5 Interesting Experience of Travelling to Hue

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It might be a stereotype that the poetic and romantic Hue city is also « calm » as the local residents themselves. However, after experiencing these interesting following activities, you certainly change your mind.

1. Engaging in Zipline and Highwire

Zipline has long been familiar to young people, particularly those who did travel Quang Binh, Dalat or Lam Dong. Because of it positive responses from participants, Hue is currently offering this adventure game. By hanging yourself on long cables and sliding down from the peak to the foot of the mountain, you definitely enjoy the panorama the stunning scenery from the upside down. 

Featuring a height of nearly 50 meters and a length of 560 meters, the Zipline in Thanh Tan enables you to see the winding long springs, rows of trees at right below your feet, and even the blowing wind in the ear within a few minutes. However, they are enough to satisfy your curiosity as well as the eagerness of visitors out of regions.

Unlike Zipline, the Highwire is a series of challenges that require ingenuity and flexibility. There are 3 stages of different challenges such as bridge zigzag, swing ladder, swing, etc that promise to make you physically tired after days of being stuck behind the desk. Never mind, however, there is an instructor who always stands beside you to ensure that go fulfill this game safely. Noticeably, it might take you an hour to take on all challenges, when you have to climb on strings 5 feet from the ground.

2. Hot Spring

Situated in Thanh Tan tourist site, the natural hot springs system has attracted both locals and tourists. These mineral springs feature temperatures fluctuating from 30 degrees up to 60 degrees Celsius when they are near the source. Moreover, it offers interesting games at the water park, sliding tubes, for instance. They promise to draw the interest of young participants.

3. Enjoying « Ca Hue » (unique Hue folk tune that are melodious and sweet) on Huong River

A popular activity that has been going on for many years of those to visit the poetic and romantic Hue, is to listen to the sweet melodies of traditional Hue on Huong River. In spite of being young, musicians and singers singing on the boat perform traditional Hue songs by their heart. These melodies have been existed hundreds of years, becoming an essential part in the spiritual life of the local residents for the reason that is directly related to the both people and the land.

At Toa Kham dock, you can easily buy tickets for listening to traditional Hue songs at 5$ per person. Then, you experience an unforgettable 1-hour journey of floating on the poetic Huong River, crossing the Trang Tien Bridge sparkling at night, then enjoying rustic but heart - melting voices of Hue songs. There is one thing interesting that all ships are in the shape of the dragon boat with the capacity of 20 to 30 passengers per night.

Sitting on the boat about 1 hour, immersing in live performance without micro, and enjoying the impressively charming nature on Huong River, you definitely feel how amazing your life is. It’s totally worth your try, really.

4. Visiting the Imperial city and  Mausoleums

The Imperial City and Mausoleum, Hue are undoubtedly « worthy-visiting » spots during your journey to the poetic Hue city. It is for the main reason that the remains of Nguyen Dynasty, a long dynasty in Vietnamese history are preserved and conserved in the mausoleum.

Walking around the Imperial City, you are certainly « overwhelmed » by the Mausoleum of  King Minh Mang located in a peaceful green pine all year round and the Mausoleum of  KingTu Duc spread across a large area. There are various interesting things await you to explore this historic site. 
Especially, if you have free time, rent a bike or motorbike to travel around shady streets around the Capital City in the evening, to enjoy the « dynamic » songs of the cicadas on quiet streets. Thus, you can enjoy the rustic life of Hue people.

5. Exploring Hue Cuisine

It will not be a « full » trip if you travel around the poetic and romantic Hue city without tasting special cakes that have been long familiar to both national and international visitors. There are dozens of tasteful delicious cakes you should try such as crispy fried rice cake (Banh Khoai), simmered rice cake filled with shrimps (Banh Bot Loc), etc that promise to capture your eyes right they see the processing process of the owners.

Additionally, you might walk along the banks of Huong River in nightmarket to enjoy the Truong Tien Bridge « hamburger » in the evening; tasting a bowl of hot beef noodle in Chi Keo’s stall, or even eat a cup of sweet soup and roasted meat. I’m sure that you will be deeply in love with these « mouth-watering » dishes. 

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Location Tp. Huế, Thừa Thiên Huế, Việt Nam


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