Valley of Love in Da Lat

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As a one of the most attractive tourist destination in Da Lat, Valley of Love is a romantic and beautiful place.

How to get Valley of Love
Located in 5 km east north of Da Lat city, Valley of Love is one of the most beautiful and romantic in Da Lat.

To go to there, you should move from the city center along Bui Thi Xuan or Dinh Tien Hoang Street to Phu Dong Thien Vuong, and then pass Mai Anh Dao. On the road, you should visit Mong Mo Hill, Dalat Su Quan, and Tropical Biology Institute. In addition to, you can go from Xuan Huong Lake to Valley of Love.
Valley of Love Excursions
The attraction of this valley is the natural romance of rivers and mountains. People’s investments have made a great contribution to bring interests for visitors seeing landscapes here. A flower hill, trees and many small alleys are places attractive for couples. Everything in Valley of Love shows love. Even benches bear a symbol of couple.

In fact, Valley of Love used to be the place where interesting events on Love Day (Valentine Day - 14/2 ), annual festivals such as Kiss ( 2008 ) with 500 couples participated or a festival which couples took part in and jumped together (2009). By 2011, on the hill there was a very special park: Rose Park with a colorful garden of blooming roses and two iron frames having the form of two hearts inserted each other. It is a place for lovers’ vows when they attach love padlocks to these frames. The keys will be thrown into the lake in the center of the park, next to a statue showing love.
Below the hill is Da Thien Lake valley with clear blue water and beautiful scenery. Many couples hire pedalos to move on the lake and then look for a position in pine forests to chat and show their love. In this place there is a hill with towering pines and green grass and you can enjoy your own world.

A different path leading to Mimosa stream is to move from Da Thien dam. This stream is surrounded with mimosa. You can hear the sound of stream flowing and the fragrance of mimosa. All things look like a paradise on the earth.

Visitors can go along trails or climb hundreds of levels, go through the gate with colored flowers to Vong Canh hill. From Valley of Love, you can see sights which look like a beautiful and alive picture with stuffing sails on the lake. The winding roads can lead visitors to the hill or the top of Lang Biang Plateau in the clouds.

 Visitors also can pass over a small bridge to discover Dia Dan Hill, an ideal location surrounded by lakes. The white balconies reflecting the lake are convenient for fishing or chatting. Everything is so beautiful that tourists image this valley as a lost paradise in that endless blue and light create a wonderful space.

Having visited Valley of Love, you will find this place have too many things to discover because it hides mysterious things. Currently, Valley of Love adds car hiring services for tourists, to the highest point of Vong hill. From here you have a panoramic view of Valley of Love surrounded by flowers.
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Location Dà Lat, Lâm Đồng, Vietnam


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