Second Passport: 4 Legitimate Ways To Get It Now

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Obtaining dual citizenship has become the latest trends across the world to enjoy  true personal liberty. Possessing native rights to live and work in another country frees you not only from absolute dependence on one country but also enhances options to work, invest and travel abroad visa-free. The second nationality can be good for everyone; whether you are seeking it for business and political reasons or to find a home to retire abroad. Few major benefits you can immediately enjoy after availing legal native rights to live abroad include the right to invest and open a bank account in that territory.

When it comes to obtaining this permit to live in a foreign territory, you have to search for suitable ways to obtain this document. In addition to exploring different options, it is also important to check whether the state government is asking applicants to renounce existing nationality. Don’t forget to check whether you are eligible to apply for a second passport or not.

Here I am sharing four legitimate ways you can consider while applying for dual nationality.

Obtain via long term residency in a foreign territory

The most reliable way to become a legal civilian of another country is to live there for many years. The process usually starts with obtaining a residence or work visa that allows applicants to live and work. Territories that are offering these programs usually offer the public rights only after working and spending at least ten years or more within the country. However, countries like Argentina, Dominican Republic and Paraguay issue passport only after spending two and three years respectively.

Acquire Via Getting Married To The Native Resident Of Foreign Country

It might feel like a romantic dream that you are on a foreign trip and you simply fall in love with a local and get married in a rapid courtship. Now your priorities have changed and you want to live and raise your child in your spouse hometown. Iran and Barbados are the only countries that automatically give native residency only if a foreign woman marries to a native. They don’t give legal permits to males. However, everywhere else in the world; getting married with the native always reduces the total duration they require to spend and work there to obtain the residency. After becoming civilian via this route candidates will be expected to show the passport to every time they visit.

Secure By Right Of Descent/Ancestry

If you are lucky to be a grandson or daughter of the native resident of a foreign country where you are seeking to gain the legal residency rights of a native, you can apply in the programs by right of descent. If you become interested in acquiring dual nationality in your parents or grandparents home country you should first check the governmental policies on the embassy website.

Obtain After Investing Funds-The Economic Citizenship

Mostly high net worth individual follows this route to obtain a passport. A huge number of countries are offering permanent living rights via this method. Foreign investments enable them to boost up infrastructure and economic conditions in the region. This is often known as the fastest ways to obtain it from a foreign territory with minimum residency requirements. 

Summary: Acquiring native rights in a foreign country is a process that asks you to fulfill the requirements to become an approved candidate. All you need is to scan through all the options to determine eligibility.

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