The Beautiful Pagodas in Da Lat

The Beautiful Pagodas in Da Lat.Set amidst valleys, lakes, waterfalls on top of a 4,900 feet mountain, Dalat Vietnam has all the ingredients for a lovely vacation.
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Set amidst valleys, lakes, waterfalls on top of a 4,900 feet mountain, Dalat Vietnam has all the ingredients for a lovely vacation. It was established during 1897 by Alexander Yersin, a French scientist, as a holiday resort for French commanders tired of the tropical atmosphere of Vietnam

Tourists often remember to Da Lat with dreamy hills, many kinds of flowers and lakes. However, this city also owns many beautiful ancient temples.

Truc Lam Pagoda

Truc Lam pagoda is the most superficial pagoda in Da Lat. This temple is located on Phoenix Mountain next to Tuyen Lam Lake and far from the center of Da Lat city about 5km. There are two ways to reach this temple. The first way is to use the cables if you follow National Highway 20. However, if you come from the direction of Tuyen Lam Lake, you will walk over 140 stone steps hidden in the shade of pine trees leading to three three-door temple gates to enter the main gate.

In here, visitors can worship and visit architectures and buddhistic meaningful pictures. Besides, you have also an opportunity to admire hundreds of kinds of flowers, especially strange flowers like desert roses. In addition to, visitors can enjoy the whole are of Tuyen Lam Lake hiding deep romantic pine slopes and winding small paths.

Linh Phuoc Pagoda

Linh Phuoc Pagoda also known as Ve Chai temple is located at 120 Tu Duc, 8km southeast of the center of Da Lat city. This pagoda was built by a number of buddhistic monks and nuns from Thua Thien – Hue 1949. However, only after Linh Phuoc pagoda was restored and its three-door temple gates were moved to the street with the aim of showing everyone in 1990. Then, more people have known this pagoda.

In Linh Phuoc temple, there is a dragon with the length of 49 meters. It fins are covered with fragments of 50 thousand bottles. Beside this impression, the temple attracts pilgrims with the 7 floor tower with the height of 36 meters. It is the highest tower in Da Lat today. Its sanctum is in 33 m long and 22 m wide. In addition to, it has a bell (cast in 1999) with the height of 4.3 m, the diameter of 2.3 m and the weight of 8.5 tons. In fact, it is the largest bell in Vietnam.

Linh Quang Pagoda

Linh Quang Pagoda is located at 133 Hai Ba Trung Street, Da Lat city. This is the first temple built in this city which laid the foundation of Da Lat Buddhism. Therefore, it is also known as Linh Quang Zu Ding. In fact, this pagoda has an ancient architecture with curved roofs.

If you have a chance to visit Da Lat, you do not forget to travel to these temples which bring you peace and pleasure. You will forget your daily busy life, be immersed the beauty of temples and be experienced in observing simple things.

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Location Dà Lat, Lâm Đồng, Vietnam


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