Cat Ba Island – A Great Place to Extend Your Halong Bay Trip

The massive island of Cat Ba is a fantastic destination for ecotourism and adventure activities in Northern Vietnam
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Sometimes being overshadowed by Halong Bay in the north, Cat Ba Island is often omitted by the majority of travelers coming to Vietnam. That only makes Cat Ba one of the most underrated destinations in Vietnam.
In fact, compared to Halong Bay, the massive island of Cat Ba is a fantastic destination for ecotourism and adventure activities in Northern Vietnam. The island houses one of the most diverse national parks in Vietnam. Cat Ba National Park possesses 7 different ecosystems, both underwater and inland. The tropical forest here is also home to 32 types of mammals along with 70 bird species, some of which are listed in Vietnam’s Red Book of endangered animals, including the golden-headed langur. Flora wise, there are more than a thousand species of plants, hundreds of which can be used as medicines.

Also within the national park, there are several different hiking and trekking routes through rugged and forested mountains. These routes are also divided by different levels of difficulty so you don’t have to be worry if your fitness is not very good. Apart from that, you can take a side visit to explore the exquisite Trung Trang Cave or discover ethnic village of Viet Hai.

Beside inland adventures, beach sports and activities are also many. You can go sailing and kayaking around 300 or so karst islands in Lan Ha Bay. The beach is perfect for swimming and scuba diving in many stretches of beaches here. At night, the fun does not stop when you can go camping by the sea with your family or friends.

Despite being a beach destination, the best time to visit Cat Ba, especially for foreign travelers is September to November with clear skies and moderate temperatures, not summer when the island is full of Vietnamese tourists and hotel rates are much higher than usual.

If you feel that one or two nights around Halong Bay is a little bit too short for an exciting journey in the Gulf of Tonkin, Cat Ba Island can be a perfect choice for you with lots of kinds of activities for everyone.

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Location Ha Long Bay, Hạ Long, tp. Hạ Long, Quảng Ninh Province, Việt Nam



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