7 Must-Try Street Food When Traveling to Malaysia

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Malaysia offers a variety of tasteful street food that does not only enable tourists to enjoy new dishes representing traditional cultures, manners and eating habits of the locals but also give them unforgettable experiences during their journey to this beautiful land.

Ayam Percik Chicken 

The first « must-try » street food in Malaysian must be  Ayam Percik Chicken.  It features pieces of chicken marinated with satay, garlic, ginger, sauce, and coconut milk then grilled directly on charcoal. They complement each other so well. Noticeably, during the process of grilling, the cooks will sprinkle more sauce to chicken so that it is more fragrant and tasteful. Although they add satay to chicken, it’s still rich with coconut milk. I’m sure that you will be mesmerized by the fragrance of the dish right after smelling it. Moreover, you might uncontrollably swallow saliva when seeing the chef making this dish. Thus, it’s definitely worth tasting.

Rojak Salad (vegetables and fruits salad)

The mouth-watering salad of various fruits and vegetables, including unripe mangos, apples, cucumbers, papaws, guavas, etc. promises to tease your taste bubs. The special recipe of this salad is that all ingredients are mixed with a spicy salty sauce and fish paste, then served with fried tofu and crushed peanut. The great combination of all ingredients leaves a wonderful flavour in your mouth definitely satisfies your appetite with every mouthful. Moreover, thanks to its delicious taste, it is often eaten with jellyfish salad and shrimps salads to exclude the fishy smell of seafood.

Roti Jala Cake

Being a popular snack in Malaysia, Roti Jala Cake is offered on every street in all seasons, especially during the vegetarian month of the locals. Traditionally, Malaysian people often have this cake and goat curry or chicken curry for their meals. If you want to taste one of them, they are available to meet your need.  The tasteful Roti Jala cake is made from wheat flour, coconut milk, turmeric, eggs, and salt which complement each other so well. The first step in processing process is to mix all ingredients together, then pour into the steamed trays. Noticeably, the cakes are soft, rich and fragrant thanks to coconut milk.

Tepung Pelita Cake

If you have a sweet tooth, you should definitely give Tepung Pelita Cake a  try during your cuisine exploration in Malaysia. Being made from coconut milk, sugar, and pandan, this tasteful cake is popular with both locals and tourists. You might guess the reason why they add pandan to the cake, of course, to make it fragrant and green. You certainly enjoy this fragrant cake at food stalls on the street, bakeries, or even restaurants in the country.

Assam Laksa Noodles

Assam Laksa Noodle is a popular dish known worldwide. Therefore, it must be the first « worthy-trying » dish during your cuisine exploration in Malaysia. There is no shortage of places that offer this national soul dishes, but for the reason of the most delicious ones, I would recommend those in to try in Penang State, about 300 km from the capital Kuala Lumpur.

With so many tantalizing flavours coming together, this dish is a definite delight to savour. The smoothness of noodles, small pieces of fish, shrimp paste, cucumber, pineapple slices and of course, the slightly spicy sourish soup just complement each other so well. Thus, this soup surely tease your taste buds and stir up your appetite with every mouthful.

Roti John Cake

Roti John Cake, the Malaysian « hamburger » recipes, is a popular dish known by both locals and tourists. Noticeably, they use pork, beef, or even chicken to make the hamburger. To make a Malaysian-style bread, the chief has to fry eggs and ground on the frying pan, then fry bread until it get cripsy. The bread, then, will be chopped down and served with chilli sauce so that customers might be easy to eat.

Putu Piring Rice Cake

Being made from only two familiar ingredients, including rice starch and jaggery and in the shape of a plate, Putu Piring Rice Cake fascinates tourists by the « rustic » taste. Thanks to the great taste of the jaggery, this rice cake promises to tease your taste bubs and stir up your appetite with every mouthful. This tasteful dish is often served as breakfast and snack in the early afternoon. Most importantly, it is an indispensable dish in traditional festivals of Malaysia.

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