Koh Kradan - The Quintessential Island Paradise In Thailand

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Thailand is famous for the country of beach. It is not perfect if you draw a picture of Thailand without beaches and islands. Koh Kradan, a hidden gem that very few people knew about it, is an island like no other. Put your footprints here, let your soul travel above the waterway and let yourself immerse into the long thin beach!

The long thin Koh Kradan Island

With the beaming sun all year around, calm seas and sugar sandy beach, Koh Kradan definitely conquers your dream of the less-visited yet stunning beach. Koh Kradan is something of a natural swimming pool thanks to its clear and calm water at high tide. You will spoil your choice by snorkeling right off the shore from the South Reef to the North Coral. Nature has never been close to you like this time. Moreover, couples always choose to dive as the best way to discover the underwater world as well as romantically spend time together in your Thailand luxury travel.

The colorful fishes and corals under the sea

Koh Kradan is like a swimming pool among the nature

No bars here. Accommodation is limited. However it is sometimes good for your discovery of nature. Stay at the guest-house or bungalow to pamper yourself in this incredible scenery.

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