Things to know when traveling to discover Cao Bang

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Cao Bang Province only exploits 900m. The scenery in the interior of the cave is as picturesque as that of a fairly land. Visiting cave, tourist come in Nguom Luom entrance and go out Nguom Ngao entrance.

Cao Bang is a northern mountainous province and has borders with Tuyen Quang, Ha Giang, Bac Kan, Lang Son and Guangxi (China). Besides, this province consists of high mountains, immense forests, majestic rivers, and romantic streams with many natural, pristine and primeval features.

1. How should you get Cao Bang?
From Hanoi, you can follow National Highway 3, and then move from Thai Nguyen, Bac Kan to Cao Bang. You can also travel straight from National Highway 1 to Lang Son, turn National Highway 4 to That Khe, Dong Khe and arrive in Cao Bang. From Ha Giang, go through Tinh Tuc (Cao Bang) following National Highway 34.

From Hanoi to Ban Gioc Fall, there are two paths:
-          Ha Noi – Thai Nguyen – Bac Kan – Cao Bang – Chongqing – Ban Gioc
-          Ha Noi – Lang Son – Dong Khe (Cao Bang) – Trung Khanh – Ban Gioc.
You can buy tickets to Cao Bang at bus stations in the province. Note about fare, quality, and beginnings and destinations. If you travel by personal vehicles (motorcycles and cars) you need pay much attention to ensure full safety equipments such as brakes, tires and chains. Remember to carry necessary personal documents and abide by safety traffic laws. Do not forget to bring some common auto repair tools because the road from Cao Bang town to Ban Gioc is pretty difficult to move.

2. When should you travel?
In each season, Cao Bang hides its own beauty. So depending on the purpose of the trip, you should choose the appropriate time. However, according to many opinions, the best period to travel Cao Bang is August or September. At that time, Ban Gioc waterfall is full of blue water and in November or December Tam Giac Mach flowers and wild sunflowers bloom all over mountains.

3. Where should you stay?
The motels in Cao Bang town cost about 200,000 VND/room/night. The rental price of hotel is higher, at about 400000-500000 VND/room/night. There are some reference addresses as: Taiwan Hotel, Bang Giang Hotel, Giao Te Hotel. In towns such as Bao Lac, Phuc Hoa and Tinh Tuc, there are motels. The rental price is about 300,000 VND/ room / night. You should book advance.

4. Places to visit
Ban Gioc Fall is the world’s fourth largest waterfall in beautiful ones having borders with countries and is the largest natural waterfall in Southeast Asia. In addition to, this is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam and a famous tourist sight in Cao Bang. The fall brings a majestic and pristine beauty.

Far from Ban Gioc about 3 km is Nguon Ngao cave with wild and charm beauty imbued with mystery. Exploring this cave, you will see stalactites creating strange shapes and stimulating tourists’ curiosity. The scene is very lively and interesting that visitors have admired.

Lenin stream and Pac Bo cave are famous historical sites where Uncle Ho worked and directed Vietnam revolutionary after 30 years of traveling abroad. In fact, two sites are very familiar with Vietnamese since they went to schools. They are also a beautiful landscape with green mountains and cool and charming rivers. Situated among the old jungle with fragrant forest flowers, the atmosphere is cool and windy.

Thang Hen Lake is a home to beautiful and romantic scenery in famous Cao Bang province with clear water. The lake is located in the primeval jungle. On its banks there are tall trees reflecting in the water surface. On hot days, the air is still cool. To explore the lake, visitors can rent a boat.

In addition to, there are many other places in Cao Bang that should not be ignored such as the White Horse citadel, Nghieu So Linh and Kim Dong relic area.

5. What to eat?
Cao Bang has many specialties such as da hen vegetable, bo khai vegetable, Coong phu cakes, Chongqing chestnuts, sour soup, bee larvae soups, day tea, bitter tea, khao cakes, Bao Lac plums, Dong Khe pears, Thang Hen Lake fish, sour bamboo shoots, sausages and roasted ducks

6. Notes
When travelling to Cao Bang carry full personal documents because this place is the border area. Furthermore, due to the far road, visitors should bring a small medicine when needed.
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