5 Things to Know Before Visiting Hoi An

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Hoi An is one of the most famous destinations in Vietnam thanks to charming ancient streets, tranquil scenery and warm-hearted people. However, if you are not sure about your trip to this fascinating town, then my suggestions of 5 things to know before visiting Hoi An might be helpful

When To Go
Hoi An is a beautiful spot during the whole year, however, each season will offer you different experiences and feelings.

Paying a visit to Hoi An in Spring, you will have a chance to experience a cosy holiday, that allows you to see a romantic Hoi An in spring rains. Visiting Hoi An in summer, you can comfortably join in a wide range of activities including going to some nice beaches in Hoi An, cycling in the countryside, having some cold beer with friends in local markets etc. Hoi An autumn guarantees you many photo chances of a picturesque appearance of Hoi An. Meanwhile, a winter trip helps you observe a bustling scene when Hoi An people dress up, celebrate their houses and prepare for the upcoming Tet holidays.

Additionally, Hoi An is quite a touristy attraction as usual, so you should remember to avoid visiting it on weekends.

Where To Stay
You will find it quite easy to find your ideal overnight spots in Hoi An thanks to a wide range of accommodation here. There are many luxurious hotels in Hoi An center with views to the river, close to the market and the Tây streets (foreigner’s street) as well as beach resorts for your Vietnam honeymoon holidays, but you should book it before coming here, make sure the rooms are available. Besides, you can choose to stay a bit further from the center to get cheaper prices and avoid noises. Hostel and dorm rooms also are good choices for young travelers and backpackers when they do not have to worry about the price, have many chances to party and enjoy Hoi An to the fullest.

What To See
There are a lot of must-see places in Hoi An depending on your personal interests. You might be eager to visit some famous historical architectural masterpieces such as Japanese Covered Bridge (the symbol of Hoi An), Fukian Assembly Hall, Quan Cong Temple, Museum of Trade Ceramic. 
Moreover, you can spend time walking around tiny alleyways to admire the ancient houses and learn more about the lifestyle of local people here.

What To Do
Hoi An is claimed to be the all time favorite to many domestic and foreign travelers thanks to a large number of interesting activities there. The trip will offer you the opportunity to have a boat trip along the romantic Hoai River to experience Hoi An like a local, enjoy Hoi An scenery or admire the sunset. You can also pay a visit to local markets to experience a unique culinary scene with many delicious specialties such as Hu Tieu, Cao Lau, Banh uot thit heo, Mi Quang, especially the out-of-this-world Banh Mi Hoi An - which definitely is the highlight of your Vietnam culinary tours.

Hoi An has some nice spots for beach lovers consisting of Cua Dai, Binh Minh, Ha Mi, An Bang, which are located not too far from the town center.
Cycling to the countryside in Hoi An is another great idea to enjoy fresh air and cool breeze as well as admire immense rice paddies and rustic local villages in Hoi An.
You can also choose your favorite relaxing spots among hundreds of nice rooftop cafes and bars in this ancient town and make new friends from all over the world.

What To Buy
Like other famous tourist attractions, Hoi An has a large amount of things to buy home for yourself, friends and your beloved family including tiny key fobs attached with many symbols of Hoi An and Vietnam, high-quality leather stuffs, made-in-Vietnam well-designed T-shirts and some local specialties and spices in local markets.

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