pristine landscape. Here, visitors can rent boats of fishermen to explore, go sightseeing, go fishing, enjoy the relaxing time among pure nature.
Enjoying the 9 - Day Spring Tour through 5 Provinces
Bau Trang in lotus blooming season

Day 4: Phan Rang, Ninh Thuan

During the journey from Phan Thiet to Phan Rang, you will pass Ca Na Beach, where is known as a sleeping princess. Stunning scenery and cool air will make visitors forget all the fatigue of the trip.
Enjoying the 9 - Day Spring Tour through 5 Provinces
Ca Na beach, the sleeping princess
Phan Rang city appears with unspoiled scenery with white salt fields, the sheep wandering on dry mountain slopes full of dust.

Poklong Garai tower is a not to be missed sight. Majestically existing with the vicissitudes of time, the tower bears the mysterious beauty with patterns carved meticulously. Cham Museum has many unique artifacts which have artistic value. Visiting Ba Moi vineyard, you can take pictures, cut the ripe grapes by yourself and enjoy immediately.
Enjoying the 9 - Day Spring Tour through 5 Provinces
Performing traditional dance of Cham people in Ponagar temple festival
The ideal stopover at the end of the day in Phan Rang is Nam Cuong sand hill. The red sand dunes stretching out into the sea becomes more subtle in the sunset. Enjoying the spectacular sight of it, you will feel the attraction of the city of sun and wind.

Day 5: Vinh Hy Bay, Ninh Hai, Ninh Thuan

Vinh Hy Bay, 42 km from Phan Rang city center to the Northeast, is the destination of the fifth day of the journey. The glass bottom boat takes you into the world of vast, magical and beautiful blue sea, deep forests, rock mountains, coral and marine creatures.
Enjoying the 9 - Day Spring Tour through 5 Provinces
The vast, magical and beautiful blue sea in Vinh Hy
You will be free to enjoy the cool, clear, blue sea water in Ba Dien beach then explore the lives of coastal residents, try becoming fishermen fishing tuna, mackerel in Tay Sa beach and Bo Bo Island. Delicious taste of squid grilled over burning fire will contribute to make your trip be unforgettable.

Ninh Chu beach: is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, with dreamy crescent beach, the continental shelf stretching; therefore, visitors can bathe or play water games very safely. In Ninh Chu Beach, there is now a wide road for tourists to reach this beach resort. It is generally said that, every visitor coming to Ninh Thuan wants to visit Ninh Chu Beach as a way to unwind.
Enjoying the 9 - Day Spring Tour through 5 Provinces
Sunset over Ninh Chu beach

Day 6: Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

Leaving Phan Rang, you will come to Nha Trang after two hours. Ponagar temple tower, less than 2 km from Nha Trang city center, is the place where you can enjoy Cham dances and songs, see the coastal city from high. After visiting the Ponagar Temple, you can have a mud bath at Thap Ba hot spring resorts nearby to relax after days of moving.

Hon Chong tourist area, about 3 km from city center to the northeast, is the ideal place to watch the sea thanks to the peaceful, cool and romantic setting. Sitting sipping coffee and watching the sea, you will get extremely comfortable feelings.
Enjoying the 9 - Day Spring Tour through 5 Provinces
Flyboard, one of the exciting and adventure water games in Nha Trang
Coming to Nha Trang beach, you will be involved in the exciting and equally adventure activities of entertainment which help you discover and experience new things and give you the new feelings, full of euphoria. That could be windsurfing, paragliding, canoeing or flying-board ...
Enjoying the 9 - Day Spring Tour through 5 Provinces
Delicious dishes in Thap Ba road
The most exciting activities in Nha Trang in the evening are to discover Thap Ba culinary road and walk on the beach at night. Thap Ba Road has many delicious dishes such as seafood, pancake, fried fish noodles... This street is always crowded with both locals and tourists.

Part 2. Enjoying the 9 - Day Spring Tour through 5 Provinces

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3 Attractions to Visit in Northern Midlands and Mountainous Region at Tet

In the spring, the northern mountainous provinces are ideal choices for tourists with peach blossom, plum blossom blooming, impressive nature and fresh air.

Ha Giang (in Northeast region)

The northernmost land of the country has many magnificent, pristine views attracting many people. In Spring, Ha Giang becomes brighter with cherry, plum flowers, yellow flowers blooming throughout the villages. Here, visitors will discover pristine Dong Van Stone Plateau, watch the national flag flying in the wind at Lung Cu flagpole, admire the grandeur of Ma Pi Leng Pass, watch the lines of peach blossom blomming on the road crossing Sung La, enjoy buckwheat cake, try “thắng cố”, or drink a cup of aromatic corn wine...

3 Attractions to Visit in Northern Midlands and Mountainous Region at Tet
Lung Cu flagpole in the spring
Beautiful destinations in Ha Giang that tourists should not ignore including Thanh Thuy border gate, Tien Quyet commune fair, heaven gate and Quan Ba twin mountain, Lung Khuy cave, pine forests and terraced fields in Yen Minh, Sung La, Pho Ban town, Cao street, Vuong family’s palace, Lung Cu flagpole, the ancient street of Dong Van, Ma Pi Leng Pass, Son Vi...

See more : Tourist Attractions near Saigon to Visit during Tet Holiday

Bac Ha (Lao Cai)

Bac Ha is a place not to be missed in the tourist map with landscapes carrying both natural and historical beauty. In the spring, apart from the peach and plum blossom, Bac Ha is also adorned with white pear flowers. This is the land favored with majestic natural scenery by nature, is the convergence of ethnic cultural colors of the Northwest.
3 Attractions to Visit in Northern Midlands and Mountainous Region at Tet

The first thing attracting visitors to come here is Bac Ha fair. You are sure to see the lives of people in the uplands, enjoy “thắng cố” and delicious wine specialties of the Mong ethnic in Ban Pho village.

Hoang A Tuong palace is an indispensable place with visitors when traveling to the highlands. This is a unique architecture with a mix of French architecture with Oriental architecture. In particular, visitors can not ignore Ban Pho village, the birthplace of corn wine which has brought fame to Bac Ha. Also, there are some other places like Tien (Fairy) cave, Bac Ha temple...
3 Attractions to Visit in Northern Midlands and Mountainous Region at Tet
Bac Ha fair
Y Ty (Lao Cai)

In Lunar New Year, Y Ty is not just floating with “sea” of clouds, but also glows with red color of peach blossoms, and white color of plum flowers. Visitors will admire the blooming peach trees beside the traditional houses of Ha Nhi ethnic people. In recent years, Y Ty has been more visited by both domestic and foreign tourists not only by the fresh air, spectacular natural landscape, but also by the cultural characteristics of the Ha Nhi, Mong, Dao peoples. The peach, plum, apricot trees bloom along ancient paths through the mountains, and the valley under fluffy clouds make visitors feel that they get lost in the cloud- world.
3 Attractions to Visit in Northern Midlands and Mountainous Region at Tet
Places to discover in Y Ty are Lung Po confluence where Red river flow into Vietnam, Thien Sinh bridge, A Lu field, Ngai Thau, Hong Ngai village, San Sim village, Lao Chai village ...


Spring is the season when the northwestern mountains are dotted with petals of peach, plum blossom. This time, Sapa is very cold. It's interesting to enjoy the fragrant grilled meat skewers, feel the numbness cold or, more luckily, watch the snow here. When Sapa engulfs in mist, wears the bright coat of peach covering streets and villages, visitors will have a wonderful New Year holiday.
3 Attractions to Visit in Northern Midlands and Mountainous Region at Tet

The attractions include: Ham Rong Mountain, Silver waterfall, May bridge, heaven gate, Muong Hoa, stone church, Ta Phin brocade village, Cat Cat, Sin Chai, Ta Van... villages.

Part 2 : Top Attractions to Visit in Northern Midlands and Mountainous Region at Tet holiday

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The Must Taste Delicious Dishes When Travelling to Hai Duong Province

Hai Duong attracts visitors with hundreds of cultural and historical monuments and thousands of stories of celebrities of military, literature, famous doctors like Tran Hung Dao, Nguyen Trai, Chu Van An, Tue Tinh ... Besides , the specialty here is also good and attractive.

Read more : Hai Duong travel guides

#1. Green bean cake

Hai Duong green bean cake is a traditional cake made from mung bean flour with sugar and oil or lard and appeared from the early years of the 20th century.

The cake is cut into small cube or round… pieces with a bright yellow color, smooth and fragrant. Whenever enjoying, putting each peace of green bean cake into your mouth, you can feel the essence of heaven and earth, the aroma of the cake which is melting in the mouth, but its flavor is still lingering.

The Must Taste Delicious Dishes When Travelling to Hai Duong Province
Huong Nguyen Green bean cake in Hai Duong
Green bean cake is best when it is served with green tea. The slightly acrid taste of green tea will balance the tasty sweetness of the cake. The two opposites tastes intertwine creating a an exciting feeling for diners.

There are many places in Vietnam making green bean cake, but green bean cake produced in Hai Duong has the most characteristic flavor that makes many people spellbound. This is why green bean cake here has become a meaningful gift of most of the passengers arriving in this land and in all the ceremonies, the traditional Festival of the nation.

The Must Taste Delicious Dishes When Travelling to Hai Duong Province
Green been cake is packed beautifully and attractively used as a gift in holidays
#2. Gai cake (glutinous rice cake dyed black in a concoction of leaves)

In fact, Nam Dinh province is the homeland of this delicious, sweet and soft cake which has become a typical specialty of the land of the South Citadel. However, coming to Hai Duong, people will also surely be surprised at the delicious flavor of Ninh Giang glutinous rice cake dyed black in a concoction of edible leaves.
The Must Taste Delicious Dishes When Travelling to Hai Duong Province
Gai cake looks simple but has a delicious taste
The outer layer of the cakes is made from Glutinous rice flour mixed with crushed Gai leaves creating a fet black color but look strangely attractive. The rice is soaked in cold water overnight so that the rice grains become succulent plump then drained, sifted then grounded to flour. From this flour, people mixed fresh Gai leaves which are washed, boiled, squeezed out and pounded and removed all stems, then the dry leaves are mixed and grounded to powder, after that, a little sugar is added to make the cover of the cake sweeter.

Part 2. The Must Taste Delicious Dishes When Travelling to Hai Duong Province 

The stuffing is made from many different ingredients which must be prepared extremely carefully. First of all, green beans are soaked in water for the beans to become succulent, then sifted carefully to remove all the impurities. After that, the bean is boiled until it is soft, smooth but still retains its bright yellow color and the aroma characteristics of bean and then crushed.

The stuffing is made from many different ingredients
In addition, fatty meats, peanut, lotus seed, coconut, aromatic species... are added with a little amount because all the ingredients above help to make the stuffing more delicious and does not exclude each other. However, each family will have a certain secret recipe to make a Gai cake brand of their own brand on this land.
Children works hard width Gai cake in Hai Duong
Like the green bean cake, Gai cake is a gift that any people in Hai Duong, whenever being far from this land, want to bring with them as bringing the idyllic spirit of the homeland.

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The Colorful Night Markets Throughout Vietnam

When coming to a certain region, you will surely want to visit the night markets, the most prominent landmarks where culture and food exchange... of those areas.

Following is some night markets that can not be ignored in all parts of the country.

Ky Lua night market, Lang Son

As a prominent destination of the border gate economic zone of Dong Dang - Lang Son, Ky Lua night market, also known as Ky Lua traditional market with hundreds of years of history has become a symbol of culture, trade and exchange of people in Lang Son.

Ky Lua night market
This is not only a marketplace, but also a meeting point to exchange of Kinh, Tay, Nung, Hoa, Dao ethnics in the area and the surrounding regions. Items sold at the market are mainly clothing, agricultural products, housewares. Each month, the market is opened 6 times on 2nd, 7th, 12th, 17th, 22th, 27th day of the month in lunar calendar. Coming here, you will feel comfortable because sellers rarely offer and invite customers to buy goods with insistence.

Night Market in Old Quarter, Hanoi

The night market in the Old Quarter of Hanoi is, in fact, the pedestrian street starting in Hang Dao street and ending at Dong Xuan night market, creating a long walk road of 3 km near Hoan Kiem Lake. The market is held from 7:00 pm in three weekend days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). Nearly 400 locomotive kiosks sell a lot of products, from clothing, footwear to the arts and crafts items, souvenirs.
The night market in the Old Quarter is very busy
In the recent year, the night market was expanded to the surrounding streets such as Hang Buom, Ma May, Ta Hien... creating an excellent cultural, cuisine… spaces. The performances of cultural traditional arts such as opera, Xẩm, quan ho fork song, ca tru ... attract the attention of the crowd.

Quang Ba flower market, Hanoi

This is one of the most special markets night in Hanoi. The market collects all kinds of flowers from everywhere, not only from the regions of Tay Tuu, Dong Anh, Gia Lam... but also from Da Lat. Market is usually opened at about 3 - 4am. On the anniversaries or holidays, the market is more crowded, even is opened from the previous evening or all day. Its appeal lies in the diversity of flowers: roses, orchids, lilies, daisies, carnations ... which are still soaked in the night dew and colorful.
Kinds of flower sold in Quang Ba flower market
You will not find the hustle as in normal markets here, except on Tet holiday. Perhaps, the market also carries the gentle, elegant features as its "product". Going to Quang Ba flower market, everyone can choose for themselves the most pleasing bouquet with quite affordable prices.
The rustic atmosphere at Quang Ba flower market
Hoi An Night Market, Quang Nam

Located on Nguyen Hoang street, Hoi An City, Quang Nam, Hoi An night market serves tourists with nearly 50 stalls spreading along the longer than 300m street. At 5pm every day, the night market lights and sells the produce of local crafts. Eyesight of the tourists will be satisfied with countless colorful lanterns from famous Hoi An, the lovely trays of Tò he (toy figurine), Thanh Ha pottery, fabrics, silk....
The colorful lanterns in Hoi An night market
Not only are your eyes satisfied, tourists can also try the famous tasty dishes of Hoi An such as Quang noodle, black sesame tea. For a long time, Hoi An night market has become ideal places for sightseeing, taking photographs, walking around a lot of domestic and foreign tourists.

Part 2 : The Colorful Night Markets Throughout Vietnam

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Whale Worshipping Custom of South Central Coast Fishermen (Part 2)

Whale- The sacred mammal

Regardless of which legend it rooted, in the mind of Southern people, especially the coastal fishermen, the whale is a sacred animal in the sea, often helps those in distress in the sea. The fishermen, when navigating and meeting something unforeseen, immediately ask the whale for help, expect “him” to help and “he” seems to be on time all the time.

Whale Worshipping Custom of South Central Coast Fishermen
A dead whale is worshipped and about to be buried
Therefore, when fishermen see a dead whale, they consider it a good thing, and believe that the villagers will be blessed by him. By convention, the man who is the first person to discover the dead whale is considered the trustful man, thus has the position of "the head man", on behalf of the villagers mourning the whale in 100 days. When detecting a dead whale, people try to take it to the shore and the chief of the fishing village mobilizes the villagers to bring the cadaver ashore for burial. In case of encountering too big whales, people wrap the whale, elect someone to guard until the meat dissolves, they take the skeleton and worship in the temple.

Whale Worshipping Custom of South Central Coast Fishermen
The altar of whale in the temple
The Nghinh Ong festival

Basically, whale worship ritual is not dissimilar to those in the communal house, that is, it also includes many rituals and experiences many different steps. Typically, the festival was started at dawn. A fleet was prepared to set sail. Hundreds of fishing boats of the fishermen in and outside the province are decorated flags, anchored in the river in an eye-catching and neat order. Heading is the large capacity boat, the ceremonial man directly takes the incensory to the boat.

Boats are decorated very splendidly. Sometimes, people agglomerate three boats together to make the procession boat. In the boat, there are the flowers, flags, with an altar and plaque of the fishery minister, a pentatonic orchestra and some dressed singers and dancers. In the seaport, many other vessels fishing on the sea also attend the parade. Hundreds of thousands of ships of all sizes, capacity, décor create a colorful scene, enliven a vast estuary area. Thousands of people of all shirt color stand and sit on the deck waving flags to welcome the festival….

Whale Worshipping Custom of South Central Coast Fishermen
The procession boat in Nghinh Ong festival
Meanwhile, in ashore, the sound of trumpet, drums, music are still boisterous. There is rule that if people meet pulverizing dolphin, they have to return immediately. If not, the boats are straight away to the planned place.

The next ritual is the ritual of worshiping ancestors, reading the funeral oration, organizing for students to thurify. The offerings mainly consist of cattle and poultry meat. The main worshipping ritual is carried out at 12 pm in the same day. The sacrifices are usually a white pig, two full trays of sticky rice, wine and tea, students thurifying and pentatonic orchestra playing music.

Whale Worshipping Custom of South Central Coast Fishermen

The festival has been becoming a great and important festival of the fishermen in South Central Coast. Whale Worshipping Custom of South Central Coast Fishermen is a traditional morality, and is imbued with the humanity of the country. The festival is an opportunity to satisfy the needs of repaying their unknown savior, the whale, for his favour.

Can Gio (Ho Chi Minh city) is one of the places that still retain the whale worship custom. In 2013, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism recognized the Nghinh Ong festival in Can Gio as the intangible cultural heritage at national level, and this festival have become the distinctive culture of people living in coastal area.

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Three Ways to See Halong Bay from Above with Affordable Price

In addition to a round-trip journey by seaplane from Hanoi - Ha Long, you can choose one-way flight or just visit Halong Bay to save costs.

Halong Bay is a famous tourist destination for both domestic and international tourists. Generally, exploring the bay will last about two days by car, including a day for moving from Hanoi to Ha Long and return. To renovate the journey, in addition to the means of transport by road, visitors can choose seaplane which has been newly put into operation from 9/2014.

Depending on the needs, financial and time conditions, you have three choices of seaplane:

Option 1: Luxurious Tour

To avoid time-consuming, you can register the Hanoi - Halong round trip. There are 2 flights taking off at 9 am and 12.45 am every day. Depending on the schedule, you can choose the morning or afternoon trip and take a taxi to the terminal T1, Noi Bai International Airport and carry out check-in procedure at Lobby A, counter no.10.

Halong bay
Halong Bay seen from above

During the 60-minute flight from Hanoi to Ha Long, tourists will have 15 minutes seeing the land from an altitude of about 500-3000 m. In views of visitors, there are thousands of limestone islands emerging from the tranquil turquoise water surface. After that, the seaplane lands on Tuan Chau Island and returns at 11h30 am and 4:00 pm daily.

Vietnam customize tour
Rowing kayak on Halong Bay

However, you should not return incontinently; instead, you should book an extra boat tours to discover Halong Bay in about 3 hours and have lunch on the boat (the cost is about one million VND). You will have a memorable experience with a lunch in Asian - European style in mid-bay, admiring the caves and kayaking.

+ Minimum duration: one day

+ Total cost: 16 million (moving, flight, eating, boat tour).

Option 2: Moderate Cost Tour

To save more money, you can choose a one-way flight from Hanoi to Halong, then return by bus. Flight itinerary is similar to the above- mentioned option, but after landing, you are free to schedule to explore the bay and have fun.

Vietnam beach travel
Tuan Chau Island, Halong

The nearest site is Tuan Chau leisure center. You catch a taxi to buy tickets (VND 300,000) per person at the gate. Here, there are many art performances like dolphins and crocodiles circus, water music show... You can also visit the outdoor play area and test your kill with the active games such as windsurfing, canoeing, motor waterslide...

Vietnam holiday packages
Dolphins circus performance on Tuan Chau Island

Tuan Chau culinary area is also a suitable option for visitors to lunch without having to move a long way. You will enjoy various dishes with the price ranging from 150,000 VND up. At about 5:00 pm, you call a cab taking you to Tuan Chau welcome gate on Highway No.18 to catch the car and go back to Hanoi with VND100,000/ticket fare.

+ Minimum duration: one day

+ Total cost: about 9 million VND (moving, lunch, flight).

Option 3: Saving tour

The best way to be still able to admire the bay from on high without having to spend too much money is to travel by passenger car or private vehicles for both outward - on and return journeys, then register sightseeing flight tour in 25-minutes. From Hanoi, you catch the car to Quang Ninh in My Dinh, Gia Lam, Luong Yen stations..., stop at Tuan Chau welcome gate (not to Bai Chay bus station) and then take a taxi to the port. If you travel by your own car, go straight along Highway No. 18, Tuan Chau welcome gate is on the right side.

Seaplane takes off from Tuan Chau port and return the starting point right after the end of the itinerary around the islands of Halong. Every day, there are 3 flights departing at 10.30 am, 2:00 pm, and 2:40 pm. Depending on the hour to Tuan Chau and flight registered schedule, you could have lunch before or after the flight.

Vietnam Wonders
Halong bay at night

At night, you can rent motels, hotels in Bai Chay (the price is from 350,000-500,000 dong per room) to relax, swim and explore Halong city.

+ Minimum duration: two days

Total cost: over 6 million (moving, lunch, flight).

Three Ways to See Halong Bay from Above with Affordable Price

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Stories about The Huc Bridge in Ngoc Son Temple

Ngoc Son Temple is a small island on Luc Thuy lake in the past (today it is Hoan Kiem Lake). Legend has it that there used to be a temple built here to honor those who had sacrificed in the war against the Mongol invaders. Until the Huu Vinh time of Le Dynasty (1735-1739), Lord Trinh Giang gave order to build Khanh Thuy palace and two land mountains on the east bank opposite Ngoc Son temple, known as Dao Tai and Ngoc Boi mountains.

The Huc Bridge

End of the Le Dynasty, Thuy Khanh palace was destroyed by Le Chieu Thong, and a man named Tin Trai then established a temple called Ngoc Son on the old platform. In the third year of Thieu Tri reign (1843), a charity group destroyed the steeple, rebuilt the main central chamber, the suites in two sides, worshipped the Wenchang Emperor statue and changed Ngoc Son from pagoda to temple . However, people still had to use boats to go to the temple because there was no bridge.

Over time, Ngoc Son Temple was degraded until Nguyen Van Sieu, a poet and great cultural celebrity of Hanoi (King Tu Duc called him god Sieu) renovated and "upgraded" Ngoc Son Temple in 1865 and built a bridge named The Huc (means the parked light drop). The bridge consisted of 15 spans, 32 wood cylinder pillars arranged in 16 pairs. In 1802, Nguyen Anh ascended the throne and established Nguyen dynasty, moved the capital to Hue. Although Hanoi was not the capital anymore, Nguyen dynasty still held the Prefectural examination in Hanoi.

The Huc Bridge
The Huc Bridge in 1896

After seizing Hanoi citadel in 1882, Ngoc Son Temple became the residence of an officer in the French colonial army. At that time, Black flag military (a bandit group from Guangxi - China headed by Liu Yung-Fu receiving money of King Tu Duc to beat France) rebelled in Hanoi. Fearing that Black flag military could attack, there was a group of French soldiers guarding at the gate of the temple all day and night. French soldiers prohibited Hanoi people from entering the temple to worship. When the Black flag was dissolved in 1885, the guard was somewhat looser.

In front of this situation, a young man, Nguyen Van Minh (also known as Hai Minh), flashed a thought to burn The Huc bridge to warn the French of offending Spirituality realms. After several nights of tracking, Hai Minh noticed that the soldiers guarded only until midnight, he silently planned. Hiding his parents, Hai Minh picked up and collected rags and waste oil. To work quickly, he asked Truong Nghi, his classmate as well as his cousin in Hang Dau street to lend him a hand.

The Huc Bridge
The Huc Bridge connects the bank and Ngoc Son temple
According to the genealogy of Nguyen Dinh family (in Ha Thai, Duyen Thai Commune, Thuong Tin district), the oldest parentage settled in Thang Long, at midnight of a late winter day of 1887, Hai Minh awoke his brother but Truong Nghi was on lest of cold wind, he did not go. At that time, Truong Nghi’s little brother, Hai Nguyen, who was 14, got up and agreed to replace his brother because he had eavesdropped the plan. They carried baskets of rags, papers and wicks soaked in oil and left the house quietly. At that time, the guards have drained into the temple and shut the door. Two brothers stuffed rags and paper oil wicks into the slits, watered the bridge’s floor with waste oil, then quickly spread burning charcoal put in a clay pot.

Afterward, both of them quickly returned home in Hang Dau street. The fire flared up very quickly, in just a short time the fire got on fire. When the guards discovered, planks on the floor of the bridge had been char. The French officer felt insecure, so he ordered his servant to move furniture to another place.

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Interesting Anecdotes about Quan Ba Twin Mountain

Quan Ba twin mountain in Ha Giang  is associated with to many interesting legends that the ethnic minority here has transmitted from generations to generations and they exist until today. There has been a very touching story that: In the past, in this area, there was a handsome H’mong boy, who was talented at blowing “dan moi” (lips herd). The sound of his “ken moi” was as harmonious as the streams, as chattering and pleasant as the chirp of birds in the forest, sometimes, it was as deep, melodious as the night wind. In th Heaven, there was a very beautiful fairy named Hoa Dao. She accidentally heard the sound of “dan moi”; therefore, she sneakily went to the Earth to find the owner of “dan moi” sound. She fell in love with the boy, so she found ways to stay in this land. They got married and gave birth to a pretty son.

The Jade Emperor (The Ruler of the Heaven) found that Hoa Dao had fled to the Earth and got married the human, he was extremely angry and sent his underlings to take her back to the Heaven. She tearfully begged his father for permiting her to stay and take care of the baby but he refused. Thinking about the situation when her husband had to raise the child lonely, and the son would be lack of breast milk, she decided to leave her breasts on Earth. The plump breasts fed the boy, and later turned into two mountains which were in shapes of the breasts. The two mountains are called “Twin mountain” of Co Tien (Fairy) mountain.

Legend has it that thanks to her milk flows, the weather in this region was extremely cool, fruits like peaches, plums, pears, pink, ... had delicious flavour, the vegetables, rice and corns were fresh. Missing husban and son, she cried and her tear mourning her were turned into the blue Mien river embracing the land behind the legendary Heaven gate.

There is also another story about young couple in love. The giant boy fell in love with a beautiful girl here. Though they were far away from each other, the boy always wandered up hills and down dales or crossed the deep streams to meet his lover living in this beautiful valley. Family of the girl wanted to test the strength of the Highlander boy; therefore, they challenged him that if he could stop Dong Ha River’s flow from flowing back into the valley where her family lived (Tam Son town today), her family would accept him as a son-in-law. The giant accepted the challenge, he ate 7 pots of rice each meal, carried the mountains to the valley day and night to stop Dong Ha River from flowing into the valley.

One day, when the boy was working, he suddenly heard about his mother’s death, he was extremely shocked and painful, he hurriedly returned to his hometown to wear mourning for his mother, but he never came back to the valley. The faithful girl languishly waited for her lover, every day, she walked around the valley to see the unfinished achievements of his, her eyes always looked toward the Heaven gate, she leaned her back on near the his pole to look forward to him and she waited in such a long time that she turned into a mountain.

The broken yoke of the giant turned into a huge mountainslocally known as "Phia Poi" Mountain. In Tam Son town nowadays, there are three mountains carried by the giant to cross the river, people here called them "Pu Vang (bright mountain), "Pu Vang" (Golden Mount), "Pu Phia Nu" (mouse stone mountain). The hurried footsteps of the boy formed 9 deep lakes which still exist today named Sum Pun, Tham Ri, Tham Lau, Tham Nan, Tham Nam Dam, Tham Lung Pet....

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6 unique floating markets in the Southwest of Vietnam (Part two)

Mekong Delta has had an interiacing system of canals and rivers, and has been known as the land of "Nine Dragons" with overflowing tides, with low water exposing the alluvium, and with living boats commuting on the rivers everyday.... River is a characteristic feature of the western region, the land of hundreds of rivers, estuaries interwoven like the cobwebs. There are rivers, canals, water transport means; there are people living, buying and selling, exchanging products on the boats…., people call it “the floating market”.

In addition to Nga Bay (Hau Giang), Nga Nam (Soc Trang), and Cai Rang (Can Tho) floating markets, there are other unique floating markets in this well- off land.

4. Cai Be floating market (Tien Giang province)

Cai Be floating market is located on Cai Be district, Tien Giang, in Tan Phong isle on Tien River bordering three provinces of Tien Giang, Vinh Long and Ben Tre. The market is not only the place of trading and exchanging products, and the transshipment point where fruits and yields are delivered to other regions, but also the fascinating destination of Tien Giang province.

A market day of Cai Be floating market

Unlike the normal floating markets which are only held in the morning, Cai Be floating market is opened up from early morning until late at night. When the sun rises, the floating market is as bustling as a small town on the river. The canoe peddlers like pho, noodles, groceries ... wriggle through the others creating a lively scenery. Sitting on a boat, enjoying a bowl of noodles or a fragrant cup of coffee in the morning is an ineffable experience.

When the sun sets behind the distant trees, it is also time when the "floating city" lights up, the shimmering lights are silhouetted against the river and make it become lively and colorful. Visiting Cai Be floating market, visitors will surely feel the novelty of the western river region.

5. Long Xuyen floating market– An Giang Province

Long Xuyen floating market is not as large as other markets, but it is a tourist sight that tourists should visit in the floating market tour to discover the idyllic, tranquil and pristine beauty of local people and river. This market is about 2 km far from Long Xuyen city, and is situated along one side of the Hau river with fertile alluvium.

Long Xuyen floating market, the destination for those who love to explore the intact and rustic floating market

Goods sold here are mainly farm products such as vegetables, cucumbers, beans, cabbages, pumpkins, potatoes... and the famous noshes of An Giang land like fish noddle, pigskin’s cakes...

6. Tra On floating market- Vinh Long province

Tra On is the last floating markets located on the Hau river of Tra On District, Vinh Long Province. This is one of the oldest markets existing and associating with many cultural activities of people in the region.

Tra On floating market

A special feature of Tra On floating market is that it is held with the tide. Tra On market is busy in the morning, but it is even more crowded when the tide is hide; the higher the tide is, the more crowded the boats will be.

Therefore, visitors can easily explore this market at any period of the day. Coming to Tra On floating market, visitors should not miss the famous food specialty which is beef noodle served with banana inflorescense, and listen to the sweet songs named “Tinh anh ban chieu” (love of the mat seller), “Da co hoai lang” (missing husband at night) in the homeland of the famous artists- Ut Tra On.

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