Guide: 3-Day Trekking Mt Rinjani in Indonesia

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The 3,726-meter-high Rinjani volcano road goes through the deep abyss and mwast. The scene was beautiful and romantic, but it makes people feel afraid - a small mwastake can also make people die because it’s too dangerous.

Starting at Sembalun village (Lombok wasland, Indonesia), with a height of 1,000 m above sea level, we started trekking day 1, climbing to a height of 2,600 m. The scenery along the way was very romantic, with wildflowers along the road and golden flowers spread vast. The air was cool and fresh.
Trek groups from European and Asian countries interspersed with the porters to load up the mountain band very long, creating a fun and exciting atmosphere. Sometimes the group passed through bridges crossing small streams, or lava flows were old, natural nature that I think I will not be able to see again in any region.

Baggage on our shoulders was a small backpack, including the minimalwast to use during the day. I carried half a bottle of water, a towel, a hat, a black eyeglass, a chocolate bar, a raincoat, a sunblock, a pair of gloves. Weigh up to 0.5kg, quite compact and secure enough when necessary. All other luggage used for the next day was taken by the porter.

At noon, the group stopped at stop 1. Lunch was served with fruit, Indonesian style noodles and a glass of tea. For me, that was good.

Some passing rain, and flies also flew in to shelter the rain. We slept for 10 minutes, then set off on our way to our first campsite at 2,600 m.

The trek on the 1st afternoon seems to be more arduous. Slope standing up, both sides of old forest trees were old and tall growing thick. The forest was covered by dense fog.

The groups began to slow down. Slippery road, rugged, big boulders, legs began to tire. I walked small steps, keep the harmony as well as health and speed.

18h, we were also coming to the first campsite. I thanked heavyweight boots - it's pointless to see it in vain, but in slippery arcades it feels like it's going to run its course.

We stopped by at 19h30. It was a high hill, two deep chasms, a trekking road in the morning and a frosted ones. The tents of the troupes split up and down the hill, the atmosphere was fun too.

Everyone was wet, but can only be wiped off with a wet towel, and change to warmth for rest and tomorrow morning. We have dinner at 20h, end about 21h. People talked a little and ưent to sleep.

The golden moonlight shines through the wilderness, shining the mighty Rinjani. The clouds of haze swept away by the wind left deep in the depths of a lake full of enchanted. I found a small fire of locals and talked to them. The porter people were very open and welcoming.

On the second day, we woke up at 1:30 in the morning, dressed in warm clothes, a neat backpack, a torch head, a pair of trek sticks, and prepared warm clothes, gloves, raincoats, warm hats, drinking water and hit the road to conquer the mighty Rinjani Mountain.

The road starts from steep, rocky, muddy, slippery slopes. Each step was slipped back by round and hard stone. At 2am, the trekking was very crowded. Everyone cheerfully walked, though the road was really bumpy and difficult.

I cautiously walked, step by step, avoid to lose strength. I carefully  and slowly breathe air, as long as not to tired, the breath will be gentle, and foot steps were not slow, but sure, with the motto of “safety is the most important” .

The temperature started to drop to about 1-2 degrees centigrade. The path was lit by a bright moon, the sides of the road were deep and deep chasm. The distance was also deep pool and clouds in large blocks. The scene was beautiful and romantic, but it made people feel afraid. A small mistake can make someone die.

I saw the lake below. The lake water was reddish in lava, feeling as if it was passing through the harsh region.

The wind blew even stronger, some porters even took the blankets to wrap, many took the raincoat to wear outside. Many songs were sang, many people found niche rocks to avoid cold, the group sparse and fall out gradually.

Heavy steps, steeper and even more slippery road, colder weather, stronger wind, craggy surroundings made us more tired. 

I walked slowly, this challenge ưas not easy to overcome. I tried very hard but also tired, also hate the way the hard way is more difficult, and began to see many people give up, frustrated, blaming themselves, and asked how terrible the real ...

I walked in the middle of the group,  only about 10 m from teammates but could not overcome them. Very cold and difficult. The number of people leaving started to increase. Someone sat down right on the roadside to rest. 

On this elevation, my brain was oxygen-deficient, I began to feel sleepy. I closed my eyes, wished I could sleep here, and I wanted to give up. It was 6 o'clock, too drowsy, I started to lie down on the side of the road, I could not stand up, walk nor crawl. 

The mountain was not easy to conquer. At about 50 meters from the top, I could not move. The members motivated each other, some people wanted to give up, some people decided to go to the top, so slowly we walked.

I was helped by a porter, pulling my arms, making me more confident and better, finally climbing the mountain.

One of the delegates had been sleeping in the middle of the mountain for about 10 minutes, so we had to ask a foreign trekker to wake him up. And the whole group conquered the majestic Rinjani.

From the top, looking down at the immense sky, you can see the mountain of Baby Vocanal below, the beautiful lake, and alluring geological tectonic geography. People on the top of the mountain were also soften, warmer, more relaxed, but did not forget carefully step by step to come down the mountain.

The journey down the mountain is also extremely difficult, slippery, muddy. I don’t know why we could climb the mountain with such terrible road at night. The toes were aching, the knees swaying, tired.

At 12 o'clock, our group arrived at the original campsite, had lunch in a hurry and continued the journey down to beautiful lake. Elevation was from 2,600 m to 2,000 m. 

Climbing down the steep rock was also very difficult, but romantic scenery on both sides of the road also quieted the heart. Thinking about tonight sleeping nearby a dream pond and soaking in the hot water was so wonderful.

At about 18h, we went to the campsite by the lake, grilled fish caught under the lake, enjoying charming romantic scenery. The golden moonlight illuminates the entire surface of the lake. Blurry clouds were coming down. Cool wind, mild air made us so relaxed.

Everyone wentto the hot springs. The stream was smoky, warm and wonderful. After dinner, the whole group went to bed. I went to the fire by myself, and talked with the local people.

The next morning, we came back to the foot of the mountain, starting at 8am. The group went back up to the altitude from 2,000 m to 2,600 m, and went down to the foot of the mountain at an altitude of 1000 m, from morning until late.

Rocky, slippery and difficult road, rainy, wet weather. We were hungry, tired and hurt but we still sang and told jokes. 

I love this journey. Love my team. The culture of the team is never to give up, not leave your teammates and try to conquer yourself. You choose and we support you.

I thank the team for making a very interesting trip.

The journey has just begun.

The road is long.

The next challenge is waiting for us.

And I will go ...

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Location In-đô-nê-xi-a


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