Things To Do In Beijing

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Beijing, one of the most-visited destinations, captivates your every time. Give you a visit to the capital of China and it will offer you more than a trip!

The well known Great Wall of China is always the first place to visit as many people suppose. As the saying “He who doesn’t reach the Great Wall is not a true man”, it welcomes a huge of visitors hiking up and contemplating the colorful area all years. The best time to come here is autumn, when the colors of red and yellow filled with all sections of the Great Wall.

Tianmen Square and the Forbidden City are two famous highlight of Beijing with long history. Watching flag-raising in Tianmen, visiting the central Monument and Memorial Hall of Chairman MAO, Great Hall of the People and discovering both “Front Hall” and “Inner Palace” in the Forbidden City! The unique architect, the sophisticated structures impress you in your Wonder of China tour.

The Forbidden City

Flag-raising in Tiananmen Square

Along with the historic sites and wonderful nature, Beijing draws your attentions to the Beijing Opera Show and Kungfu Show. You will enjoy their great performances, majestic face masks and skillful acrobats in every show.

Kungfu Show

Beijing Opera Show

Coming to Beijing without trying Duck Roasted is a pity. Its alluring smell added with fresh vegetables and plum sauce evokes all your senses and tastes.

Beijing Duck Roasted

Drop into the Terrace Tea and enjoy the quiet retreat of Chinese traditional tea ceremony. Not only its own taste but also the art of making a proper cup of tea surprises you  a lot during your China luxury tours.

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