10 Most Interesting and Romantic Things to Do in Co To Island

Co To is an island located in the East of Van Don Island, Quang Ninh Province with more than 50 islands, small and large rocks. Check out 10 fascinating experiences when staying at Co To.
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Co To is an island located in the East of Van Don Island, Quang Ninh Province with more than 50 islands, small and large rocks. Check out 10 fascinating experiences when staying at Co To.

Get up early and enjoy magical sunrise

Dawn in Coto is always tinged with a subtle purple. No matter where you enjoy sunrise around the region, you will easily be amazed by the beauty endowed by nature.

Relax on Cau My Rock with weird shapes

Dubbed as the most beautiful place to enjoy sunrise in Co To, Cau My is a combination of rocks with strange shapes and blue layers of waves of Co To. The rock layers with different colors, different shapes make the scenery here looks like a vivid picture with full of innovative features of nature.

Enjoy peaceful life at Bac Van Port

Located about 11 km from Co To center, Bac Van Port is still a very calm and gentle sea. From the port, you can immediately see Bac Van beach with a length of nearly 15km running to the end of the island with wonderful wild beauty in the sunlight and wind of Co To.

Ride a bike on the romantic road of love of Co To

Anyone coming Co To will know about a romantic road of love here. The road with over 2 km long lies about 100m from Co To center. The road is paved with red bricks, stretching along the coastline. Whether walking or cycling, you'll feel incredibly romantic atmosphere. This is also the most beautiful place for couples to take their wedding photos.

Relax at Hong Van Beach

Hong Van is about 7 km from Co To center, belonging to Hong Hai village, Dong Tien Commune. As far away from populated areas, Hong Van owns long white sandy beaches and calm sea water. On the sandy beach are unique wooden houses, close to nature so that you can be spoiled for sightseeing.

From the port, you can hire motorbike taxi with the cost of around 2 USD to get to Hong Van Beach. Then you rent a motorbike around 9 USD a day to visit other surrounding tourist spots.

Experience at wooden houses on the beach

Wooden houses in Co To is a should not be missed experience when visiting this landscape. With an average cost of around 22 USD/ room / person, accompanied by flexible services such as means of transport, BBQ on the beach ... experiencing at wooden houses will give you exciting moments this summer. Note that you should make a reservation in advance because in summer, wooden houses are more and more scarce.

Relax at Van Chay – the most beautiful beach in Co To

Water here is crystal with sloping, clean and fine sandy beach; waves are just from 2-3m high which is suitable for tourists to swim and play without fear of any danger.

Enjoy spectacular view from the lighthouse of Co To

The lighthouse station in Co To is one out of more than 30 operating lighthouses throughout the country with the height of 118m from the sea level. In order to get there, you have to overcome steep bends to reach the lighthouse, then continue climbing 72 stairs from the foot to the top. Here, you can enjoy panoramic view of the green scenery of the sky and sea in Co To.

Admire sunset on the beach

After a day exploring, there is nothing better than lying on the beach, admiring the sun starts setting on the foot of mountains.

Enjoy the romantic BBQ on the beach at night

This is a great chance to enjoy fresh and delicious seafood caught in Co To on rows of tables and chairs which are set up in a unique and romantic style. Visitors could grill, process seafood by their own and then spend the rest of the day sipping a cup of wine.

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Location Quan Dao Co To, Đồng Tiến, Cô Tô District, Vietnam


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