Ten things to do when arriving in Da Lat

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Drinking cafe in the clouds, wandering on the streets, staying overnight at an ancient villa are things you should do when arriving in Da Lat to live slowly and do not care jobs, internet, TVs or sadness.

Spend a night staying at a villa among thousands
of pine trees.
In Da Lat today there are many old French villas located on the pine hills. They were changed into luxury hotels serving travelers. Let’s try a stay in these beautiful and convenient villas to feel a quiet, romantic and lyrical night in Da Lat.

Sleep with a warm blanket
Enjoy a night sleep with a warm and comfortable blanket in fresh and cool air. Allow yourself sleep more between a wood -scented room heaters and warm candlelight.
You should rest few days in convenient villas where you can cook and drive cafe while sitting next to windows.

Drive cafe and hear Trinh Cong Son’s beautiful music
Song Vy cafe often turn on French lyrical music , Lieu O cafe is located among a quiet garden behind Palace II, Moc cafe on Ba Trung street have live music  at the weekends, Tung cafe is located in Hoa Binh region and only serves classical music to coffee gourmet and  music gourmet, CungTo Chieu coffee brings rock performances.

Buy clothes for winter in a bustling old market
These stalls selling clothing start to open  at 17 pm each day near Da Lat market . There, they sell all kinds of items from old to new, from sweaters to jackets, hats or socks, scarves or other types of materials used for winter. Maybe you do not need to buy warm clothes to wear. However, you should visit them to have interesting views about Da Lat people’s lives.

Ride bicycles on roads decorated by flowers
In Da Lat flowers have everywhere. There are beautiful roses, Margaret daisies, hydrangeas, cherries and many kinds of flowers. Da Lat has streets without traffic lights. Riding bicycles on roads decorated with flowers will be an unforgettable experience.

Pick up strawberries at farms
Broccolis, strawberries, artichokes, beans, delicious avocados, sweet red fruits are gifts from Da Lat. The farms are ready to allow visitors pick up and buy them. If you do not have time to pick up, you can buy fresh products in Da Lat market in the morning and remember to bargain before buying.

Take a trip on the old rail system
At the old Da Lat Railway Station, a train moves to Trai Mat. The train passes through valley slopes with vegetable fields and greenhouses growing flowers and back to Da Lat Railway Station, where an ancient steam locomotive.

Take beautiful wedding photos
If you want a wedding photo with flowers, Da Lat will be an ideal place to take. If you want to take pictures with architectures, Chicken church and Da Lat University are two perfect choices. If you want a picture with the old scene, Bao Dai Palace I, II and III are always ready to open their doors to visitors.

Eat food at night

Cold weather will make you hungry very fast. In Da Lat there are countless delicious dishes for you to choose. At night, Da Lat market has delicious shellfish dishes, cakes or soy milk. In Da Lat, you cannot ignore delicacies like nem lui, pancakes, and sticky rice with corn.

Welcome Christmas
A Christmas Eve in cold air with Da Lat people is a distinct experience that you have ever had. In the peaceful holiday, Da Lat city was decorated by beautiful flowers and lights. In 2013, Da Lat celebrated 120 years of founding and 5 years of flower festival.
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Location Dà Lat, Lâm Đồng, Vietnam


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