Top 5 Online Bus Ticket Booking Websites in India

Diwali, Sankaranthi, Christmas, and Ramadan- what comes to your mind on hearing these words? Right! Regional/National holidays when you can stay with your near and dear at home. But for those who stay away from their home, look eagerly for a vacation during such auspicious moments. And this is where the online bus ticket websites come into foray.
These online bus ticket websites offer innumerable help such as easy ticket booking, easy cancellation, rescheduling the trip etc. and the best thing is that all these services can be availed right from one’s living room. While there are many online ticketing websites in the market, the best ones which have garnered great customer support and good feedback are the ones listed below.
One ticket to elsewhere: Redbus.

Even a child knows Redbus is the largest ticketing platform online available in India.
·         It lists all transport service providers under one roof
·         It brings customers amazing discounts on early booking or bulks booking
·         Book tickets for any remote corner within India in no time
·         Bus ticket booking gets discounts on hotel booking
·         By availing Redbus users can get good discounts

A travel organizer in disguise: MakeMyTrip
Makemytrip is that one joker card that can make anyone hit a jackpot. They not only help in bus ticket booking but helps in planning the complete trip.
·         Easy user interface to book single or round trips  
·         One stop for hotel booking and travel itinerary planning
·         With plenty of banks offering secured payment gateway, Makemytrip is trusted by everyone.

No extra charges is the Mantra: Yatra
What makes Yatra the best ticketing portal among others? Here you go!
·         There are no additional costs in the name of booking charges or cancellation charges
·         Get your tickets conveniently without moving from the comfort of home
·         Plenty of deals and offers are available
·         Tickets can be booked for any place across India

3 steps and job well done: Ticket Goose
Though this portal is quite new in comparison to its competitors, here are its attractive features which make it liked by all:
·         It is a light-weight website supporting more user traffic
·         Boasts of a simple and attractive user interface
·         They have networked with all leading transport providers across India at most attractive prices

Assured tickets at lowest prices: Paytm
What? Paytm runs an online ticket booking website too? Yes! And it is running super smooth as it offers the following:
·         With this portal you will get assured price discounts on the bookings
·         There are a number of early bird booking offers
·         They also offer Cash back plans
·         It networks with all major transport providers thereby connecting every corner of India through its seamless services

Easy ticket booking interface, handful of offers, secured payment gateway are the USP of these online ticket portals in India. With such giants in the pitch, no matter how far you live from your loved ones, a four wheeler bridge is always running between you and your dear ones connecting hearts!

Why luxury travel in Vietnam attracts tourists

Travelers have viewed Vietnam as a beautiful country with incredibly friendly people, unique traditions and beautiful towns and countrysides. Not only do Vietnam tourist attractions attract visitors by the fascinating Old Quarter, the UNESCO-listed port town of Hoi An or the country’s best beaches, it also surprises tourists with dramatic limestone islands in Halong Bay, remote hill tribe villages, the narrow canals of Mekong Delta and luxurious resorts. That is the reason why Vietnam has become the favorite destination of many western upper-classes.

Ideal Weather: One of the reasons why luxury travel in Vietnam is registered increasingly by the international visitors in the autumn is that the weather is so wonderful when it is cool, sunny and pleasant

Luxurious and international standard resorts: With more than 3,200 km of coastline, including numerous bays and beautiful islands, Vietnam has so many areas to build luxurious resorts

Vietnam has a great number of glamorous resorts and hotels which are loved by travelers including the InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula with the prestigious prize as " the world's leading resort" awarded by The World Travel Awards

Villa number 5 of Six Senses Ninh Van Bay resort won the Smith Hotel Awards with the category “the sexiest rooms in the planet” where provides the perfect romantic atmosphere for couples.

The best Vietnamese Islands

Vietnam is naturally given with incredibly beautiful beaches and islands which are not inferior to the leading tourist countries and has increasingly caught the special attention of international tourists

The luxurious resorts in Vietnam are highly appreciated by the harmonious design with the natural and subtle combination between classic designs of eastern culture and modern designs of Western culture

Service and staff at luxurious resorts are invested carefully with the purpose of providing tourists with the most relaxing moments ever

Spectacular landscapes: Vietnam is one of countries in favor of nature with breathtaking views where nowhere has. Moreover, many Vietnamese destinations are rated as "must come once in a lifetime” places by including many famous magazines and websites specialized in Tourism

Ha Long Bay is situated in north Vietnam round a 120 kilometer long coast line and is literally translated as “Bay of Descending Dragons”. Ha Long Bay was voted as one of the natural wonders of the world and become the new favorite destination for international tourists. Currently, with the 5-star yacht service, visitors can experience Ha Long Bay in the most comfortable way

The beaches of Vietnam with white sand, clean waters and beautiful sceneries is one the reason why many visitors choose it as a place to rest and relax

The islands such as Phu Quoc and Con Dao attracts international tourists by the wild beauty and luxurious resorts, which brings about the experiences of calmness, isolation and privacy

Visitors can also stay overnight and experience on the Me Kong yachts designed with the convenient space that suits with the river features of Vietnam

Delicious food: Vietnam is rated as one of the countries with the most unique and wonderful cuisine in the world. In the past few years, Vietnamese food has become more and more popular around the world. Food lovers may have tried the two best known Vietnamese dishes including spring rolls and bread rolls. Rice, noodles, fresh vegetable and herbs all play big roles in Vietnamese food, making it one of the healthiest cuisines in the world

With abundant raw and fresh materials, the chefs have created perfect dishes with combination among unique flavors from Eastern countries and the Western cooking process so that they can give visitors perfect food experiences in Vietnam

Every country has a rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, yet Vietnam seems especially endowed. The beauty of nature and its landscape in Vietnam are breathtaking and spectacular. The convenience of international resorts, the friendliness of Vietnamese people and the beautiful landscapes have left the most impressive impression on the overseas visitors. The beauty of Vietnam obviously increases the number of luxury travel currently and introduce the image of a great S-shaped country to international friends. Therefore, quality of tourism in Vietnam is hoped to make more remarkable progress so as to attract tourists as well as provide the travelers the most unforgettable experience ever!

5 Reasons You Should Travel to Myanmar Now

Myanmar, a beautiful country in Asia area is best known for mysterious temples and pagodas as well as peaceful landscapes. Nowadays it is changing gradually to become a renowned tourism center in the area. Certainly you will want to travel to Myanmar immediately when referring top 5 great reasons travel to Myanmar below. 

1. Ideal Destinations for Backpackers 

Many famous tourist magazines voted Myanmar as the most favorite destination of backpackers. Indeed, when visiting Myanmar you will feel the nostalgic beauty of the temples as well as streets and enjoy the serene atmosphere.

Myanmar has opened to the tourists recently, but it still not focuses mainly on tourism. Thus, you will feel that you are the first person discovering this magical land. 

2. Ngapali – One of the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches 

As the most famous and beautiful beach in Myanmar as well as in the world, Ngapali beach would make you incredible holiday because of its pristine beauty. Here you will have great opportunity to release yourself in the tranquil space and enjoy the dreamy sceneries of stretching sandy beach, cool seawater, bright sunshine and lush green palm trees.

Besides, take a walk to visit small fishing villages nearby or discover some local markets, and take a bike ride to rural areas are also great experiences in your stays. 

3. Mysterious Temples in Bagan

Located on the river Ayeyarwady’s bank, Bagan city is famous for Archaeological City with numerous sacred temples and pagodas dating back hundreds of years. These temples and pagodas are adjacent so you can use bicycle as the most suitable transportation to visit. Also you can choose other interesting vehicles such as tuk – tuk, horse cart, bus, etc. Some famous temples in Bagan are Dhammayangyi Temple, Thatbyinnyu temple, Ananda temple and Htilominlo Temple

4. Ideal Place to Enjoy Cuisine 

Myanmar cuisine has huge mixing culinary culture of India, China, Thailand, and other ethnic minorities. However, the dishes here are still own features. Dishes of Myanmar are very tasty and especially cheap. Several unique street foods such as tea and flat bread, salad samosa, Shan noodles, and aromatic curry rice dish. You can see them at all corners of Yangon and Bagan. 

5. Friendly and Generous People

Magical golden temples, pagodas, and smiling faces with streaks of thanaka as well as waving hands of hospitable people are something of what make you the most impressive in this beautiful land, Myanmar. 

Eight street foods you should not miss when to Vietnam

Specialist travel page of CNN has described Hanoi as the most impressive food capital of the world. Many visitors have also commented this is the paradise of street food. Here are ten famous dishes of Hanoi

1. Kebab rice noodles

This delicious and nutritious dish is often sold on the street. At the roadside shops, kebab rice noodles are the perfect street food. And if any tourists coming to Hanoi are always highly recommended the prevalent tour in the last few years is Hanoi street food tour which provides the full insight into Vietnamese food in general or Hanoi street food culture in particular.
Eight street foods you should not miss when to Vietnam

Grilled pieces and dumplings that are made from pork grilled over charcoal eat with noodles and sweet-sour sauce that is made with lemon, garlic, chili.

2. Noodles

Hanoi is the home to noodles. With pure noodles made from rice and bones fragrant stew soup; people often eat them with undercooked slices of meat, lemon, chili. This dish has become popular in the world.

Noodles are made with many different styles, depending on each region that creates its richness and unique. The two most common types of pho in Hanoi are rice noodle soup with beef and Rice noodle soup with chicken. This traditional dish is known as a warm and energetic breakfast, so you can easily find noodle on most sidewalks of Hanoi as well as other regions in Vietnam in the morning.

3. Crab Rice Noodles

Eight street foods you should not miss when to Vietnam
This is also a nutritious and very popular dish. It is made from tomato soup and crabmeat pureed into ice onto boiled, seasoned, then pour on rice noodle bowl and add a few pieces of fried tofu. Diners can add a little seasoning shrimp sauce combining chili, lemon, herbs.

4. Grilled Chicken

Ly Van Phuc “Chicken Street” in Hanoi is known as the paradise of the grilled chicken. Chicken wings, legs, potatoes, and bread are spreading with honey before baking, eating with chili sauce and pickled cucumber. Even though the recipe is simple, this compelling dish is similar in most eateries. This is one of the popular street foods, especially for “drinkers” who like sipping chicken with alcohol.

5. Sticky-rice

In the morning, when walking along the streets of Hanoi, you will see many people selling this dish. This is a popular breakfast and quick dish, which is widely favored. Sticky rice is wrapped in banana leaves and there are dozens of different kinds such as steamed chicken, sticky corn, beet sticky, sticky green beans, black beans away … usually eaten with sesame.

6. Ice-Coffee

Eight street foods you should not miss when to Vietnam

Drinking a cup of black coffee or cappuccino ice at the roadside while watching Hanoi streets crowded with luxurious cars such as Toyota Camry – Toyota Vios is an elegant hobby of many people, especially men. Apart from bread, coffee is brought into in Vietnam by French people and it has become one of the oldest beverages in this country.

7. Stuffed Pancake

Stuffed pancake is a popular dish for breakfast in North of Vietnam. Rice is pureed with water, and then a thin layer of it is coated in the hot skillet. Fillings are made from minced pork with wood ear mushrooms. It is delicious when eaten with chili sauce.

8. Grilled Squid

It’s fun to drink a glass of cool beer and sip some slices of grilled squid dotted chili on a hot day while watching the busy and bustle streets of Hanoi, you will feel the sweetness and appeal of this unique dish. Squids are dried and then grilled over charcoal and shredded, sold at most eateries in Vietnam.

Dong Chau Beach-Thai Binh Travel Guide

Thai Binh is a plain province with flat terrain, a diversity of rivers, lakes and ponds, cool climate, convenient transportation. There are also many villages with many valuable items of traditional crafts; many historical monuments and cultural festivals, games, unique and attractive folk dances. These are favorable conditions for economic and tourist development.

Dong Chau Beach- Thai Binh Travel Guide

The title of the "homeland of 5 tons" (first province in the whole country reached productivity of rice 5 tons/ha in 1966) makes visitors mistake that Thai Binh has only vast rice fields, but if you learn carefully, this land also owns the beautiful beaches.


By public transport

You can buy tickets of Hanoi - Thai Binh route at My Dinh bus station or book the ticket of high quality brands such as Than Hue, Hoang Ha, Ngan Son ... Note that you should book the return ticket.

By private vehicles

Hanoi is about 110km from Thai Binh, this distance is just long enough for a backpack trip in a day or a short journey if you want to visit the neighboring provinces.

+ There are two ways to move from Hanoi – Thai Binh:

- Ha Noi - Dong Van National Highway 1, turn left to Yen Lenh bridge near Dong Van, then drive along QL39 Hung Yen passing Trieu Duong bridge to reach Thai Binh.

- Hanoi - National Highway 1, turn left to Highway 21 in Phu Ly, then turn left after crossing Highway 10 overpass, Tan De Bridge to the Pacific; after that, you cross Tan De bridge to reach Thai Binh.

Remember to bring all vehicle’s legal documents, driving license and obey road safety legislation. Wear gloves, masks and sunglasses. You should also install the Google map application for your mobile phone in order to find the way easily.

Best time to travel to Thai Binh

Thai Binh has two highlights of blue sea and vast rice fields, you can come here in any time in the year. However, if you want to enjoy yourself in one of 82 large and small festivals here, you need to find out the time of festival to have a specific schedule.
Dong Chau Beach- Thai Binh Travel Guide


The room rate of guesthouses, hotels in the Pacific fluctuates from 150,000 - 350,000 VND / room and the rooms are always available. But to make sure, you should call in advance for booking.

The center streets in Thai Binh are Trung Trac, Vinh Tra, Le Lai, ... The names of the hotels that you should remember are Thai Binh, An Thai, Hong Ha, Cong Doan (Union) guest house.
Dong Chau Beach- Thai Binh Travel Guide

Dong Chau beach resort

Dong Chau beach, Dong Minh Commune, Tien Hai District, is 30 km from Thai Binh City toward Highway 39B. The beach is 5 km long with many wild features. It is interesting that, from Dong Chau beach ,visitors can take boat and motor boat to visit and swim in Con Thu, Con Vanh which are 7 km from the mainland. Con Thu and Con Vanh emerge as two blue waves on the sand dunes of about 5 hectares. On the dunes, there are pine forests, green casuarinas, with quiet and poetic beaches. Dong Chau beach is not very gorgeous, but the weather is really fresh, very suitable for resting, convalescence, especially, the seafood here is delicious and cheap.
Dong Chau Beach- Thai Binh Travel Guide
Tourist attractions of Thai Binh are associated with three stunning beaches such as Dong Chau beach, Tien Hai District, Thai Binh City and 35 km from the provincial road toward Kien Xuong - Tien Hai; Con Vanh beach Ecotourism Zone, including Dong Minh Commune coast; Cua Lan; Con Thu, Con Vanh and Con Den ecotourism resort, Thai Do commune, Thai Thuy, about 3 km from the mainland, and about 40 km from Thai Binh city center. The thing in common of the beaches are white sand stretching, soft waves, green and always windy Casuarina rows. Con Den is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches (sea dunes) in the north of Vietnam.
Dong Chau Beach- Thai Binh Travel Guide

Besides swimming, learning about animal and plant life, taking a picnic and relaxing in boat with the fun and entertainment on the sea such as fishing, windsurfing, beach volleyball, you also have the opportunity to visit the temples and pagodas in the region.

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The Helpful Travel Guide To Explore Sydney

Sydney is a destination like no other. The amazing attractions of the city, the interesting history and the wonderful climate are just some of the many reasons why a trip to Sydney is going to be one of a lifetime. No matter what age group you may belong to or what kind of traveler you are, Sydney would have something appealing for you all year round. From its beaches to the fascinating museums, there is a lot to explore in Sydney for the tourists. If you wish to explore this spectacular destination, here are some ideal places you must explore.

1. Sydney Harbour Bridge

Standing next to the Opera House, it is one of the most iconic landmarks of Sydney. That is not the only reason why it lands in the list of places that you must explore on your trip to Sydney. This is known to be the world’s largest steel arch bridge. The architecture truly defines perfection of all kinds. Daylight, sunset and nighttime are the three peak times to visit the bridge. The spectacular surrounding views are truly a treat to experience.

2. Sydney Opera House

Long before you make your way to Sydney, you would have already heard about Sydney Opera House. It is one of Sydney’s most famous landmarks and you would be sorry to miss it out. The architectural design is one of a kind and the one that attracts tourists from all corners of the globe. Nearly all the major events in the city are hosted by the Opera House. Whether it comes to music, arts and performances, it is truly the city’s most happening spot. The Backstage Tour of Opera House is one of a kind and would certainly leave you in awe.

3. Coogee Beach

You might have heard of the very famous Bondi Beach. This doesn’t make the Coogee Beach any less gorgeous. It is one of the most charming beaches of Australia and definitely the one you should visit if you wish to enjoy relaxing in the warm sun. Snorkeling is one of the most popular activities at the beach. A walk on the beach will surely be one of the most delightful experiences while you’re there. The best part of being at the Coogee Beach is that you can easily escape the never ending crowds and enjoy a few private moments.

4. Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens spread at an area of about 74 acre are truly royal in every manner. The bright and beautiful flora and fauna are surely a delightful sight, one that you wouldn’t want to miss out. It is a very famous wedding venue, and looking at the beauty of the gardens you would really know why. The gardens are distributed in different sections. Sydney is famously known to be a family friendly destination. The Royal Botanic Gardens are probably the best example to it. The city is truly a marvelous one to explore and would create memories of a lifetime!

How Business Trips Can Be Bitter For Travelers

Contrary to what everyone else believes and thinks, the life of a business traveler is often a very tough one. Apart from the trip being a paid one, there are seldom any joys. This is particularly because you never know that all you’ve planned will go the same way and the trip will be a successful one. If you are a business traveler yourself, you’d really know the pain! Here are some of the greatest miseries that business travelers all around the world experience very often while they prepare and fly for their grand trips.

1. Packing for the Trip

Even the leisure travelers hate the thought of packing for the trip; imagine what it would be like for the business travelers who have to repeatedly pack for their trip. It is never a pleasing experience. Sometimes, the duration between the two trips is not even enough to unpack for the previous trip. Packing is important for a business man because there are many travel essentials that they simply can’t function without. Although many stresses of the trip are taken care of by the company, you would still have to pack on your own.

2. Missing Important Events

Prescheduled trips mean you have little choice when it comes to being flexible with your plans. This often becomes miserable because you end up missing some very important milestones of your life happening back home. This distracts their mind because the heart goes back to all the fun and memories they are missing out on.

While you \are focusing on being productive and achieving important business goals, everyone who is dear to you is having the time of your life and busy in celebrations. This is seldom a pleasing thought to live with.

3. Jet Lag

Nothing makes the business traveler more miserable than jet lag. It is terrible and most of the times stay as long as the business trip. Because you move to a different time zone, insomnia is common among business traveler. Businessmen worry about their time getting wasted because of the effects of jet lag. There are several ways in which you can fight the misery of jet lag. Eating and drinking healthy is one of them. Adjusting your clock according to the destination timings a week ahead is also a great way to fight with jet lag.

4. Red-Eye Flights

Red-eye flights are more of a blessing for business travelers. This is because they can sleep throughout the night and land at their destination, fresh and all set to make important business dealings. This can only happen if you are not surrounded with chirpy travelers. Sadly, most of the flights I have experienced had this misery. Since they won’t refuse to stay silent, most of the flight would be spent in absolute misery, hoping for it to end sooner. When you arrive at your destination, you wouldn’t be as fresh as you should be because you have had a restless flight.

How Most Of Us Travel Wrong

The love for traveling is an amazing one. It leaves you in awe when you set out to discover the marvelous destinations around the world. However, even when making countless trips around the globe, there are plenty of times people make travel mistakes. That is completely fine, and indeed a great learning experience for the travelers. Preparing for a trip can be quiet a task. It requires a lot of careful planning done on your part. The deeper the planning goes, the better the trip is likely to be.

Here we reveal some of the most common ways in which most of us have traveled wrong.

1. Waiting for Too Long

Sounds familiar? That is sadly the problem with a lot of travelers. They wait too long to book tickets. Even when we come across attractive deals, we want to wait for the better ones. There is no harm in comparing. However, the best deals on the internet run out quicker than you expect. There would be times when you are left with no choice but to book the expensive one. For this reason, it is best to book the earliest you can after doing your research.

2. Being Friendly with Strangers

Strangers are strangers after all. There is no harm in getting to know someone better on a foreign trip. In fact, in can be a great way of making new global friends. However, you need to be cautious when you are doing so. That is because there are plenty of travel traps and fraud when you are a foreigner. It is easy to sometimes become a victim of it. It’s always best to maintain your distance and not to reveal personal details about yourself, no matter how tempting it may seem!

3. Being Obsessed to Clicking Photos

Memories of a trip last for a lifetime in the form of travel photos. They are great and stay with you forever. However, clicking photos can sometimes make you obsessed to it. This has specially happened because of social media. Everywhere you go, you come across people obsessed to their cameras. This might make you lose some very important details of your trip, just because you were too busy making memories. There is no harm in taking photos, just maintain a fine balance and don’t overdo it.

4. Saving Money

All those people who wish to trot the globe also wish to save the most they can. This has become a trend. However, there is a fine line between savings and making silly mistakes. Sadly, a lot of travelers fail to realize that. Doing so, they keep adding a lot in their trip. This affects the quality of the trip badly. Most of the times, people end up choosing bad lodgings or hotels that are far way just because they wish to save. Savings are important, but you need to think of other factors such as travel costs and your valuable time. Decisions must be made wisely.

The Most Authentic Things about Myanmar (Burma)

The following information is the record of a person living in Myanmar for many years. This will bring you the most authentic perspective on this Southeast Asian country. 

Myanmar poor locals & golden temples

Myanmar has a lot of minerals but most of them are gemstones such as Rubies, marbles which are considered the best ones in the world. Huge marbles are used to carve large Buddha images.

The people adore Buddhism, so the offering of money, gold, gemstones to build pagodas is very popular. Most of the pagodas have gold – plated stupas which show the prosperity of religion. However, along with this fact is the hardness of the people living around pagodas. Most of people have low income; their life is tough; their houses are in poor condition.

Cuisine: The mixture of Indian, Thailand and Chinese cuisine

Myanmar cuisine is the mixture of Indian, Thailand and Chinese cuisine. Especially, Myanmar people only use their hands when eating. Many travelers come to places designed for foreigners to enjoy Western dishes.

Bus is the main means of transport

The transport system of Myanmar features buses. Most of poor people could not afford to buy a car, so bus is the most effective vehicle. The system of bus is supported in price by the government, so it is very cheap and suitable with the budget of the locals. However, the system of bus is very old with careless running. A bus could carry more people than normal. At rush hours, it is normal if you see a group of people swinging behind the bus.

The awareness of maintaining national identity

Myanmar government always makes effort to stimulate people to keep the national identity. People still wear traditional clothes when going out. Women use thanakha as a type of powder to make up. Many men still chew betel leaves. This is an interesting custom but it is unsanitary when splitting betel water on the streets.

50 percent of goods coming from Vietnam

Myanmar is a country which has been embargoed for many years so it is still underdeveloped. Most of people think that most of goods in supermarkets are imported from Thailand but in fact, more than 50 percent of these goods are from Vietnam. Most of people could not read Vietnamese, so they think it is Thai.

• Consider Myanmar holiday packages to visit and learn more about this country.

Top great things to do in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam

If Jeju Island is the symbol of Korean tourism, Bali is the famous island of Indonesia and Hawaii is tourist paradise of the USA, then Phu Quoc (located in Kien Giang Province) is the gorgeous pearl island of Vietnam. Do read my sharing below to know great travel experiences for you in Phu Quoc Island!

1. Visit Phu Quoc Vinpearl Land

This is a new tourist spot on Phu Quoc Island, opening since 2014. It is the gathering place of world-class restaurants, hotels and the system of various games. Not only being the top entertainment and resort center on Phu Quoc Island, this place but also has a 27-hole golf course and an interesting semi-wild park.
Top great things to do in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam
Phu Quoc Vinpearl Land - a must-see place on Phu Quoc Island
The park with hundreds of precious animals brought from South Africa like zebra, one hump camel, gazelle… is really an ideal destination. Coming here, tourists can enjoy fresh air, try exciting games (both indoor and outdoor) or visit the aquarium full of marine creatures.

2. Relax on beaches

Phu Quoc Island is renowned with world-class beaches like Sao Beach or Dai Beach with clear blue seawater, fine white sand and warm sunshine. Besides, there are still other beaches you can choose such as Thom Beach, Vung Bau Beach or Dau Beach.
Top great things to do in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam
Beaches on Phu Quoc Island are gorgeous
Salty air, open space and picturesque scenery will help visitors dispel the sense of tiredness. Just come here and you will have a full definition that what a paradise is.

3. Dive to admire coral reefs

Phu Quoc Island possesses mesmerizing coral reefs, so you shouldn’t miss the chance to discover the ocean by diving. Hon Thom, Hon Dau or Hon Mong Tay… are all ideal places to explore marvelous things in the sea world.

Top great things to do in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam
Discovering the sea world by diving is an indispensable part of the trip to Phu Quoc
The feeling when you see oceanic wonders is extremely difficult to say in words. Weird coral reefs, colorful fish schools along with dozens of animals which you have never seen before are reasons why Phu Quoc is always on the top list of must-see destinations. Combining diving and fishing is also another good choice.

4. Go sightseeing in Ham Ninh fishing village

Ham Ninh is an old fishing village on Phu Quoc Island, famous for wonderful landscapes and specialties. This is also where tourists can learn about traditional jobs of Phu Quoc like diving for pearls or holothurians…

Top great things to do in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam
Ham Ninh fishing village attracts tourists by its romantic beauty
The village is in the east of the island with the peaceful nature, friendly people and fresh seafood, especially spidercrab. Don’t forget to admire the view of sunset over Ham Ninh since it is truly an impressive scene.

5. Drive the car through the jungle

The journey of over 20km through the jungle surely brings tourists wonderful feelings.

Top great things to do in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam
Driving through jungles on Phu Quoc Island brings you wonderful feelings
Imagine the feeling when you go through the shadow of lush trees and come across lovely animals during that trip. Listening to the sound of nature like gurgling streams or melodious birdsong is something miraculous.

6. Squid fishing at night

If you love discovering new things, squid fishing is a must-try experience. After 5.00 pm, you can go on big boats to take part in the journey to go squid fishing at night.
Top great things to do in Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam
Squid fishing at night makes you understand more about the life of fishermen on Phu Quoc Island
If you are lucky, you can get fresh squids and understand more about the life of fishermen.

7. Enjoy seafood of Phu Quoc Island

Eating seafood is an indispensable activity of a sea trip. Seafood on Phu Quoc Island is not only fresh and delicious but also processed into diverse dishes. Remember that not tasting stunning seafood cannot be considered having visited this beautiful island.

Fresh seafood is a specialty of Phu Quoc Island
Bathing in streams, going to Dinh Cau Night Market, buying fish sauce as souvenirs… Phu Quoc really has so many things for tourists to experience. But if you can’t have a long journey, try something I mentioned above to know why Phu Quoc Island is preferred by both international and domestic visitors.

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Bac Ha: An Interesting Meeting Point in the Highland Region

The route of North East- West is an interesting journey not only because of challenges from the rolling paths in the top of the pass but also seasons in the year – each season forms a new route such as travelling with buckwheat flowers, going to the stone plateau of Dong Van – Ha Giang, Tua Chua – Dien Bien; travelling along Hoang Lien Son.

Hoang A Tuong Palace

In the region of Northeast and west, there are two famous Cat Kings: Vuong Chi Sinh (Ha Giang) and Hoang A Tuong (Bac Ha). Both of them have superficial mansion, but the mansion of Vuong King in Sa Phin valley is more familiar.

Located on the route from Bac Ha to Si Ma Cai, the mansion of Hoang A Tuong will amazed you from the first sight because it’s hard to imagine how this fascinating Europe Western -style can appear in the remote area.

Known as the Cat King (The King of H’mong people), however, Hoang A Tuong is a Tay person – the descendants of Hoang Si Dan-  rich and powerful patriarch who has settled in Bac Ha over 200 years ago.

With the advantage of his family, Hoang A Tuong and his family owned extensive poppy plantations, got proprietary in trading necessities and local specialties with French.

To show off his huge mansion, King Cat Hoang A Tuong Cat has created special architectures. He hired two French and Chinese architects to design drawings and supervise the construction.

The structure was built in 1914 and completed in 1921 with the total are of 10.000 square meters. Compared to other structures of upland people which were often use wood, the mansion of Hoang A Tuong was designed with sustainable materials such as cement, steel.

Can Cau

From Bac Ha, continue on the way to Si Ma Cai, you will go through Can Cau market. This mountain route is more beautiful and charming if you travel by motorbike. Visiting Can Cau market is the chance for you to explore the rustic beauty of the locals where girls in the high land are beautiful in colorful dresses.

The market takes place right on the roadside in the heart of Can Cau, near terrace fields with rolling mountains in the distance. The different ethnic groups can be easily recognized through traditional costumes which creates a multi-color picture of the mountainous area.

Can Cau market is divided into different stall displaying necessities from farming tools, household appliances to local specialties.

The bustling activities in Can Cau market is the area of exhibition of hundreds of buffaloes. Buffaloes from Bac Ha, Si Ma Cai, Sin Man, Muong Khuong.

The simplicity of Can Cau Market always brings attractiveness for visitors.

• Consider one of Vietnam Adventure Tours to discover the areas of mountains in Vietnam

Things to know when planning a trip to Vietnam with Travelgenio

Vietnam is an emerging destination. We just have to take a look to the many connections between its airports and the rest of the world to see that all the main Vietnamese destinations are chosen by Europeans and Americans to enjoy a different type of travel.

Once war was left in the past, this country started to show the world all its possibilities. Find out the many tours you can enjoy in Vietnam and the many offers that put together this place with others like Thailand, Laos or even Cambodia.

The best way to arrive to this world geographical area is by plane, as it is more than 10.000 kilometres far from the main European connections, but prices are now much more available for all type of budgets. You just have to take a look to Travelgenio, for example, to know that there are offers during all year that will let you arrive to the main Vietnamese destinations.

But, would you know what to have into account before travelling here?

Let’s take a look to some of the things you cannot miss when planning a trip to Vietnam:

Vietnam is a place to enjoy and it is not so different from many other Asiatic countries. You won’t have problems there but it is recommended to be careful with the valuable things you can carry with you. We know that, as travellers, you won’t decorate your body with the best jewels for a visiting day, but take care of all your personal objects.
Have respect when you decide to enter in one of their temples. Their faith is very important for them, so please avoid the short trousers or skirts and the braces.
Be warned about water. Buy little bottles for your tours and change them as many times as you need. There are a lot of sellers in the most touristy places so you won’t have no problem.
Talk with the Vietnamese; they will help you if you need it by guiding you or sharing part of the culture.
Enjoy, the most important thing when traveling…just enjoy your trip.