Thu Duc Stork Garden – Ho Chi Minh City

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Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon, is the largest city in Vietnam named after the late communist leader Ho Chi Minh, who led the nation against both France and the U.S.A. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam has been historically a political and administrative centre of Vietnam

Thu Duc stork garden is an ecological area of Ho Chi Minh City in District 9. Situated among an urbanized area, but this area is where there are thousands of storks every day. This garden is also an eco-tourist destination for visitors who watch storks. In fact, it is far from the city center about 20 km, offering peace with natural surroundings and numberless white storks.

Location and how to get Thu Duc stork garden
Thu Duc stork garden is in Go Cong Hamlet, Long Thanh My Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City. From Thu Duc intersection go toward Tang Nhon Phu, turn right and follow Nguyen Van Tang Cong junction , then continue to turn right , cross the bridge  and follow the small dirt road about 800m to this garden of Mr Tu De which is far from Thu Duc intersection about 7km by road .You can catch bus number 76.

Travel to stork garden to avoid the heat of the summer and watch storks
In fact, the scenery in this garden is quiet and has fresh air. But the most compelling image is that white storks come back their nests every sunset. Every day when the sun disappears behind the bamboo trees, white storks fly in groups to find their nests. They fly in straight rows, this one connects the other. Their wings appear in the sky in the afternoon sky making the picture of a quiet countryside more live. The sound which they create also brings guests a strange feel. When final storks fly their nests, they stop calling because they we start to sleep after a tired day in the submerged fields. You easily see thousands of storks hurry to find a place to sleep, call and parks at coconut garden.

Local people do not understand the reason that storks just choose this garden as shelters. During the stork season from September to April, there are up to 2000 storks gathering. Every afternoon, flocks of storks fly altogether, fermenting in a corner of the sky. Seeing their wings in the sky is an unforgettable impression. To do such, guests must rent a boat with the price of VND 80,000 / hour (a boat can accommodate up to 10 people).

Although this garden has no games or mysterious caves as tourist resorts Saigon Suoi Tien or Sai Gon Water Park, it brings visitors peaceful and romantic beauty of the countryside and helps them forget every fatigue of daily
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Location Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


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