Best Adventure Travel Experiences in Myanmar

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Myanmar not only has tropical climate, temperate climate but also many primitive forest areas. Snorkeling, river cruises, trekking, mountain skiing, elephant riding, jungle exploration ... are the adventures that many visitors have recently chosen in the tour to Myanmar.

HPonkanRazi Climbing

HponkanRazi is located in Putao, Kachin State - the highest place of Myanmar. Climbing, hiking, exploring the natural jungle is the attraction of this mountain. In addition, visitors have the opportunity to visit and explore the ethnic groups living in the high mountains. Mount HponkanRazi has snow covering over 6 months of the year. There are rare and precious plants and animals in the mountains such as red panda, takin, red goral, pine forest, mixed forest and rare orchids.

Khakaborazi Climbing

Khakaborazi is located in the state of Kachin, in northern Myanmar, within a tributary of the Himalayas, at the foot of Khakaborazi National Park. The whole park is located in the high mountains, characterized by rain forests of subtropical climate. There are forests in the mountains: lush evergreen broadleaf forests, deciduous forest, coniferous forest and snow forest. High-altitude travelers can not miss this place, conquering the roof of Southeast Asia will definitely leave you many memories on your Myanmar pilgrimage tour.


In Myanmar, you can also try the adventure of rafting on the river. Explore the Nam Lang River in the state of Kachin, pass the 3rd and 4th grade waterfalls, through canyons and jungles. Not only that, it also gives visitors a close-up view of the people and lifestyles which have not changed for centuries.

Adventure with a balloon in Bagan

The capital of Bagan is one of the most attractive places to visit Myanmar. Today, in order to attract more visitors the city has opened air tours with balloons.

 These special tours usually depart early in the morning and before sunset -  the best time to admire the landscape. Standing on the balloon, visitors not only see the whole capital but also inhale the fresh, pleasant air.

Dive adventure tourism

Myanmar has a very large coastal area. Myanmar snorkeling is a great experience. During your tour to Myanmar, visitors will not only be immersed in the clear blue water or lie on the sunbathing beaches but can also dive under the sea to see the life of the creatures.

Dive at NgweSaung Beach

Professional divers, guides and diving teams will guide visitors to explore the ocean. In NgweSaung, visitors can find marine fish, aquatic plants, coral reefs, rare species of animals such as sea urchins and underwater caves which are very attractive. NgweSaung's diving areas are Birds Island and White Rock Island.

Dive in the Myeik archipelago

The diving areas in the Myeik Islands are Black Rock, Myanmar Bank, Western Rocky, North Twin Island, Three Islet and Shark Cave. The water here is green and very clean. There are many types of sea crab, lobster, snail, fish, coral, shark, rays, etc.


Diving in this area is for those who want to explore the wonderful world beneath the ocean with only the snorkel, mask and flippers.

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Location Mi-an-ma (Miến Điện)


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