The Living Land Organic Farm – A Community Enterprise in Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang travel always gives you fantastic experiences thanks to the beautiful destinations and famous attractions.
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Luang Prabang travel always gives you fantastic experiences thanks to the beautiful destinations and famous attractions. The Living Land Organic Farm is one of the best places that you should try during your stays in this ancient town, which will give you more understanding about Lao culture in agriculture.

The Living Land Organic Farm is a Community enterprise running by local team to make the benefits for Laotian. It provides organic vegetables, salad greens, herbs and rice to several leading hotels and restaurants in Luang Prabang. It covers over two hectares and recently adds more future plans to plant flower plus with a fish farm to the company.

If you are having a trip to the farm, you will have a great chance to experience as a real farmer to grow rice and see beautiful Lao traditional houses with romantic view of the terraced rice and fresh vegetable field. The aim of the farm is to offer the other useful method for best harvest instead of the current slash-and-burn farming methods.

The farm features as the organic field with no chemicals and follows a strict policy of composting and crop rotation to make sure the fertile of land for following harvests. They use a traditional farming style such as compost fertilizer, buffaloes for ploughing and ancient husking mortars, which benefit the environment and preserve their culture. Also, the Living Land Organic Farm offer scholarships for bright students at the Agricultural College of Luang Prabang and invite struggling families to work here.

You and your family would have great time when trying hands by yourself at traditional Lao farming methods. Here you will know how to cultivate and harvest rice by ancient methods and threshing and winnowing rice. You can choose another option by taking part in a cooking lesson with tasty dishes such as clay-pot soup, curry paste and sticky rice at the farm given by a hotel’s head chef. Especially, the class happens in a spacious space of wooden pavilion besides the picturesque scenery of the vegetable fields with grazing buffalo and rolling hills nearby.

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The Amantaka Resort will take the charge of arranging the cooking class and combined farm trip separately.
  • Location: The Kwang Xi waterfall road
  • Remarks: You can book in advance the Rice Experience program through your hotel directly. Pick up and return to your hotel are included your booking.
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Location Luang Prabang, Laos


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