Thousands of Terns, Pelicans, and Sea Gulls Laying Eggs in Hon Hai island

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In July, thousands of the terns, pelicans, and gulls flock to Hon Hai Island (Binh Thuan province) to lay eggs, so they unintentionally turn the island into a giant bird nest in the East Sea.

60 kilometers from Phu Quy island, Hon Hai island - giant stone at the middle of the  South China Sea is where tens of thousands of birds gather in laying eggs season.

To admire this amazing scenery, you might depart at Phu Quy island and reach Hon Hai Island after 6 hours of floating on the boat. Looking upside down, the island looks like fish wagging its tail at the middle of the sea.  

Hon Hai is the A6 in 11 points of Vietnam's territorial sea, about 60 kilometers to the east of Phu Quy island, Binh Thuan province.

As the name would suggest, the island is in the shape of a shoe if we observe it from the north. There is one thing interesting that there is only a house in which light house guard keepers live. Moreover, the magnificent, rugged, and vertical cliffs are undoubtedly an ideal place of building a nest of terns, seagulls, and pelicans. 

A flock of tern landed on the upright surface of the island. Interestingly, these birds breed hot surface of rocks, then, make full use of the heat of the rock to lay eggs instead of building a nest. As a result, these small rock nests are the birthplace of young birds. How amazing!

As we all know, July is the season of laying eggs of birds, so the island becomes noisy and hectic with birds singing all day long. It’s worth mentioning that the “lifespan” of terns is 20 years when one can fly up to a million kilometer. 

Mr Hung - head of the island said that the island is home to various kinds of shrimp and fish that is not impacted by human’s intervention, so this is the “perfect” environment for terns to live. Additionally, there are seagulls and pelicans of a smaller number to live here.

Because the island is uninhabited, so visitors must have a permit issued by South Central Coast Maritime Safety Corporation to set foot in the island.

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Location Hon Hai, Vietnam


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