Before you cruise in Halong bay with 5 things to do

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1. Make sure your trip is going according to plan:

If you have a flight to take before the cruise date, check to see if there is any delay or change in flight schedule to ensure that you are on time for the cruise departure. If your flight is after the cruise, also make sure that it will not leave earlier than it should.

Knowing what hour you will be departing and arriving will help keep you on track.

2. Submit your information for registration:

All overnight cruise passengers need to submit information form for registration on board at least 2 days prior to departure date. If you have not yet done so, take the time to fill out the form and send it to your cruise organisers. Especially if you have any food allergy, notify your tour operator in advance.

3. Check your travel documents:

Passport and visa are of prime importance when it comes to travel. Vietnam requires a passport that lasts at least 6 months counting from the date of your travel. If you are not from a country that is exempted from visa, you need to get one in advance. Do not wait until last minute to apply for a visa or else you may risk trip cancellation.

4. Get some changes:

You will need cash to cover your personal expense such as tips, personal purchase and drinks while on board. Keeping some USD or Vietnam Dong will be of great use to your trip.

5. Get your electronic device charged:

While some cruises are equipped with power sockets, not all of them are, especially the budget cruise lines. Charge your camera and music players in full so you can save time - there are just too many good picturesque sights for taking photos of that you cannot wait to get your camera charged.
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Location tp. Hạ Long, Quảng Ninh, Việt Nam


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