Enjoy Halong Bay panorama from the seaplane at reasonable prices

With only 100 USD/ person, you will have a luxurious experience when admiring the scenic landscape of Halong Bay from a seaplane.
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With only 100 USD/ person, you will have a luxurious experience when admiring the scenic landscape of Halong Bay from a seaplane.

If not satisfy with the experience of enjoying the landscape of Halong Bay on the cruise, travelers can try a brand new type of sightseeing tour in which visitors will have chance to see the panoramic view of the bay from a sea plane. Travelers will absolutely be overwhelmed with the scenery like in a Hollywood movie of Halong from above.

The seaplane tour not only helps passengers to save time while on the move, but also offers many beautiful views of the scenic spots in the bay.

Currently in Vietnam, Hai Au is the first private airline providing the seaplane sightseeing service. This type of business has grown significantly over the world but is quite new in Vietnam.

Seaplanes land on the surface of the bay.
Each aircraft features 2 pilots and 12 passenger seats, with spacious windows, allowing passengers to comfortably watch the beauty of Halong Bay from the plane and record the memorable moments of the trip at the height of 150 to 3,000m above the sea level.

The beauty of the Halong Bay World Heritage Site
The beautiful scenery seen from seaplane
As the plane slowly glides into the ocean then flows up the high waves, passengers will have an exciting experience because it is completely different from the normal flights. Additionally, the planes also cruise around offerings passengers chance to observe the scenes of the bay.

The New York Times Magazine (US) has voted watching Halong Bay from seaplane service is one of the best tourist experiences in 2015.

• Consider some options of seaplane in Halong Bay:

Seaplane Halong Bay 3 Days 2 Nights | Seaplane Halong Bay 2 Days 1 Night

From seaplane, travelers can see the panoramic area of Halong with nearly 2,000 islands appear vividly and dreamilyon the turquoise se, creating a paradise on land. Especially, at the end of the flight, travelers can also embark a cruise ship to admire the bay at night.

Recently, Hai Au airline has been implemented special promotions with amazing deals from only 100USD for a 25-minute flight to contemplate the scenery of Halong Bay

Also, if would like to have a more lavish experience, travelers can choose a scenic flight packages combined with L'Azalee Yacht with 140 USD contract for 1 day or a scenic flight and an overnight cruise on the Halong Bay with 440 USD or a package including a flight from Hanoi to Halong combined with a cruise at the price of 530 USD.

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Location Hạ Long Bay, Vietnam


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