Hangzhou - The Most Beautiful City in China

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Beautiful Hangzhou is a giant lively picture, which is both seductive, quiet and attractive with special points.

Arriving in Hangzhou in the evening, the first scene to hit our eyes was a fairly large airport but not as many aircraft as the other airports. The queue entry procedures were quite crowded, but it was very fast.

It’s about 35km from Hangzhou International Airport to the city center. Sitting in the taxi, skimming through the suburban streets, we all felt that a peaceful city was right ahead. The local driver was friendly, open-minded. Knowing we are foreigners, he excitedly told us the most basic features of the poetic city of Hangzhou.

When we arrived in the city center, although it was just about 21:00 pm, the streets were empty. Hangzhou is known for its beautiful natural scenery, filled with poetic ideas, in which it is impossible not to mention the peaceful West Lake. Hangzhou is like a lively picture that nature has been blessed to the people here. It is both seductive charming and quiet, peaceful and attractive.

Hangzhou is famous for silk and green tea, and is also home to China's most advanced mulberry trade. This is also one of the early points of the ancient Silk Road.

It is often assumed that the beauty of Hangzhou convergences in West Lake. With a total area of over 6km², West Lake is a freshwater lake recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2011.

Historically, Hsihu was the only place in Hangzhou where bombs were not dropped when the Japanese fascism invaded China. It is said that when the commanding officer of the Japanese forces in Hangzhou fell in love with a local girl, the girl loved the beauty of the poetry of West Lake, so every time the Japanese bombarded Hangzhou, only West Lake was always considered "prohibited area". Therefore, West Lake still retains the same landscape as the first day when nature created it with many temples, pagodas, shrines and surrounding area that ancient people built. In it, Lei Feng Tower is a very famous sacred place with the legend of the White Snake and Green Snake.

Surrounded by green hills on three sides, West Lake is separated by three dykes. The western of West Lake is the impressive image of the vast green tea fields of Longjing tea, not only the specialty of Hangzhou but also famous throughout China.

Not only West Lake, Hangzhou also has a wetland located in the west of the city. Like West Lake, the vast lagoon, which also includes many buildings built in traditional style, was once the gateway to China.

If the natural landscape, the ancient architecture created a tranquil, peaceful Hangzhou, at other angles, the economic development has made it a modern city with a very special style. The roads are always busy by visitors shopping but not cluttered, noisy. The product sold mainly is silk with the traditional characteristics of this land.

We came to the family of Le Ngoc Tam, a successful Vietnamese businessman who had been living in Hangzhou for a long time to learn more about people and wanted to know why the city could preserve so many old trees. Mr Tam, from Thanh Chuong, Nghe An said: "Hangzhou people are friendly, enthusiastic, hospitable. As a tourist city, but Hangzhou does not cheat tourists, the price is obvious. The public transport system in Hangzhou is quite developed. There are many means for visitors to choose when visiting, shopping. In particular, the city government always pays attention to the protection of trees. Every time there is a storm, they cut pruned leaves and the tree is used to protect the three corner rods to protect.

Hangzhou with poetic beauty, the scenery brings a bit of calm like pulling people to stay. Leaving Hangzhou, but the image of the people, the scenery here makes us all also silently hope to see it again.

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Location Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China


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