The Sunday Market in Quan Ba, Ha Giang

Quan Ba Market (Ha Giang), held weekly on Sunday, is the centre of the trade in the surrounding communes in the district.
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Quan Ba Market (Ha Giang), held weekly on Sunday, is the centre of the trade in the surrounding communes in the district.

Dong Van district - Ha Giang has several fairs of ethnic people. The fairs here are associated closely with the lives of the people. Each market has its own day, for example: Sa Phin Market is held on Snake and Pig Day, Lung Phin Market is held on the Tiger and Monkey Day, Pho Cao Market is held on Dragon and Dog Day, Pho Bang Market is held on Snake and Horse Day. Quan Ba Market. Also known as Quyet Tien Market, is held weekly on Sunday.

Like other fairs in the districts, Quan Ba market is the focus of exchanges and trading of the ethnic people in the communes of the district. In addition to be the centre of trading and exchanging the specialties in the region, this is also the place of meeting and culture exchanges of the ethnic minorities in the Dong Van Plateau region.

Due to living in high above with dangerous terrain, the people here don’t have so many chances to meet each other, so they always eager to go to the fair when it comes to the date. Someone said the fairs are the festival days of the ethnic people – that’s not exaggerating at all.

Ethnic minorities here wear their best clothes when going to the markets. Agricultural commodities as well as food here is largely self-produced goods at home, just a few bananas, a few pounds of nuts that the Hmong, Dao, Lo Lo people ... bring to the market to sell. Maybe going to the market is just a reason for them to meet and exchange feelings with each other. Clothing items, fabrics and textile were made by hand before but recently they are almost imported from China.

In the markets, restaurant serving specialties of the ethnic people are so crowded with guests, especially Thang Co (horse and cow soup). Ice cream is very popular and most favourite among children and teenagers. When the technology develops, mobile phones are also sold in electronics shops.

The writer Chu Thi Minh Hue said this market has no livestock. The most abundant goods in Quan Ba Market is vegetables, because the area around here are vegetables fields. The vegetable of this season are H’mong vegetables, beets and peas.

Going to the market is a way for the people to relax and meet each other, so they have to drink some wine to show their kind heart. They drink a lot. The shops sell a lot of wine made from corn. This kind of wine though only 30 -35 degrees but they are all drunk when the market finishes. Each couple helps each other back to the mountain and see their friends later in the next markets.

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Location Ha Giang, Vietnam


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