Top 3 Backpacking Routes in Hue, Vietnam

When mentioning about Hue, people usually only think about the ancient citadel and tombs, but few people know that Hue still can offers much to experience and explore.
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When mentioning about Hue, people usually only think about the ancient citadel and tombs, but few people know that Hue still can offers much to experience and explore.

1. Hai Van Pass - Lap An Lagoon - Bach Ma National Park

It’s only less than 60 km from Hai Van Gate - the territory of Thua Thien Hue province on Hai Van Pass to Bach Ma National Park but surely you will get overwhelmed with what's ahead. Driving on the Hai Van Pass, you can observe the Lang Co bay and the road leading into the Hai Van tunnel from above.

View of Hai Van Pass
After crossing the pass, you will reach the junction to the National Highway 1A, however, you should not follow this road. Turn left onto Nguyen Van road to be able to enjoy panoramic view over Lap An Lagoon which is extremely beautiful and poetic. On the way there are many seafood restaurants built right on the lagoon, you can stop for a break and enjoy seafood while viewing the great sightseeing.

Lang Co Beach
At the end of Nguyen Van road, you will find the National Highway 1A. To get to the Bach Ma National Park, you can cross the Phuoc Tuong tunnel then turn right at Cau Hai Market junction. Visiting Bach Ma National Park will bring you more surprise. Do not skip the super beautiful destinations of the national parks as Vong Hai Dai (Beach view tower), Do Quyen waterfall, the Five Lakes, Tri Sao falls, Cho Den forest, Truot Falls...

Lap An Lagoon
If you have more time, you can discover Truc Lam Bach Ma Zen Monastery, located right at the middle of Lake Truoi. This place is considered a heaven on earth. Enjoy the panoramic view around, you will see the white clouds floating on the bottom of lakes. Also, while in the monastery, you will see a majestic stone Shakyamuni Buddha meditating statue on the hill among the Lake, which is 24m high and weighs 1,500 tons.

2. Highway 49B: 5 swamp, 3 seas, 1 grotto and 1 lagoon

If you are a follower of coastal roads, definitely you cannot ignore the national highway 49B. One side is the vast lagoon consecutive, one side is the ocean. Highway 49B takes you through Cau Hai lagoon, Thuy Tu lagoon, Ha Trung lagoon, Sam lagoon, Thanh Lam lagoon and Tam Giang lagoon which is extremely popular. Along with that, the road takes you through the Thuan An beach and Thuan Hai beach and Ham Rong beach.

If you are too familiar with Thuan An Beach, you can choose to visit Ham Rong beach which is still extremely primitive. Ham Rong is located in a quite beautiful position with poetic landscape thanks to Linh Thai Mountain which is about 800 meter high. The 6 km winding beach is surrounded with green forest with 3 ideal places for swimming: Ham Rong, Dong Duong and Bai Dam beach.

Tam Giang Lagoon
If it is still not enough to satisfy you, the Highway 49B also treats you with two unique specialties that unlike anywhere else: the fishing village of An Bang and Ham Rua grotto.

The fishing village of An Bang has a unique culture that the British Daily Mail newspaper had to say it was "a strange, colourful and extravagant cemetery ". The village is known as "cities of the dead" or "ghost town of An Bang" by the locals in Hue. According to people in the villages, 90% of the villagers have relatives and loved ones who live overseas (mainly in the US) and they often send money to their relatives to build tombs. Therefore, fishermen here often compete to build the tomb with increasingly size and elaborate patterns for the dead.

Ham Rong Beach
The second specialty is the Ham Rua Grotto (Turtle Grotto), which hasn’t appeared on the tourist map of Vietnam yet. However, you may find it on the map and explore it yourself. The location and landscape in Ham Rua Grotto might make you surprised.
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3. A Co Pass - A Nor Waterfall

One more beautiful road in Hue is Highway 49 leading to the A Nor waterfall. This is the favourite route for the local youth choose to go thanks to good road condition, beautiful views and many nice stops for exploring. From the city of Hue, along the National Highway 49 to the junction of Bot Do, you will pass the legendary A Co Pass, Mo Qua Bridge, up the Bo river to get to the A Luoi.

A Co Pass
A Luoi is a mountainous district bordering Laos. The weather here is almost like in Bana. During the day, it’s sunny but not as hot as in the city. At night it’s very cold and in the morning it’s foggy like in "the dreamland".

To reach the waterfall, you should continue to go through another iron bridge named after a national hero: A Vau. The presence of this bridge has made the road to the falls more convenient than before. From a distance, you could hear the roaring water that falls down. The sound echoes in the mountains, like it is creating more motivation for your footstep. That’s why although a little bit tiring, you are still powerful to keep walking forward.

Among great green jungle with two-story waterfall, A Nor is so magnificent with foaming white water. Coming to A Nor, you will hardly ignore the pure attractive water. If you like thrills and swim, you can try once standing on the edge of the rock and drop yourself down on the stream bed. The refreshing feeling cannot be described.
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