Miss Vietnam Ky Duyen Sharings about Her Trip to Bali Paradise Island

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After the trip to Bali Paradise Island, Miss Vietnam 2014 Ky Duyen shares experiences on how to book flight ticket, accommodation, transportation, and exploration.

Miss Vietnam Ky Duyen has just had a short summer holiday in Bali, the “pearl” island of Indonesia. The “breath – taking” island has been top – ranked tourist attraction in Asia where many celebrities of Hollywood stayed during their trip to Asia, most recently “perfect” couple of K- Drama named Song Song Ki and Song Hye Kyo.

She and her friends did make the plan themselves, so she had a lot of useful experiences. Interestingly, this is also the first time Miss Vietnam has written a post at the end of a trip and enthusiastically answered questions of readers.

1. Accommodation

Of course, there is no shortage of hotels and resorts in Bali paradise island that offer different prices. However, they also grasp “eyes – catching” views. Therefore, you feel free to choose particular areas such as Kuta, Nusa Dua, etc. Ky Duyen decided to stay at Nusa Dua beach because of its peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, fresh sea breezes, turquoise blue sea water, and smooth sandy beach. If you are engrossed with adventuring travel, you might make a visit to Kuta beach. Miss Vietnam stayed at Amarterra resort.

2. Food and Drink

According to Miss Ky Duyen, you should bring noodles, ham, snacks, and fruits from Vietnam because the food in Bali is difficult to “satisfy” the taste of the Vietnamese. They are mainly made from curry and other “smelly” spices. However, you might try satay and rice. 

3. Taxi

My Blue Bird Taxi (light blue taxi) is only the “credible” taxi brand of which the fare is counted by the number of kilometers in Indonesia, in general, and Bali, in particular. However, this kind of taxi does not serve at the airport, so you must bargain enthusiastically with the taxi driver to avoid being “cheated”.

There is a useful solution for you, that is use Uber software to find out the charge. Thus, you can pay a little extra for this price if you take a normal taxi.

4. Exploration

Miss Ky Duyen was most “overwhelmed” by ancient Tanah Lot temple that she considered as a “worthy – visiting” tourist attraction during your trip to Bali. Stepping onto the entrance of the temple, you definitely indulge yourself into the spectacular nature and sophisticated architecture that has intertwined with the spiritual life of local residents. Built at the top of a giant rock lying in the middle of the sea, the holy Tanah Lot temple is the pride of the Balinese people. From Nusa Dua, you just take a bus to reach the destination after 30 minutes. Then, you need to pay 60 000 IDR/ per person (about more than 100,000 VND) to explore the whole temple. 

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