Two Must-see Eco-tourism Sites for Nature Lovers in Dong Thap

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Let’s escape the busy street in the Metropolis and paddle a boat on a peaceful river in an ecotourism site in Dong Thap Province. Here, you will relieve yourself from the stress of modern life and immerse completely into nature.

Xeo Quyet Eco-tourism Site 

Normally, tourists will have to travel cross An Huu junction in Tien Giang province, then proceed to Long Hiep Bridge. Afterward, board a ferry and arrive in Xeo Quyt. Other option includes traveling on the Nation Route 1A and continuing on National Road 30 to Xeo Quyt.   

Situated 30 km from Cao Lang city, Xeo Quyet is considered to be an ecological and historical site in Dong Thap. Visit Xeo Quyt if you want to wander around the ancient woodland and encounter numerous fantastic landscape.

In the past, Xeo Quyt was just a large marsh with a complicated canal system and wild grass growing everywhere. From 1960 to 1975, this place was chosen to be the strategic military base of Vietnamese communists during the war. Today, leaving the cruel pass behind, Xeo Quyet has been transformed into a beautiful tourist site where tourists can have a tranquil time.

Xeo Quyt is a 50 square meters area consisting of paperbark forests, mangrove forests and so on. Painted by emerald, visitors are likely to be lost in this wonderland. If you want to travel to the historical site, there are two options for transportation. One is hiking 1.5 km through the magnificent forests on the only path to the historical site. Other include traveling on a sampan through the narrow canal to have an overview of the location.

In the dry season, you will venture on multiple paths covered by vast forests and rest whenever you feel like under a large tree. In the rainy season, it is a must to hop on a sampan and let the local bring you through canals. Tourists will definitely encounter various remains from the past hidden in this region.

Besides contemplating historical sites, tourists will have a chance to join in local activities such as cock fighting and shopping in a market in the countryside in which you can taste the popular dishes in Dong Thap Province. Additionally, those who wish to explore cultures and customs can visit famous craft village or listen to Vietnamese folk songs.

Gao Giong Eco-tourism Site

This “Mini Plain of Reeds”, also known as small version Dong Thap Muoi, is located in Cao Lanh District. The eco-tourism site is 17 square kilometer and mostly covered by paperbark forests. You may want to board a sampan and float through this watery region or rent a bike and venture around paperbark forests and try the unique food in the region. 

While this destination is being preserved, visitors can freely explore the rich ecosystem of Dong Thap full of exotic fauna and flora. Natural lovers may encounter a variety of birds, including purple heron (an endangered bird in Vietnam), on the viewing platform. It is also providing habitat of numerous other species as well, including turtles, snakes, eels, fishes, and vole. Moreover, Gao Giong is painted with thousands of kilometers of green jungles which consists of paperbarks, Nauclea, and so on. 

If you want to wander around bird garden, travel on a sampan on the peaceful river paddled by local people in their unique clothes of the region. When you feel tired on the way, feel free to stop and try some delectable dishes in Dong Thap.

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Location Đồng Tháp Province, Vietnam


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