5 Reasons You Should Travel to Myanmar Now

Myanmar, a beautiful country in Asia area is best known for mysterious temples and pagodas as well as peaceful landscapes.
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Myanmar, a beautiful country in Asia area is best known for mysterious temples and pagodas as well as peaceful landscapes. Nowadays it is changing gradually to become a renowned tourism center in the area. Certainly you will want to travel to Myanmar immediately when referring top 5 great reasons travel to Myanmar below. 

1. Ideal Destinations for Backpackers 

Many famous tourist magazines voted Myanmar as the most favorite destination of backpackers. Indeed, when visiting Myanmar you will feel the nostalgic beauty of the temples as well as streets and enjoy the serene atmosphere.

Myanmar has opened to the tourists recently, but it still not focuses mainly on tourism. Thus, you will feel that you are the first person discovering this magical land. 

2. Ngapali – One of the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches 

As the most famous and beautiful beach in Myanmar as well as in the world, Ngapali beach would make you incredible holiday because of its pristine beauty. Here you will have great opportunity to release yourself in the tranquil space and enjoy the dreamy sceneries of stretching sandy beach, cool seawater, bright sunshine and lush green palm trees.

Besides, take a walk to visit small fishing villages nearby or discover some local markets, and take a bike ride to rural areas are also great experiences in your stays. 

3. Mysterious Temples in Bagan

Located on the river Ayeyarwady’s bank, Bagan city is famous for Archaeological City with numerous sacred temples and pagodas dating back hundreds of years. These temples and pagodas are adjacent so you can use bicycle as the most suitable transportation to visit. Also you can choose other interesting vehicles such as tuk – tuk, horse cart, bus, etc. Some famous temples in Bagan are Dhammayangyi Temple, Thatbyinnyu temple, Ananda temple and Htilominlo Temple

4. Ideal Place to Enjoy Cuisine 

Myanmar cuisine has huge mixing culinary culture of India, China, Thailand, and other ethnic minorities. However, the dishes here are still own features. Dishes of Myanmar are very tasty and especially cheap. Several unique street foods such as tea and flat bread, salad samosa, Shan noodles, and aromatic curry rice dish. You can see them at all corners of Yangon and Bagan. 

5. Friendly and Generous People

Magical golden temples, pagodas, and smiling faces with streaks of thanaka as well as waving hands of hospitable people are something of what make you the most impressive in this beautiful land, Myanmar. 

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