Tam Hai Island – the Valuable Pearl of Quang Nam

Owning unspoiled nature and the rustic character of a peaceful countryside, the island commune of Tam Hai will surely make every visitors coming here excited.

Tam Hai is an island commune in Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province, and is surrounded by vast waves with one side bordering the sea and the other three sides bordering the river. To reach Tam Hai Island, visitors can travel along Highway 1 then turn to the sea (about 10km), cross the river by a ferry at the mouth of Ky Ha river. In addition, visitors can also visit the island by motorboat from Tam Tien commune.

Tam Hai Island

The first impression that visitors can have when arriving in Tam Hai is a scene which has both rustic character of the peaceful countryside and the charming wild character separated from the outside world . Tam Hai Island will make you enraptured with the beauty of the sloping sandy beach along the blue waters, vast and towering green palm trees.

Spending some time wandering around and exploring the island, visitors will have opportunities to look at the poetic, charming space where is always mellow, gentle, and breathe an extremely fresh atmosphere. All these things will make their visitors feel that they are lost in a strange world.

Tam Hai Island

Many people still say that, if you do not visit Ban Than rock rapids, you will know nothing about Tam Hai Island. Indeed, Ban Than rock brings a very spectacular beauty and deserves to be regarded as a masterpiece of nature. This rock is composed of black rocks stretching for more than 1km around a small mountain. Due to the erosion of the waves and the effects of time, Ban Than cliff has formed strange caves like the multitude of sculptures located between the earth and the sky. In golden sunny days, the shining beauty of black rocks, the sparkling sea which is outstanding in the vast sky will make visitors who set foot here surprised. From the rock, you can see the small island of fancy shapes such as Da Chim islet, Dua island, Mang island ... where are ideal places for tourists to explore the colorful, shimmering reefs?

Tam Hai Island

Cua Lo - one of the rare relics left after the military practices of Hong Duc King will be the next destination where visitors should not ignore. From the mudflats here overlooking to the distance, visitors will feel that they are standing on the back of a large fish in the vast ocean.

On Tam Hai island, visitors will always feel a simple gentle and slow life which is not as hustle, hurry as in big cities. Therefore, those who love rustic, quiet life are all enchanted by Tam Hai island when coming here. In the early morning, visitors can go along with the fishermen to spread the nets, catch fish and watch the beautiful sunrise scene on boats. When the evening falls, visitors can roam the smooth beach, enjoy the romantic sunsets and exciting experiences when sailing baskets.

Tam Hai Island

Going to Tam Hai Island, visitors can listen to the sound of the waves, feel the cool breezes bringing the salt of the sea infiltrating each fiber. Things which seem to be simple give visitors the surprising interesting things and radiant joy.

Those who have come to Tam Hai Island are all love the warm, rustic and friendly people here. So, once arriving in Tam Hai, visitors also should not hesitate to chat, listen to the sentiments and their daily stories to feel the warmth, friendship from strangers here.

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Sapa - The Town of Tale

I travelled to Sapa on a misty morning in a late autumn day in early October after an 8-hour overnight train ride and a half of hour driving up the mountainside. Cold air of the beginning of winter days gives Sapa a romantic, loving and gentle beauty.

Sapa through my feeling is a lovely girl, always smiling shyly behind her deep blue dress of dense forest and majestic mountain ranges stretching to the horizon.

Due to the limited amount of time, I chose the typical tourist sites and the most famous in the foggy town for my schedule.

The first things to tell is the conquering trip to Fansipan with cable car. From the church in the centre of Sapa town, you can easily catch a shuttle bus to the cable car station. Perhaps long ago when mentioning Fansipan - Vietnam's highest mountain and also the highest peak in Indochina, people would sigh because to be able to conquer the "Roof of Indochina" from the beginning of 2016 and earlier, the only way is to hike along the steep mountain to the peak.

This journey should be at least 2 days and 1 night to reach the top. It not only requires participants to have good health, it's also tough to be able to overcome the slippery rocks. The climbers also have to withstand the frostbitten cold when camping halfway up the mountain for overnight stay. So the conquest of this 3.143m peaks was just for the young people or backpackers.

However, when the Fansipan cable car system officially put into operation since the early months of 2016, it has brought opportunities for everyone to get to the peak. Irrespective young or old, you can make your dream come true. The ticket price is about 16 USD for a child and 25 USD for an adult.

Fansipan cable car is indeed a new experience and well worth the money you spent. Sitting in the cabin, you can enjoy the panoramic view over the graceful scenery: the green terraced rice fields, peaceful small villages with tiny houses

And nothing better than to be able to put your hands on the 3.143m milestone, whether young people or the elder of previous generation - all feel so proud of our majestic beautiful country. 

The second point of my visit to Sapa is Cat Cat - a beautiful little village at the foot of Hoang Lien Son mountain range. Cat Cat Village attracts tourists not only by the unspoiled natural and romantic scenery but also by the traditional distinctive culture and unique community of ethnic Hmong here.

There are nearly 80 households living in Cat Cat Village, situated along a small stone path deep into the village. The village centre is the gathering place of three small gentle springs: Fairy, Gold and Silver spring, along with the Cat Cat waterfall with white foam water, also known as Tien Sa Falls (Fairy Falls).

Besides the waterfall, there are two suspension bridges which are Si Bridge and A Lu Bridge, adorned by the forest flower blooming all year round with lovely fragrance, attracting many tourists to take photos and enjoy the scene.

I like the feeling of walking along the stone steps, going into the small village with lots of springs, mountains, forests and then stopping to relax at a wooden bench nearby the falls. I could breathe the distinctive air of the forest, the pure atmosphere and immerse myself in the nature. Sapa has nourished my soul in a gentle way like that.

In addition to the interesting places to visit, Sapa also wins the hearts of travellers with superb mountain specialties. Grilled chicken with honey, pork with lemon grass, seven colours sticky rice or salmon soup is delicious foods that you absolutely should not miss when coming here.

If you like barbeque, there is nothing more wonderful when sitting with a friend in a roadside stall in thick jacket in the evening, select the hot fresh meat skewers yourself. Grilled corn, baked eggs, grilled vegetables ... this is a culinary paradise!

If you want to buy souvenirs as a gift, you can take a few hours walking along Church Street. The ethnic Dzao and H’mong children in their featured colourful clothes have lots of brocade souvenirs in their hand for you to comfortably select. Necklaces, scarves, bags ... are skilfully embroidered by hands of the ethnic people living here. Every stitch does not simply create an item but also contains joy and the talent of every person.

Apart from Sapa of Vietnam, another hidden gem of Asia that you should visit is Yangon of Myamar which is voted as a golden city, consider one of our Yangon tours and visit some highlights of its like Shwedagon temple & Yangon circular train

Ninh Chu Beach - The Gentle Beauty

Rated one of the 10 most beautiful natural beaches of Vietnam, Ninh Chu Beach is one of the pride attractions of Central region. With soft, curved coastline, dark blue water, the gentle waves lapping the white sand... Ninh Chu will definitely attract any visitors coming here.

Ninh Chu Beach - The Gentle Beauty

Ninh Chu Beach - The Gentle Beauty

Ninh Chu Beach is located in Binh Son village, Khanh Hai town, Ninh Thuan province, 5km from the center of the city of Phan Rang - Thap Cham to the east. Not as noisy, boisterous as the beach of Mui Ne (Phan Thiet) or Nha Trang, Ninh Chu always has only gentle waves, sometimes, they are loud but not too intense.

Therefore, the sea seems to be calmer, more pristine and more gentle. This is the ethos of Ninh Chu Beach, and therefore is suitable for those who are looking for quiet nature to enjoy peaceful fresh moments. Sometimes, the strong waves rush into the shore as sweeping away all unhappy traces and bringing human pure, completely original, carefree emotions.

The 10km long curved beach embraces the blue water and long sandy beach with fine white sand. With a cool climate, year-round sunshine, Ninh Chu is a great destination for a beach trip. Guests can experience many exciting physical activities such as windsurfing, swimming, fishing, hiking, hunting ... The most ideal times to visit Ninh Chu are in the spring and summer when the sea is calm and waves are gentle.

Ninh Chu Beach - The Gentle Beauty

One of the noticeable differences of Ninh Chu Beach compared to other places is the line of poplar trees running along the beach bringing poetic, lyrical, poetic beauty to the beach. In the romantic natural setting, people easily feel moved. Under the interlocked poplar canopy overshadowed the ground, you can lie back in the shade instead of chairs or sun umbrellas to listen to the wave, the wind merged together like the musical instrument.

Around Ninh Chu Beach area, there are many hotels, resorts, upscale restaurants which meet the needs for relaxation, sightseeing of tourists. Among them, there is a number of resorts built in harmony with nature and quite friendly to the environment, there are many green spaces guaranteed to "pull" nature closer to you in the holiday.

In Ninh Chu, visitors can swim in any places without paying beach costs as well as chair rentals. If desired, guests can hold a night party on the beach in the area of management of some certain resorts as long as you keep the sanitation and clean the beach after that.
Ninh Chu Beach - The Gentle Beauty

Sunrise and sunset are "specialties" that nature has bestowed  and rewarded people going to Ninh Chu. Therefore, you should not miss the chance to see these great moments of nature. Guests will be immersed in the colorful brilliance of nature, the red sun gradually emerges from the gray rocky mountains dying white clouds around beautifully and magnificently. That sweet and hot light is reflected by the sea forming several sparkling colors. In the virtual fog, everything becomes picturesque.

Walking along the sea at that time also gives visitors a sense of lightness. Placing the footsteps on the fine sand here, you will feel like there are only you with a green nature: the green of the trees rustling in the breeze, the blue of the sea connected to the blue horizon. In the early quiet morning with no roaring waves but only with the sound of the waves rushing gentle into the shore, you will see the peaceful, gentle, wild but heavenly close Ninh Chu Beach.

Ninh Chu Beach - The Gentle Beauty

Ninh Chu is a suitable place to "change the wind" at the weekend for those who love nature. On the gentle blue sea, fresh breezes and gentle waves, you'll see life as something no longer encumbered, your troubles will be swept away.

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Second Passport: 4 Legitimate Ways To Get It Now

Obtaining dual citizenship has become the latest trends across the world to enjoy  true personal liberty. Possessing native rights to live and work in another country frees you not only from absolute dependence on one country but also enhances options to work, invest and travel abroad visa-free. The second nationality can be good for everyone; whether you are seeking it for business and political reasons or to find a home to retire abroad. Few major benefits you can immediately enjoy after availing legal native rights to live abroad include the right to invest and open a bank account in that territory.

When it comes to obtaining this permit to live in a foreign territory, you have to search for suitable ways to obtain this document. In addition to exploring different options, it is also important to check whether the state government is asking applicants to renounce existing nationality. Don’t forget to check whether you are eligible to apply for a second passport or not.

Here I am sharing four legitimate ways you can consider while applying for dual nationality.

Obtain via long term residency in a foreign territory

The most reliable way to become a legal civilian of another country is to live there for many years. The process usually starts with obtaining a residence or work visa that allows applicants to live and work. Territories that are offering these programs usually offer the public rights only after working and spending at least ten years or more within the country. However, countries like Argentina, Dominican Republic and Paraguay issue passport only after spending two and three years respectively.

Acquire Via Getting Married To The Native Resident Of Foreign Country

It might feel like a romantic dream that you are on a foreign trip and you simply fall in love with a local and get married in a rapid courtship. Now your priorities have changed and you want to live and raise your child in your spouse hometown. Iran and Barbados are the only countries that automatically give native residency only if a foreign woman marries to a native. They don’t give legal permits to males. However, everywhere else in the world; getting married with the native always reduces the total duration they require to spend and work there to obtain the residency. After becoming civilian via this route candidates will be expected to show the passport to every time they visit.

Secure By Right Of Descent/Ancestry

If you are lucky to be a grandson or daughter of the native resident of a foreign country where you are seeking to gain the legal residency rights of a native, you can apply in the programs by right of descent. If you become interested in acquiring dual nationality in your parents or grandparents home country you should first check the governmental policies on the embassy website.

Obtain After Investing Funds-The Economic Citizenship

Mostly high net worth individual follows this route to obtain a passport. A huge number of countries are offering permanent living rights via this method. Foreign investments enable them to boost up infrastructure and economic conditions in the region. This is often known as the fastest ways to obtain it from a foreign territory with minimum residency requirements. 

Summary: Acquiring native rights in a foreign country is a process that asks you to fulfill the requirements to become an approved candidate. All you need is to scan through all the options to determine eligibility.

Lost In Peru

Before you panic, let me clear that I was not really lost in Peru. Being in this country was such a liberating and memorable experience, hence the caption. It was like I was in an altogether different world. I was completely disconnected from everything without a worry about work, health, relationships and other worldly issues. Peru is a country like no other. Its magical surroundings will enchant you and leave you under a spell that I don’t believe can be broken. You would want to visit again and again just as I want to ever since my return last week.

As I booked my flight to Lima (Peru’s capital) on airzen, I had no idea what to expect. I had based my decision to visit from the little that I learned about the country on Wikipedia. Who knew then that I was making such an excellent choice. From historical sites to gorgeous coastal areas, majestic mountain ranges and lush green forests, Peru has it all. Here are some of the top destinations to visit in the country. 


Located just outside the city of Cusco, this UNESCO World heritage site dates back to the Inca Empire which was the largest empire in its time. Saksaywaman is one of the many remnants of this empire in Cusco city. History buffs love this citadel. Considering I am not that big of a history buff, I am sure everyone will find this place interesting just like I did.

Huchuy Qosqo

This archaeological site is truly a wonder. It is situated on a mountain so yes be assured that the views will be great. The irrigation system from the times of the Incan Empire and huge reservoir system from the Spanish era are the greatest source of attraction here.

The Chincha Islands

The clear blue water of The Pacific Ocean hitting the cliffs and the sea birds hopping around their nests transport you to a world of serenity and calmness. The experience is indescribable in words!

Casa del Moral

Here you can view the colonial art and admire the 17th century architecture of the house. It is a great hit among tourists and it is hard to explain why. You will know why when you visit!

Huayna Picchu

As mentioned earlier above, Peru boasts many majestic mountains. Huayna Picchu is one of the smaller peaks so hiking and mountaineering on it is doable for many tourists. Along the way you will find remains of the Inca Empire. The Temple of the Moon is the most famous temple on this mountain. Since this destination is very popular among tourists and the administration only allows a certain number of people to visit, make sure arrangements are in place so that you don’t miss out on visiting this place.


Beach plus a mountain? The presence of both at the same location is an uncommon occurrence. Yet you will find it in Peru. Other than the fascinating historical ruins, fishing and surfing is very popular here as well. 

Top Tourist Destination In Turkey

Turkey competes as a top tourist spot both in Europe and Asia. And in both continents, the country continues to be an ideal vacation destination with so much history and natural beauty to boast that it leaves all visitors mesmerized.

I had wanted to visit Turkey ever since my sister vacationed there back in 2012 but I needed to save enough cash to manage a holiday of at least 10 days. I got my opportunity earlier than I expected. Purchasing airline miles from The Airmiles, I was able to bag a much cheaper airline ticket than my expectations. Turkey is not that expensive if you have done your research well. But don’t assume it to be cheap either. It is somewhere in between. A little bit of planning and a few tricks here there will help you stay within a tight budget. But more about that later. Today we take a look at some of the top destinations that are a must visit. 

Hagia Sophia

Goes without saying that Hagia Sophia is the most popular tourist destination in all of Turkey. This gorgeous mosque leaves all visitors in awe mainly due to its exquisite architecture and magnificent atmosphere. You certainly feel calm and light when inside the mosque’s premises.

The Grand Bazaar

Most travelers have heard about the Grand Bazaar. It is one of the oldest bazaars in not only Turkey but the world. Definitely has to be the most happening places in Turkey. Only recently it was part of the “Most visited tourist attractions” list.

Galata Tower

The Galata Tower offers a fantastic view of Istanbul and the Bosphorus. You can even enjoy dining on one of the upper levels all the while enjoying the great view.

Iztuzu Beach

Turkey is famous mainly for its history and architecture but not many talk about the stunning beaches that it boasts. Iztuzu beach is one such beach. This beach is famous due to it being a breeding and conservation center for Loggerhead turtles.

Bodrum Castle

In the port city of Bodrum stands this majestic Castle overlooking the vast blue sea. The castle has a rich history surrounding it. Inside the castle there is a museum featuring underwater archaeological items. This museum is one of its kind in the region.

Turkish and Islamic Arts museum

This museum helps you learn a lot about Turkish culture and Islamic art. Islamic calligraphy and local Turkish items on display here are very well liked by all visitors.

The Babadag Mountain

The Babadag Mountain is very popular in Turkey for this is where all thrill seekers venture forth for paragliding. The views from here are exceptionally beautiful.

Duden Waterfalls

These breathtaking waterfalls in Antalya are a sight to behold. Picnicking here is truly fun as the surroundings are so serene and beautiful. The lower Duden falls enter the Mediterranean Sea from a rocky cliff which is astounding to watch but it is the Upper Duden Falls that garner more appreciation. 

The Top Five Cities Of Italy

Italy is one of those vacation destinations that is part of every traveler’s dream bucket list. But it almost always remains unchecked for a long time. The main reason for this is definitely the costs associated with visiting this country. Without dispute Italy is an ideal tourist spot with gorgeous beaches, stunning lakes, exquisite religious sites, unique architecture and scrumptious food but it is just a tad bit expensive for foreigners.  

An airline ticket to Italy is the single biggest expense followed by hotel stay. So yes, it is imperative that you plan everything. Buy miles account and start to earn miles through different means ahead of time. Later these miles can be redeemed on the airline ticket. The second option is to wait for an online deal to show up. This option of course is unreliable since you never know when a good deal will be offered. Sadly there is no third option. Once you are past the ticket purchasing stage, you need to shortlist the cities worth a visit. This article will come in handy at this point. Mentioned below is a list of the top cities that all tourists love in Italy.


With a small population of only 260000, this unique city is made of small islands that are separated by canals. Its uniqueness is partly one reason why it is one of the most visited cities across Italy. All islands are connected by bridges so one can easily roam around on foot or choose to cruise the city in a gondola. Main attractions in Venice are Rialto Bridge, Piazza San Marco, Lido di Venezia, Scuola 
Grande di San Rocco and Bridge of Sighs.


Milan is one of the upbeat, modern metropolitans of the world. Usually people associate this city with high end branded shopping and fashion. Other than fancy restaurants, there are many architectural wonders here as well. Some of the top tourist spots in the city are Milan Cathedral, Pinacoteca di Brera, Parco Sempione, Via Monte Napoleone and Colonne di San Lorenzo.


Florence, the capital of Tuscany is a city that deserves the number of tourists it gets annually. It has a rich history surrounding it. From art galleries, museums to monuments and great shopping, you have plenty to do in the city. The Historic Centre of Florence, Palazzo Pitti, Galleria dell’Accademia, Palazzo Vecchio and Baboli gardens are some of the must visit places of Florence.


Of course you cannot return from Italy without visiting its widely known capital city. Rome boats history, art, architecture, culture and religion in different forms. In this city lies the ancient Colosseum, Iconic Trevi Fountain, beautiful St. Peter’s Basilica, fascinating Roman Forum, magnificent Sistine Chapel and very popular Vatican Museums.


How can you make it to Italy and not visit the city that Shakespeare has described so many times in his writing? Due to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the city has garnered exceptional attention over the years and visitors seldom leave disappointed. 

Enjoying Peaceful Weekend on Cai Chien Island - Quang Ninh

Cai Chien is a beautiful small island located in Hai Ha district, Mong Cai City, Quang Ninh Province (about 330 km from Hanoi). Nowadays, Cai Chien is still a relatively unspoiled island with beaches of fine white sand, surrounded by green casuarina line. With an area of ​​over 500 hectares of primary forest, this site is home to many species of birds and wild animals.

Enjoying Peaceful Weekend on Cai Chien Island

Introduction of Cai Chien Island

Cai Chien Island is the only island commune of Hai Ha district, Quang Ninh province. It is evaluated as having potential for tourism development because the scene is very beautiful with long white sandy beaches, the atmosphere is peaceful and serene. However, until now, Cai Chien Island is still not a complete resort, but is still under construction. The island also had electricity only in September 2015.

Cai Chien Island has just over 120 households with about 550 people, this island is about 270 km2, but there are only about 108 hectares of arable land. Generally, Cai Chien Island is still underdeveloped economically, so if you're familiar with luxury life with the availability of all services, coming here, you will feel a little uncomfortable. Despite the deprivation, in return, Cai Chien Island has unspoiled natural scenery, which is enough to attract travelers.
Enjoying Peaceful Weekend on Cai Chien Island

Move to Cai Chien Island

In order to reach this beautiful island, you have to move to the port of Hai Ha, which is approximately 40-50 km from Mong Cai city center. If you travel by motorcycle, you can leave your vehicles at the port then take a boa in about 30 - 40 minutes to the island, or you can also travel by canoe or motorboat to shorten the time of moving.

In addition to ferry, you can go by speedboat, which takes about 15-20 minutes but it is quite inconvenient due to the fact that the boat only departs when there are enough passengers. You can also bring your motorcycle to the island for ease of travel because the motorcycle or tram rental services are currently unavailable on Cai Chien island.

Services and tourism in Cai Chien Island

Cai Chien is now equipped with electricity and concrete road; therefore, all activities on the island is not as difficult as before. On the island, the services of electric cars, tuk tuk to transport goods to the people, tourists are available. The prices are also somewhat more affordable than some of other tourism islands.
Enjoying Peaceful Weekend on Cai Chien Island

Cai Chien is not too big, so you needn’t take the whole day to visit all the sites on this island, however, if you look at this place all day, you do not get bored. Sleeping on Cai Chien Island, you should get up early to catch the sunrise over the sea, and if interested, ask the restaurant's owner at the right beach to sail to catch snails in Con rapid, or go fishing at the wharf, there are plenty of unique, strange fish that you'll never know on the mainland.

If you want to swim, you should go to Dau Rong (Dragon’s Head) beach, most of the beaches on Cai Chien has not been impacted by humans, so they are still extremely primitive. Dau Rong Beach is fairly wide with 2km long sandy beaches stretching, blue ocean waters. Along the coast, there is the lined casuarina forest. Here, there are not only the murmur of the waves, but also the birds chirping, which is very peaceful and poetic.

The most interesting way to explore Cai Chien island is to go camping. The pristine beauty of the island is suitable for you to transform into "Robinson on a desert island" with a night of camping right on the coast. You can prepare food in advance then bring to the island. If you travel groups, the idea of ​​opening a barbecue party by the sea will certainly extremely interesting.

Enjoying Peaceful Weekend on Cai Chien Island

This small island is the place for you to escape from the hustle, bustle of the city. A day exploring the island with pristine nature or chat with the people here will give you a memorable experience.

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Two Days In Nuwara Eliya

Visiting Sri Lanka is one of the best decisions I have made in my travel and adventure filled life. My heart still scolds my brain for even entertaining the thought of skipping Nuwara Eliya. I had only a few days leave from work start of February 2016 and I didn’t want to waste them lying around doing nothing. My heart ached to escape to another land. Once I had checked that weather wise February was an ideal time to visit Sri Lanka, my wishes turned into an actual plan. Having just 4 days, I had decided I would spend all my time relaxing and enjoying the beach life. My initial plan was to spend two days in Galle and two days in Bentota. It was while I was google searching for the air miles that I needed for my flight that I came across a few pictures of the tea plantations in Sri Lanka. It was then that I realized beaches weren’t the only highlight of the island. One search led to another and before I knew it, I had my mind set upon visiting Nuwara Eliya. The picturesque surroundings and moderate temperature makes it an idea spot for vacationers.

TripAdvisor To the Rescue

As an avid traveler, I have always relied on TripAdvisor and the customer reviews on it. Thankfully I have never been disappointed yet. After spending a considerable amount of time thinking and looking, I finalized Calamander Lake Gregory as my accommodation for the two days I was going to be there. I still pat myself on the back for making this decision. I remember looking at the beautiful Lake Gregory and my cute wooden hut overlooking it on the crisp morning of February 4th. The view from my room was breathtaking. I could also glimpse the lush green tea plantations in the distance. The service at Calamander Lake Gregory was exceptional. There was good speed Free WI-FI access, an electric kettle, a flat screen television and a heating system in the small, yet cozy room. The only downside? The wooden floor creaked way too much.
Fun activities in the city

Horse Riding

Horse riding was quite a popular activity around the Lake Gregory. At first I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to try it out but as soon as I saw the cute horse, I fell in love with it. Turned out to be quite a fun experience riding it.

Speed Boat Drive

There were many paddle boats in the lake but I preferred the speed boat as it looked way more exciting. With fresh breeze slapping your face and water splashing around you, it was a great experience.

Adma Agro Strawberry Farm

Having strawberry waffles, strawberry ice-cream and strawberry shake with a strong scent of strawberries in the air is an experience that no strawberry lover will forget.

Pedro Tea Factory

To stock up on the famous Sri Lankan tea and witness the vast tea plantations, this is a must visit place.

Salmiya Restaurant

Visit the Salmiya restaurant to try out the most delicious pizza and spaghetti in the area. 

Know The Right Method Of Using Sulphate Free Shampoo UK

Sulfates are the biggest enemy of your shiny strands. They are the reason why your hair loses all its strength. And it is their fault that you lose the colors of your highlights. Plus, they are to be blamed for the damage to your curly hair.

When women come to know about the harmful effects of their regular shampoo they quickly switch to sulphatefree shampoo UK, which is a great choice. But there is catch regarding the use of chemical free shampoo. The use is slightly different than the regular shampoo.

But before we talk about the method of using it, let’s understand more about the sulfates and their effects.

Usually this toxic chemical effects everyone. However, some people with sensitive skin get affected the most by it. It causes irritation in the scalp and damages the hair a lot. The scalp loses all of its natural oil and the hair becomes unguarded in front of pollutants, dust, dirt, and the UV rays of the sun. Plus, the colored hair loses its color faster, which increases the expenditure of the woman. And when you combine all these issues, you get the clarity that regular shampoos are a great villain for your hair.

When you switch to the better products, it doesn’t come naturally in your habit. You need to use it for some time in order to get the idea how they actually work. The less amount of lather, extra oil, and other things can make you confused about the product, but don’t worry! All of these are positive signs.

Here are all the steps to use these products on your hair.

1. Wet Your Hair Properly Before Applying The Best Sulfate Free Shampoo

For the proper distribution of the shampoo, you need to soak your hair in water. Make sure that every area has gotten sufficient amount of water. Otherwise, the process of application will become much more difficult for you.

2. Use The Lesser Amount Of Non Sulphate Shampoo Than The Regular Ones

Sometimes, people start using too much of it because they don’t get the lather on their head. Understand that lather is the effect of sulfates, which are toxic. These products are mild and gently clean your hair. Hence, apply only the necessary amount of the product while washing.

3. Proper Water With The Sulfate Free Shampoo And Conditioner

 In order to get the proper cleaning, make sure that you use so much water while applying the sulfate free shampoo. It helps the shampoo to reach every area of your head and clean it thoroughly.

4. Use The Sulphate Free Shampoo Superdrug Two Times To Ensure The Cleaning

Instead of applying too much at one time, you can divide it into two parts. Wash your hair with the first part, and then apply the other part. This method will provide you better cleaning.

5. Rinse Properly

Rinsing properly is very important to avoid the too much oil on your scalp. Use these steps to effectively enhance the shine of your hair.

Top 10 Cities in the World with the Best Cuisines

Business Insider has voted the best 30 cities worldwide for culinary enthusiasts, including Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam.

HCM City, Vietnam

This vibrant city in the southern area of Vietnam is famous for the dish of bread - crispy crust filled with meats and topped with fresh vegetables, daikon and carrot pickles, cilantro, and various sauces… In addition, this place also has delectable varieties of street foods that can attract any tourist coming here to discover.


In Bangkok, you can find endless street stalls selling from traditional dishes such as salad, pad thai to seafood ... with affordable prices . The city also has more luxurious restaurants serving international cuisine.

Barcelona, Spain: 

Tourist will have an opportunity to enjoy the great foods such as Serrano ham, fresh fish from the Mediterranean Sea, traditional specialties of the Catalonia, or explore the Boqueria market with stalls of fresh produces.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: 

You can enjoy tasty grass-fed steaks, and quality wines. Beside grills and meats, this beautiful city is also famous for high-end chefs who prepare meals for diners in their homes. 

Ensenada, Mexico: 

The dish of fish tacos in the Ensenada market has been best known since 1958 and the dish remained one of the area’s most famed specialties. You can find loads of stalls all around the city, serving up the dish of fish tacos filled with fried fish and shrimp, mayonnaise, salsa, and cabbage.    

George Town, Penang, Malaysia: 

Penang is the home to a mix of traditional Malay, Chinese, and Indian dishes with cooking methods that date back hundreds of years. Its culinary center in George Town are filled with tasty fried dishes and varieties of soups that range from pork and duck with anise to mackerel-chili soup.

Los Angeles, USA: 

You will easily find delectable dishes in one of the numerous food-trucks around the city. Los Angeles provides everything from fresh seafood choices at Venice Beach to posh restaurants with the dishes of Mexican, Korean, Japanese style… by its diverse population. 

Marrakesh, Morocco: 

This city combines the flavors of France, Africa, and the Middle East to provide food stalls where tourists can taste unique and amazing foods such as kefta (Moroccan meatballs) and merguez (spicy sausages). At night, tourists can dine at luxurious restaurants.


Culinary centers of this Lion City, the world's only island city-state abound with cheap dishes that are preferred by the renowned chefs like Anthony Bourdain and Gordon Ramsay. Let’s try iconic Singaporean dishes such as chicken rice, chili crab, and char kway teow.

Tokyo, Japan: 

With more than 200 Michelin-starred restaurants, Tokyo is the ideal destination for those who want to enjoy high-end cuisine. In addition, the bustling streets here also have many unique dishes for tourists to discover.

• Besides the above cuisine paradises, Myanmar is also a worth-to-visit country in Asia with many delicious foods. Consider some of our best Myanmar river cruises like Anawrahta cruise and RV Kalaw Pandaw to discover this country.

Must-To-Come Places In Bangkok

Thailand is a country located in Southeast Asia. It has the tropical climate, so the weather is hot and rainy. Bangkok is the capital and also the most populous city of Thailand. It has many places to visit. Tourist attractions in Bangkok attract a lot of visitors all around the world to discover its historical monuments and golden temples. Perhaps, it will take you a week to visit all interesting places in Bangkok

Grand Palace

Must-To-Come Places In Bangkok

Built in 1782, the Grand Palace was the royal residence for many generations. Now, it is used for important ceremonies and welcoming a lot of heads of state. Within the palace complex are several impressive buildings including Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha). Visiting the Grand Palace in Bangkok, many visitors are overwhelmed by its unique architecture. Not only are tourists surprised by the golden temple tower, but they are also eager to discover the huge tower named Phra Sri Rattana. This tower was used to preserve the bodies of the last kings. Visitors also find sacred statues of elephants. Their role is to protect the towers.

Wat Pho

Wat Pho temple is the largest and oldest temple in Bangkok. It is very famous for Buddha statue which is 46 meters long and 15 meters high. It is decorated by gold in the body and rubbies on eyes and feet. On its feet, there are 108 decorative styles of peace originated from China and India. Wat Pho is located in Sanam Chai Road and Maharaj road.


Must-To-Come Places In Bangkok

Chinatown is located in the most ancient place of Bangkok. It was formed by Chinese people who travelled to Thailand for business, from Rattanakosin dynasty in 1700. Located in the heart of Bangkok, this place is where Chinese people open a variety of shops close together. There are many small roads which are full of shops and diverse suppliers of goods. Chinatown is well-known for delicious food and souvenirs. Especially, it is very nosy and crowded at night because people gather together to chat or buy goods.

Sanam Luang (Phramen Campus)

Must-To-Come Places In Bangkok

It is an open field and a public square in front of Wat Phra Kaew and the Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand. This campus is used as a place to conduct many types of royal ceremonies. Around this field, there are many important works including Art Agency, Thammasat University and National Museum where exhibits a wonderful collection of artifacts and artworks from the Bronze Age.

Vimanmek mansion

Vimanmek mansion is a royal mansion of Thailand. It is located in Dusit palace complex. This is the largest palace made of yellow teak wood in the world. The King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) built this palace in 190. Located on the outskirt of Bangkok, it was a home for the king to relax and entertain. The king lived in this place for 5 years until 1906. From 1932, this mansion was turned into a warehouse. Since 1982, Vianney became a museum of King Chulalongkorn.

Wat Arun temple

Must-To-Come Places In Bangkok

Wat Arun situated on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River, Thonburi. In the Vietnamese language, the temple is called the temple of Dawn. It is said to be one of the most stunning temples in Bangkok because of its riverside location and other unique features. Especially, its design is very different from other temples you have visited in Bangkok. This is the most ancient temple of Bangkok. It has an interesting story that when the King Thaksin decided to build a new capital in Thonburi, he arrived here on a dawn. Therefore, people called it “the dawn temple”.

Chao Phraya River

Must-To-Come Places In Bangkok

Chao Phraya is a major river in Thailand. Its sediment builds up the Mekong delta and other parts of the country's mainland.

Siam Ocean World

Must-To-Come Places In Bangkok

It is located in the outskirt of Minburi. It is about 30 minutes driving from Lat Phrao Bridge to the east. This recreational park has an artificial sea and slopes from a high tower. Siam Ocean World includes 30,000 creatures and 400 species of fish. Moreover, to get more, children can play a lot of activities on the playground or discover the zoo and botanical garden.

When to Bangkok, tourists will totally feel comfortable and relaxed. If they visit golden pagodas and the Royal Palace in Bangkok, tourists will admire the outstanding architecture and unique features. Moreover, visitors will be immersed in the world of peace and relaxation. Because Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand which is a famous tourism country, you will be totally satisfied by beautiful views, amazing temples and interesting activities.

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