2 Haunted Places in Saigon, Vietnam

These rumours are unconfirmed but still turn the places into the scary destinations of tourists.
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These rumours are unconfirmed but still turn the places into the scary destinations of tourists.

'Graveyard' Park

With green tree line, fishing lake, children's playing area ..., Le Thi Rieng Park is a familiar entertaining place of people in Ho Chi Minh City. However, this place is also famous for the story tinged with spirituality and superstition. Few people know that this park was the ancient cemetery Do Thanh, later renamed Chi Hoa cemetery.

The cemetery was 25 hectares square with the main entrance overlooking Le Van Duyet road (now Cach Mang Thang 8 Street), it was located in the Chi Hoa - Hoa Hung area. According to the elder, Do Thanh cemetery was a sacred land in the old times. Especially in wartime, lots of nameless graves were located here, mostly of anonymous soldiers killed, and many were mass graves.

Therefore, the people of this region still tell each other the mysterious stories of the soldiers killed in battles hovering, crying out.

Going into the park in the evening, we will not forget the gloomy overhead yellow lights scattered throughout the aisles, the stone benches and the ghostly air of the place. Some people even someone insisted that they saw the ghost of a girl sitting on the old swing alone. Le Thi Rieng Park is also rumoured to have many children drowned in a lake.

'The lake swallows people' in Thu Duc University Village

Situated between the National University village in Thu Duc District, the rock lake is a popular place to take photos in Saigon. The lake is about tens of meters deep, the deepest point is about 50 m. It is claimed to steal the lives of dozens of people who come here to have fun. The management had to make a fence to prevent people to go close many times but sometimes, dead bodies were found drifting ashore.

In addition to the deep water, the lake also is rumoured to have a "mysterious whirlpool" occasionally rippling among the lake. The reason is that, they cannot explain why there has been a lot of deaths around the area of the lake.

A senior diver said the water in the lake is very cold and it is surrounded by rocks. Once falling down to the lake, if ones are fortunately to not hit their head on the rocks, it is also hard to survive because of the cold water which can make them cramp. Moreover, there is no flow in the lake, so the victims cannot rely on the flow to get back to the shore, the more they try to swim, the easier they are sank. In the lake there are a few deep holes which caused many careless people to fall down when swimming.

Besides, many people believe that the lake is haunted, the ones who drowned before dragged and killed other people. However, all that's just rumours, the main reason still lies in the consciousness of visitors who ignore the warning of danger.

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Location Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


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