Thai Phien, Ha Dong and Van Thanh Flower Villages in Da Lat

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Dalat Vietnam has all the ingredients for a lovely vacation. It was established during 1897 by Alexander Yersin, a French scientist, as a holiday resort for French commanders tired of the tropical atmosphere of Vietnam.

If you have an opportunity to attend the Da Lat Flower Festival, do not forget to visit three famous flower villages in this beautiful and romantic city. They are Thai Phien, Ha Dong and Van Thanh.

Thai Phien Flower Village
Thai Phien is in ward 12, far from the city center of Da Lat about 7 km. Compared to many areas in this city, Thai Phien has fairly flat terrain, fertile soil and water from streams cited Tho Than lake, which is very favorable for planting flowers.

In fact, in over 50 years ago, Thai Phien only grew some kinds of flowers such as daisies, roses, hydrangeas and gladiolus. However, now here you also find many varieties of flowers imported from France, Japan, Indonesia and the Netherlands such as lilies, cat tuong flowers, carnations and tulips. Due to being cultivated around the year, flower in Thai Phien is beautiful and fresh.

Having visited Thai Phien gardens, you will not only look at beautiful flowers but also observe farming activities in many areas. Every person in these gardens will be responsible for every work from nursing, planting, taking care of, picking up, and packing to crating products. When harvest seasons start local people in Thai Phien are busy with purchasing flowers.

While Thai Phien is brilliant with thousands of flowers blooming in the day, at night it attracts visitors with the beauty of the shimmering lights. When you stand on high and looking down, you will find it like a light city with sparkling flower gardens.

Ha Dong Flower Village
Established 75 years ago by 35 farmers from Ha Noi, Ha Dong flower village is in Ward 8 and now regarded as the first flower growing villages of Da Lat. This village is located 2 km west of the central city of Da Lat and an attractive destination for tourists who want to see colorful flower gardens. Although Ha Dong village has developed for a long time, its gardens, ponds and barns remain rural architecture of North Vietnam.

Like Thai Phien flower village, Ha Dong flower village is formed on a beautiful location with fertile soil and water supplied by streams. Initially, these crops were here mainly strawberries, cabbages, chrysanthemums and lilies. But now Ha Dong flower village has added new species such as orchids, cymbidium orchids, roses, Japanese chrysanthemums and baby flowers.  In particular, traditional flowers have been a priority of this village and preferred for customers. When Da Lat Flower Festival event is coming, Ha Dong flower village is an opportunity for you to learn more about traditional crafts here.

Van Thanh Flower Village
This village lies on steep mountain terrains but this is still the main flower supply for Da Lat especially roses. Van Thanh roses are transplanted from wild roses. 

Besides this strength, this village also attracts visitors by many beautiful flowers such as daisies, lilies, salems and carnations. Getting lost in Van Thanh – “flower kingdom”, you can also enjoy beauty of flowers in term of color and fragrance.
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Location Dà Lat, Lâm Đồng, Vietnam


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