Sri Lanka's Most Amazing Destinations

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Sri Lanka is an island country that's located in southern Asia region, and is well-endowed with a number of attraction sites and sceneries which include magnificent temples, wildlife sanctuaries, beaches, corals, jungles, mountains and cultural centres that makes the place ideal for a holiday destination. Sri Lanka has been a favourite place for many travellers because of its extraordinary places coupled with a natural environment with the beauty and diversity.

Top and Great Sri Lankan Destinations

There are many destinations in Sri Lanka which are both attractive and entertaining that they leave long and cherished memories for anyone visiting, which include:

National Parks

The Yala national park is endowed with many national parks which include Udawalawe, Bundala, Horton and Yala.

Yala National Park

-The Yala national park is one of the outstanding parks in Sri Lanka due to the presence variety of wildlife

-At Yala national park one is able to enjoy the sight of Leopards, Elephants and many species of birds.

-As one drives through the game around the Yala national park, he/she will enjoy a spot of the many animals.

–Yala provides visitors with an extremely calm and relaxing atmosphere and enjoyment of roaming animals and natural surroundings.


-This is one of the ancient capitals which is close to Sigiriya known for its great temples and monuments.

-The place is quiet, serene and peaceful, given that it is considered sacred.

-There are numerous remains of Buddhist temples, monasteries and statues which would take more than one day trip to look at

-The atmosphere at Polonnaruwa is generally peaceful and undisturbed.


-The place is full of magnificent and attractive rock carvings which includes the marvellous Lion Rock which rises about two hundred metres above the plain.

-At Sigiriya one would have a breath-taking view from the top of the landscape.

-The place has also other features which include the water gardens and swimming pools, among others


-This has one of the best beaches in the world where visitors enjoy relaxing beside the golden beaches
-The clear and calm waters together with the offshore reef are a perfect way to end a trip.

Peradeniya Botanical Gardens

-These lie in the southwest of Kandy and are enclosed between Mahaweli and Ganga River.

-The gardens are stuffed with an array of both Asian and Sri Lankan flora

-The stately Royal Palm Avenue leads down to the centre of the gardens provides great and wonderful scenery.

-The northern side of the gardens where they are wider would be found monkeys foraging through the bushes and foxes around trees.


-This is must-see place for anyone visiting Sri Lanka for it the centre of arts, culture and religion.

-There are marvellous temples, shrines, botanical gardens and many other sites in Kandy that will leave one with memorable moments to cherish.

Visiting Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one country with numerous tourist destination sites that are extremely attractive for a Memorable visit. All foreigners travelling Sri Lanka can obtain Sri Lankan visas by either applying online through the electronic travel authorization, depending on the purpose of the travel, or May directly apply at the designated missions or ports entry.
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