Travel Tips for Con Dao

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Con Dao is an archipelago in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, far from Vung Tau about 97 nautical miles and from Hau River about 45 nautical miles. Con Dao is known as Con Son Island which is the largest resort island in this archipelago. Vietnamese history before the 20th century often called Con Son Island Con Lon or Con Non island. It is an attractive tourist destination for those who want to explore the wild beauty and learn the history of Vietnam. Here, you can wander to a better insight into the past and explore the underwater world with colorful coral reefs and primitive forests with rich flora and fauna and escape complicated and stress life in urban cities.

The best time to travel Con Dao
From March to the end of September is the time when the sea is quite calm. Although this period of time is the rainy season, rains in Con Dao mainly last less than one hour and the other periods of time still are sunny. It is said that the period from March to September is the best time to come to Con Dao. The best mean in this time is possible by plane or by ship.

In Con Dao there is a few restaurants. Therefore, you should eat in the hotel although the price is slightly higher. The famous dishes in Con Dao can be listed as grilled or steam cellanas, fried sea worms with okras and tropical almond jam. Some other specialties as Nhum sauce, oyster sauce, shark salad were mentioned but very hard to find in the menu of restaurants or hotels.

Con Dao Hotels are very rare. They can be listed as Saigon Con Dao Resort, Con Dao Resort, Seatravel Resort and ATC hotel. The rental price ranges from 50 USD/room/night to 140 USD /room/night. In addition, there are a few motels and their rental price ranges from 250,000 VND/room/night to 300,000 VND/room/ night. Therefore, you will not take much effort to choose an affordable place.

The island does not have a taxi firm so travelling is mostly by cars with the rental price of 800,000 VND / day or by motorcycles with the rental price of 120,000 VND / day to 150,000 VND / day depending on the number of cars or scooters.

There are scenic sights which you should not miss when traveling to Con Dao:
- Ong Dung Forest: Walk Con Dao National Park with a short distance, go through a tropical rain forest  and arrive in Ong Dung beach which is located in the other of the island. If your health is good, you can swim and see corals by snorkel.

 – Dawn at Shark Nose: Wake up early and watch the sunrise over the Bay Canh islet. The clouds in the sky with rays of the morning sun will make a magical light show.

– Sunset at Nhat beach: After a day of exploring Con Dao Island, tourists can indulge with nature at the beach and watch the beautiful sunset in Love Top. Nhat beach appears only a few hours a day. The other times the beach is submerged in water and little known

– Dat Doc Beach: It is a long unspoiled beach. Visitors can explore Dat Doc with a small private and romantic beach.
– Lo Voi Beach: This beach is suitable for families and located near hotels.
– Dam Trau Beach: It is considered as the most beautiful beach.  Visitors can both swim and dive in there.

Entertainment activities
– Diving corals: You can find many species of corals and very impressive fish in most small islands around the large island of Con Dao. It is said that the coral system in Con Dao can is the most abundant one in Vietnam

– Fishing: Fishing has two forms, recreational fishing (a half of day or 1 day) or professional fishing (3 days and 2 nights or more). Whether you choose recreational fishing or professional fishing, this special activity is attractive for many players from everywhere.
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