The Pretty Coffee Shop Under the Ancient Tree in Saigon

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The coffee shop owner has conserved the old trees on the construction ground instead of cutting down to create a green space for visitors.

Stepping onto Du Mien Garden Café (Phan Van Tri street, Go Vap district) for the first time, many visitors are strongly impressed by the airy space, more importantly, four ancient trees of several dozens years old combining harmoniously with new architecture. 

Specifically,  three of them penetrate the ground, floor, and roof, and a tree lies next to the building whose big trunk is hang a beautiful bird "cage". The airy atmosphere and lush green tree are the distinct features of this coffee shop.

Therefore, Du Mien Garden Coffee definitely enables customers to indulge themselves into the environmentally friendly space. It’s worth mentioning that the old trees are still green, and different layers of architecture are built under the trees. 

Sitting on the 2nd floor, you might enjoy the pretty bird cage which captures the attention of almost all visitors. There is one thing interesting that the shop doesn’t feature the decoration that is traditionally considered as the key factor to grasp the eyes of guests. 

Instead, it fascinates visitors by open spaced connected to each other by logical staircase system and corridors. Therefore, you might feel relaxed and comfortable whenever you sit in this coffee shop. 

The shop was built of various kinds of materials, from concrete to wood that also helps it make its name. From the rich menu of drink, you definitely find the one you like most that is averagely priced at 2,5$. 

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Location Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


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