Ba Den Mountain Trekking Tips

As one of the highest mountain in the southeastern region of Vietnam, Ba Den Mountain is always the favorite destination for challenging and conquer person.
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As one of the highest mountain in the southeastern region of Vietnam, Ba Den Mountain is always the favorite destination for challenging and conquer person.

1. Mean of transportation 

From Ho Chi Minh, you can travel by motorbike or bus.

By bus: There are two routes, you will have to travel from Ben Thanh (Ho Chi Minh)  to Go Dau (Tay Ninh) and then continue travel on the route of Go Dau – Long Hoa.

By motorbike: You run along the National Highway 22 toward Tay Ninh. At Go Dau (Tay Ninh) district, this highway turns into two directions: (1) Highway 22A toward to Moc Bai and (2) Highway 22B toward to Tay Ninh, Xa Mát border gate. Let’s run follow the Highway 22B, on the way you will see the Vam Co Dong River. When you are in Tay Ninh town, you then will have to go further 5km to get to Ba Den Mountain. An optional choice is to run follow Highway 22B to Trang Bang T-junction (Trang Bang, Tay Ninh) and then turn into the direction toward to Duong Minh Chau ( the other direction toward to Go Dau). This route will help you save more time.

2. Climbing

•    From the foot of the mountain to Dien Ba: You can travel by cable car for pilgrims, or walking for trek lovers through 1.000 steps. It will take you about 20 – 60 minutes for traveling. 
•    From Dien Ba to the peak of the mountain: Follow the trail behind Dien Ba and then pass through the caves, rock to get to the peak of the mountain. However, due to winding terrain with lush forest, many streams, and rivers on the sides so you need have a good health and should accompany with tour guide if you don’t know about the route. When you are at the peak, you will feel the cool atmosphere contrasting to the hot weather of Tay Ninh. 

3. Tourist attraction sites

Some interesting places for visiting such as beautiful caves including Thanh Long, Ong Ho, Ba Co, Ba Tuan, Thien Thai, etc and many pagodas such as Ha, Trung, Thuong, Hang….

Besides discovering Ba Den Mountain, the mysterious place for travel packages in Vietnam, you can have combined visits to others places nearby such as Cao Dai temple, Dau Tieng lake, and Long Hoa market.

4. Accommodation

You can overnight at the guesthouses near Ba Den Mountain or stay at the hotels, resorts in Tay Ninh city. For trekking groups, they can have night camp at the peak of the mountain. 

5. Cuisines

Specialties include crispy fried mountain lizards eaten with vegetables and snails living in the gorge. Besides, you can enjoy other girdle-cakes. 

6. Eating

Under the foot of Ba Den Mountain, there are some restaurants for visitors. However, if you have plan overnight at the mountain, you should prepare your meals to bring along.

7. Preparation
  • Estimated cost is 200.000VND/person (about 8$)
  • Prepare the proper cloth and footwear
  • Prepare with tent, food, drink if you have plan overnight at the mountain
  • Need a local tour guide to guide your route.
  • Bring medication with clearly labeled and insect repellent in necessary cases.

8. General Information about Ba Den Mountain

Black Virgin Mountain or Ba Den Mountain is a part of Nui Ba Historical and Cultural Complex in Tay Ninh, Vietnam. Ba Den Mountain is 986 meters above sea level, the highest in the nation’s southeastern region and located about 11km from Tay Ninh with the artless scenery and mysterious tales.

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Location Black Virgin Mountain, Thạnh Tân, Tây Ninh, Tây Ninh Province, Vietnam


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