Top 10 Travel Destinations in Vietnam in 2017

These places will definitely blow your mind, making your legs just want to carry your backpack up and go immediately!
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The year 2017 has knocked on the door, so don’t hesitate to put in the bucket list these 10 tourist destinations which will be very remarkable in the next year. These places will definitely blow your mind, making your legs just want to carry your backpack up and go immediately!

1. Mang Den, Kon Tum

Mang Den is a town in Kon Plong district, Kon Tum province, with primeval forests and many lakes and waterfalls. The climate here is cool and fresh, suitable for tourists to avoid hot summer. Located at an altitude of 1,100 - 1,400m above sea level, over 50km from Kon Tum town, between the untouched pine forest and the flower, the weather in Mang Den will always be cold.

Coming to the Mang Den you will be walking on the winding road with two sides of green pine trees, the smell of pine resin. The echelon is the bird chirping, the cool climate brings the wild and majestic features of the mountains and forests. That is why Mang Den is loved by tourists and it’s called Da Lat of Kon Tum.

2. Bao Loc, Lam Dong

Speaking to Lam Dong, people will think of the city of Dalat thousand flowers, but forgot that there is a place full of life, beautiful and young- Bao Loc city. It only takes about 4 hours to drive to Saigon, Bao Loc will welcome you with cool and calm air, right in the mountain town. Come to Bao Loc you should not forget to visit the destinations such as: Linh Quy Phap An temple, Damb'ri waterfall, Tam Chau tea hills...

3. Wind field, Bac Lieu

From Bac Lieu city, following the Cao Van Lau road to the sea, in Bien Dong A hamlet, Vinh Trach Dong commune, there is a new wind power plant which was completed earlier this year. The distance from the city center to the factory is about 20 km, but from a distance of tens of kilometers, you can see turbine rotating evenly as giant propellers in the sky. This is a favorite spot for many young people to come to Bac Lieu.

4. Ta Xua, Son La

Located in Bac Yen district, Son La province, the Ta Xua mountain rises up to the horizon creating the natural boundary between Yen Bai and Son La, with three summits constituting an extremely imposing wonder. The majestic Ta Xua ridge is composed of three peaks characterized by the "turtle head" and the "dinosaur’s spine", the way up is in the Cong village, Tram Tau district, Yen Bai province. To conquer with average physical strength, it takes 3 days 2 nights, for people with good physical strength and more experienced, it only takes 2 days 1 night.

This place attracts many young people are passionate to conquer the high adventure. However, not everyone is lucky to see the cloud covered feet. The appropriate time to hunt Ta Xua cloud is the winter months, from December to March every year, the probability of encountering the cloud valley will be higher.

5. Binh Lieu, Quang Ninh

Binh Lieu is a mountainous district in the northern part of Quang Ninh Province, 108 km from Ha Long City and 28 km from Tien Yen Town.

The nature is favorable to many beautiful landscapes so you can come to Binh Lieu at any time of the year. If you come here in the last days of March, early April, you will admire the beautiful rainbow season; In the summer and autumn, you will see waterfalls, green terraced fields. The last months of the year is also a beautiful time because this is where the terraces cover the brilliant yellow color of ripe rice, the season of spring flowers, new rice feast and many other interesting things.

6. Ta Nang - Phan Dung

Trekking through forests through three provinces of Lam Dong - Ninh Thuan - Binh Thuan is always attractive to those who love to explore. Starting from Ta Nang commune or Da Quyn commune, Duc Trong district (Lam Dong province), it takes about 3 days and 2 nights to experience nearly 60 km of passing forest, climbing passes and crossing streams, moving from a height of 1,100 m. to the 500 m above sea level.

The most impressive sight is the vast grass hills, sparse rows of pine trees, far away is the cloudy sky, beautiful scenery and peaceful picturesque. The ending point of the journey is Phan Dung commune, then pick up motorbike taxi to the intersection of Lien Huong (Tuy Phong, Binh Thuan) to catch the bus moving to Ho Chi Minh City or other provinces.

For trekking lovers: Vietnam trekking tours | Pu Luong Trekking

7. Hon Ba, Nha Trang

Hon Ba is a primeval forest located at an altitude of 1,578 m, about 60 km southwest of Nha Trang. Hon Ba trekking is an exciting jungle trekking, exploring the nature reserve of Hon Ba with nearly 600 species of flora such as: pine, fokienia, azaleas, oaks ... You can sleep Ooernight in the small lodge on the top of the mountain or carry a tent, sleeping bag for camping. Note that latex temperatures can drop below 10 degrees Celsius, so bring warm clothing.

8. Dong Cao, Bac Giang

Dong Cao plateau is located in Thach Son commune, Son Dong district, Bac Giang province, about 150 km from Hanoi. If you move from Hanoi, you drive along Highway 1 to Bac Giang and follow Highway 31 to An Chau Town. From here to Dong Cao is about 30 km. Or from the center of Bac Giang city, tourists go to Son Dong district, then meet the 10 km long soil road into the plateau.
Dong Cao is a nice destination with many terrains and rocky slopes, undulating as a rocky field. This area has ideal conditions for short-term camping.

9. G'Lun Waterfall, Dak Nong

Located in Dak R'Til commune, Tuy Duc district, 60 km from Gia Nghia town center, gorgeous Dak G'Lun waterfall is over 50 meters high and then quietly into two streams hanging on the cliff. It looks like a soft silk flying in the sun and wind between the Highland forests.

Come to the G'Lun waterfall, you are not only surprised by the beauty of the cool waterfalls with white foam blossomed on the wide foliage, the rocks undulating at your feet but also interested in the peaceful space, quiet moments. You can feel relaxed, watching the green hills and echoes echoing throughout the mountains ... it is the sound of waterfalls, birds singing in the wind.

10. Phu Quy, Binh Thuan

Phu Quy is a small island located about 120km from Phan Thiet city, your first impression when coming here is the very wild scenery and almost no contact of the professional travel services. Maybe so that Phu Quy is gradually becoming the hot name ever in the minds of young tourists who love travel.

Not only attract tourists by many beaches such as Trieu Duong Bay, Doi Dua beach, Nho beach - Ganh Hang .. Phu Quy also has many attractions for you to explore. It is a small island with an area of 16 km² but on the island there are many pagodas, shrines and temples with longstanding architectures such as: Linh Quang Pagoda, Van An Thanh Pagoda in Tam Thanh commune; Thay Nai grave, the temple of Bang Tranh in Long Hai commune; Linh Son ancient pagoda on Cao Cat mountain ...

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