Top Tourist Destination In Turkey

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Turkey competes as a top tourist spot both in Europe and Asia. And in both continents, the country continues to be an ideal vacation destination with so much history and natural beauty to boast that it leaves all visitors mesmerized.

I had wanted to visit Turkey ever since my sister vacationed there back in 2012 but I needed to save enough cash to manage a holiday of at least 10 days. I got my opportunity earlier than I expected. Purchasing airline miles from The Airmiles, I was able to bag a much cheaper airline ticket than my expectations. Turkey is not that expensive if you have done your research well. But don’t assume it to be cheap either. It is somewhere in between. A little bit of planning and a few tricks here there will help you stay within a tight budget. But more about that later. Today we take a look at some of the top destinations that are a must visit. 

Hagia Sophia

Goes without saying that Hagia Sophia is the most popular tourist destination in all of Turkey. This gorgeous mosque leaves all visitors in awe mainly due to its exquisite architecture and magnificent atmosphere. You certainly feel calm and light when inside the mosque’s premises.

The Grand Bazaar

Most travelers have heard about the Grand Bazaar. It is one of the oldest bazaars in not only Turkey but the world. Definitely has to be the most happening places in Turkey. Only recently it was part of the “Most visited tourist attractions” list.

Galata Tower

The Galata Tower offers a fantastic view of Istanbul and the Bosphorus. You can even enjoy dining on one of the upper levels all the while enjoying the great view.

Iztuzu Beach

Turkey is famous mainly for its history and architecture but not many talk about the stunning beaches that it boasts. Iztuzu beach is one such beach. This beach is famous due to it being a breeding and conservation center for Loggerhead turtles.

Bodrum Castle

In the port city of Bodrum stands this majestic Castle overlooking the vast blue sea. The castle has a rich history surrounding it. Inside the castle there is a museum featuring underwater archaeological items. This museum is one of its kind in the region.

Turkish and Islamic Arts museum

This museum helps you learn a lot about Turkish culture and Islamic art. Islamic calligraphy and local Turkish items on display here are very well liked by all visitors.

The Babadag Mountain

The Babadag Mountain is very popular in Turkey for this is where all thrill seekers venture forth for paragliding. The views from here are exceptionally beautiful.

Duden Waterfalls

These breathtaking waterfalls in Antalya are a sight to behold. Picnicking here is truly fun as the surroundings are so serene and beautiful. The lower Duden falls enter the Mediterranean Sea from a rocky cliff which is astounding to watch but it is the Upper Duden Falls that garner more appreciation. 
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