Lac Village – The call of Mai Chau

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It is said that Lac village is an attractive tourist destination for not only local people but also foreign visitors thanks to its natural and rural beauty. It is not similar to a busy, crowded or pompous place.

In fact, Lac village is located in the valley of Mai Chau, Hoa Binh province where many Thai people live. Thai people staying at Lac village in particular and Vietnam in general have cultivated rice for a long time. Because they live in the valley where many rivers and streams flow through, it is very convenient for them to grow and take care of rice. In addition to, Lac Village- Mai Chau is a home to White Thai people with five kin namely Ha, Lo,Vi, Mac, Loc. So far, the village has a 700 year old history.

Recent years back, there are getting more and more tourists travelling to Mai Chau. Therefore, local people in Lac village often tell each other decorate their own houses. They build stilt houses and use advanced materials such as industrial wood or cement for houses’ components. Furthermore, indoor equipment is more modern because local people want to bring the most comfortable living for customers renting their houses. However, these stilt houses have not changed too much compared to traditional houses. They still keep their natural beauty. Especially, tourist activities of Lac village are professionally organized. For example, all stilt houses are numbered. Besides, tourists can live local people’s houses. This style has become a trend and a great advantage of Lac village.

Having visiting Lac village, visitors also can not miss the special dishes in this place. They will be invited to sit down colorful mats located in the middle of stilt houses by landlords. Then all guests will drink wine and eat bamboo cooked rice “com lam” with grilled meats accompanied by lots of traditional dishes anyone having tasted will never forget. These dishes are chicken covered by grilled dong leaves, steamed fish, stir-fried bitter bamboo shoots, and sticky rice planted in terraced-fields…

At night, visitors immerse in the space of Thai people with the loving and romantic music and traditional dance performances. Whenever a melody ends, the landlords and guests gathered together to enjoy the sweetness of the wine brewed with the forest leaves. In the flickering firelight, local woman’s cheeks are redder because of being drunken by ardent gaze of visitors without being drunken by wine.

When tourism has developed, Thai women in Lac village have created new products from textiles to serve tourists’ need such as clothing, towels and souvenirs. Thai men also do a lot of products for example knifes, buffalo tocsins, bows and cross-bows, buffalo horns, bamboo instruments creating music. The traditional dance performances of Thai boys and girls have created a special attraction for Lac village – Mai Chau and made a great contribution to Thai culture. With the beautiful sights and unique features of traditional Thai culture, Lac village is proud of being a bright star on the tourist map of Vietnam.
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Location tt. Mai Châu, Mai Châu, Hoà Bình, Việt Nam


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