The Untouched Beauty of Ly Son Island in Quang Ngai Province

Ly Son Island is a terrific beach destination in Vietnam which is less-known to most travelers
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Lying in the central of the Vietnamese East Sea, Ly Son Island (also locally known as Cu Lao Re) is a terrific beach destination in Vietnam which is less-known to most people planning their Vietnam trips.
Despite being a less-visited destination, Ly Son has its own history. There are archeological proofs today about the presence of people in the ancient Sa Huynh Culture in Central Vietnam on the island thousands of years ago. After that, the Cham Empire also used Ly Son as a transshipment base. More recently, in the 17 century, Nguyen Lords started a colony which is believed to remain until now.

Formerly a volcanic field, Ly Son has a pristine beauty that not many other islands in Vietnam can match. In addition, the number of travelers visiting Ly Son is not high at all, both Vietnamese and foreign travelers. Coming here, you can still see the long and empty stretches of white sand in between imposing cliffs, along the perfectly emerald waters of the sea, clear enough that you can see coral reefs underneath. In many beaches here, the only people you will encounter are the local fishing families doing their daily works.

Apart from the beaches, Ly Son Island also offers several tourist attractions such as the 400-year old Hang Pagoda which shelters inside a cave, An Hai Village Temple which was built 200 years ago under Nguyen Dynasty along with several other memorial sites dedicated to the Vietnamese soldiers who died for protecting the country’s on-the-sea sovereignty.
Hang Temple in Ly Son Island

If you look for a beach destination in Vietnam this summer but don’t want to encounter lots of fellow travelers, do consider going to Ly Son Island, Quang Ngai, you won’t be disappointed.

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