Top 4 the Best Homestay in Hanoi

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These following 4 homestays has strongly grasped the attention of tourists because they are all weird, charming, comfortable and more importantly, near the center of Hanoi.

1. Golf View Villa, Tam Dao City, Vinh Phuc Province

Located at the foot of Tam Dao mountain near Tam Dao Golf Resort, Golf View villa drives its guests crazy with the romantic beauty compared to a house in a famous Kpop-star drama named “Full House”. Thus, it is probably one of the “must-try” homestays for this summer vacation.

This charming homestay offers an airy space with 3 bedrooms, of which 2 are provided with 1 king-sized bed and the large one is provided with 2 king-sized bed. Sitting in the living room, you definitely hold a panoramic view of the pure blue swimming pool and green garden in front of the villa. Additionally, the large beautiful front and back yards enable your kids to play around without being bored like they used to be at home.

Moreover, Golf View villa is currently providing its guests with a billard table in the living room, small swimming pool particularly for kids, and a space where you can make barbeque by yourself thanks to modern gas grills and a variety of utensils. Furthermore, standing at this spot, you certainly have a wonderful view of the majestic mountains surrounded by poetic lakes. It is an ideal destination for those who wish to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

A room is priced at 180$ for the weekdays and 250$ for the weekend. You might think that it’s expensive but, actually, if you travel in group of 10-12 people, it’s totally affordable.

2. Sky tree house, Long Bien District

Situated in a small alley on Ngoc Thuy Street, Long Bien District, Hanoi, Sky tree house probably mesmerize its visitors with “pretty” houses on the tree which you have ever read in a fairy tail and seen in movies respectively. It’s marvelous to immerse yoursef into the fairy world with real fairy houses in this amazing attraction.

Sky tree house has several houses designed and decorated with their own unique style. They are favorably compared with “hobbit” stone houses hiding in the thick forest in the fairy world. The homestay is a series of alternate tree houses named Zen Space tree house, Cozy tree house, Tropical paradise tree house, Sky tree house, Garden cottage, etc.

When approaching this kind of house for the first time, many of you might think that the facilities inside the house must be “rustic” as ancient ones. On the contrary, they are supplied with the comfortable bed and toilet. Especially, each house owns a pretty a small balcony, in which you can engage in a favorite book, lay leisurely to enjoy the airy atmosphere and green nature.

3. Jungle House

Jungle House in Tien Du commune, Bac Ninh province is a unique villa built based on stone techniques. Surrounded by stone of the unique shape, this homestay catches the attention of tourists with the coolness and friendliness. Moreover, it also owns a large garden of 800 square meters with hundreds of fruit trees.

The Jungle House features ancient Western European architecture with Vintage loungers, stone walls, spiral staircases, and arched windows. Thanks to a large living room, a separate kitchen and outdoor barbecue area, this amazing homestay is large enough for you to experience the “environmentally” friendly life that you hardly do in the bustling city. 

The house offers 3 bedrooms with 4 beds, more significantly, it also provides heating system. Additionally, if you come here during hot days, you will feel comfortable because of stone houses and the surrounding green garden that always keep the indoor temperature remarkably lower than the outdoor temperature.

Jungle house is priced at 200$/day and night for the weekend (Friday and Saturday’s night) and holiday and 140$ for the weekdays (Sunday’s night to Thursday’s night).

4. Hidden Villa, Soc Son commune

Having emerged recently, the charming wooden Hidden Villa in Soc Son Commune (30 km from Hanoi) is a “crush” of those who love to find a quiet destination for their vacation without traveling too far. Get there, you are definitely mesmerized right away by the beautiful wooden house like Edward Cullen’s in the famous movie named “Twilight”.

This Nordic glass and wooden house is surrounded by rows pine trees, a large garden accompanied a tea table, outdoor dining table, and BBQ area. And, of course, there are also swing chairs and a pretty grass garden to relax if you want to indulge yourself into childhood memories.

This house does not attract its guests by the attractive “appearance” but also the “weird” indoor design and decoration. Although it’s quite large, it offers only 2 bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen. Therefore, you should only stay up to 10 people to fully enjoy your comfortable and private space.

You certainly reach this amazing atraction after 40 minutes of traveling by motorbike from the center of Hanoi. Moreover, it is easy to find because this house is near Viet Phu Thanh Chuong.The room is priced at 200$ for 2 days and 1 night. It’s quite cheap if you travel in group. Therefore, if you want to find a place to stay away from the bustle of the city life “right” in the city, Hidden Villa must be an ideal choice. Bear in mind, yet, you need to book rooms in advance to ensure that the room is available when you come. 

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Location Hà Nội, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Việt Nam


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