Quang Ngai Tourism Offers Not Only Ly Son Island

If would like to enjoy an amazing summer in Quang Ngai without a visit to Ly Son, Traveler can relax at Sa Huynh, My Khe Beaches or White Waterfall, visit the sacred Thien An Mount.
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If would like to enjoy an amazing summer in Quang Ngai without a visit to Ly Son, Traveler can relax at Sa Huynh, My Khe Beaches or White Waterfall, visit the sacred Thien An Mount.

Mentioning Quang Ngai, travelers often think about Ly Son. However, the coastal province also has many other interesting destinations to explore.

Thien An Mountain –Tra River

This destination has come into the poetry with the mesmerizing charm of mountain, river, and natural setting. Thien An Mountain is the most beautiful sight and also the "sacred mountain" of Quang Ngai. Travelers can reach the mountain from Tra Khuc Bridge, passing the highways 1A and 24B after 10 minutes driving.

Conquering the spiral road of the mountain to head the top, travelers will see panorama of Quang Ngai landscape vastly from the winding Tra Khuc River to the fields, villages and mountains. Travelers also have chance to discover the Buddhist temple with a 20m ancient well or visit the tomb of Huynh Thuc Khang, a national hero of Vietnam.

White Waterfall

The fall belongs to Thanh An Commune, Minh Long District, and is located about 23km to the southwest of Quang Ngai City. It was surrounded by a mountainous area of lush green jungle, creating a poetic and tranquil scene. The White Waterfall is about 40m high, with the white water falling down into the cliffs.

Water pours into the lake and spread into a 20m-wide stream of undulating rocks, which winding flows in the valley before run into other streams. There are plentiful kinds of fish in the lake, which are favorite specialties for many visitors.

In July, the time of the extreme heat, the White Waterfall will be the most ideal places to relax in Minh Long. Guests can tour, organize dining, enjoy swimming in the lake and admire the dreamy waterfall...

My Khe Beach

This beach is located on Highway 24B, Co Luy Hamlet, Tinh Khe Commune, Son Tinh district, and 12 km to the east of Quang Ngai City. Stretching on a 7km length, My Khe Beach is a spacious pace with fine sand dune and clear water.

In addition to marine tourism activities, travelers can visit the My Son War Remnants Center. Quang Ngai has planned to build My Khe Resort with 342ha area of entertainment centers, hotels, restaurants, campsites...

Sa Huynh Beach

Sa Huynh is situated about 60 km south of Quang Ngai City. It takes only 45 minutes if travelers travel from the bus station in Quang Ngai. With a length of around 6km, Sa Huynh is a very safe destination for summer holidays because the seabed has no rocky reef.

Travelers can also visit the famous salt field located about 500m northeast of Sa Huynh. Local people start work early in the morning of April to July. Additionally, travelers can visit the An Khe Lagoon, 2km north of the town. Due to the lagoon is situated next to the highway, so visitors just need to stand on the roadside to have the panoramic views of the region.

Chau Sa Ancient Citadel

Chau Sa Citadel was constructed by the Cham people from the 9th century in order to protect the south ofTra Kieu Capital. Located in Tinh Chau Commune, Son Tinh District, the citadel is 7km away to the northeast of Quang Ngai City center. Chau Sa has been divided into two main parts, but the relic now only covers an area of 3km long, 4m wide and 6m high with a circumference of about 4km. In addition, the researchers also found many artifacts of ancient pottery, ancient tower of Go City (500m from the citadel)... In 1994, Chau Sa Citadel was recognized as a national historic relic.

Binh Chau Coastline

Other than the beaches with fine sand and swimming areas, Co Chau is a sea where is the location of hidden traces of ancient volcanic crater, creating a unique interest for travelers. It is said that the crater could date back about 11 million years ago. After 3 months of testing, the experts also foundthe "graveyard of ancient sunken ships", the sedimentary rock island with many colorful coral reefs on the seabed.

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