Bird-eye Views From A Hot Air Ballon In Bagan

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You now can explore the ancient temples from the sky to understand why people call Bagan as “one of the finest sights all over the world”. The magical Bagan, especially the thousands of temples and ruins inspires visitors to try and experience the unique bird-eye view by riding a hot air balloon. The feeling of experiencing the most remarkable sights dot the stunning landscapes brings you the “never-seen” prospective of Bagan. There are plenty of ways to discover the magnificent surviving ruins: a bus tour, a horse-drawn carriage, a bike tour or simply walking. However, an exceptional hot air balloon surely is another experience that you should not miss in your holidays in Myanmar.

The tranquil landscapes of ancient Bagan

The breathtaking view of thousands of ruins  from a hot air balloon

Start a day with a hot drink and light breakfast while waiting the crew prepare for your hot air balloon tour over Bagan.

Both crew and visitors are prepare for their journey on a hot air balloon

Contemplating the splendid sunrises and sunsets is your all desire wherever putting your footprints on. The medium speed of the balloon lets you immerse into the light wind & sunlight as well as lift off from the mist.

The sun rises over the temples

The spectacular sunset with the unique view from balloon over Bagan

Traveling through the clouds and out of the crowds with marvelous views on some of Asian’s most captivating sites is exactly an awesome experience to try by a hot air balloon in Bagan. It is not like flying in a plane but more like floating in the breeze. There are no sounds except for your camera shutters and exclamations any time. Together with the golden Yangon, Bagan always strikes visitors by its own exclusive beauty that no Myanmar destinations can offer.

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