Ke Ga Cape- the hidden gem of Vietnam

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(Exotic travel) - Ke Ga Cape, about twenty five kilometer from the city of Phan Thiet, is out of the crowd of many visitors. Thus the peacefulness of this coastal area is still preserved. To penetrate deeper into natural and ordinate life, we highly recommend Ke Ga Cape in your to travel-lists.

Pop a question of what to see in Ke Ga Cape, you then find no hard to realize the ultimate sights to see and enjoy. Ke Ga Cape attracts travelers by its untouched unique cliffs spreading out the coast and the Casuarina-tree in the rustle windy days.

In the sunny days, you are stroke by the concordance between the sea and tones, like the cloud are embracing fondly mountains. Get up earlier to contemplate the splendid sunrises or go for a walk to enjoy the mesmerizing sunsets behind the horizon. The red-yellow sun lights reflecting the green water creates the weird picture of pristine Ke Ga Cape. Sometimes, it may be hard for you to differentiate the border line between sea and sky.

Take a canoe to get to Ke Ga lighthouse is always highly recommended as its short time-consuming and safety. It is undeniable that reaching Ke Ga lighthouse is a fantastic discovery in your Vietnam tours if you experience the daily life in fishing village. The locals are very friendly, warm-hearted with deeply-felt words. No surprisingly that they freely invite you to enjoy a meal with seafood that they themselves catch. The fresh food such as fishes, cuttle-fishes, crabs and flower crabs around Ke Ga cape actually wake your taste and senses.

The Princess D'Annam Resort & Spa and Eco Spa Village Phan Thiet with world-class service and architectural style surely make your staying luxury. If you want to experience Ke Ga Cape at night in the feeling of nature, you should rent a bungalow or a rent to camp on the beach to wait for and great the glorious sunshine of the new day.

Foods always play an important role in each journey. To make it awesome, buy fresh sea foods from locals and then hire equipments to cook on the beach and enjoy. You definitely find the most extraordinary moments in your luxury tours to Vietnam.

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Location Kê Gà, Hàm Thuận Nam, Việt Nam


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