Top 5 Best Attractions in Nha Trang

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Located at the southernmost area of Central Vietnam, Nha Trang is widely famous for its long spectacular beaches, fresh emerald water and beautiful luxurious resorts. This lovely city is pretty busy and touristy sometimes, but there is a list of spots that you can definitely peacefully enjoy and have memorable time with your beloved family and friends. Here is our tips for 5 best attractions in Nha Trang.

Hon Mun Island

Visiting Nha Trang, besides enjoying yourself on the coast, diving in Hon Mun Island must be your best experience you have ever had during your Vietnam excursions. The Island is surrounded by an extremely diverse marine park including different types of coral and sea animals, which gives the tourist the opportunity to understand more about the oceanlife and some only-in-vietnam species. Moreover, there are some exciting services for you to enjoy on Hon Mun Island such as floating pubs, scuba-diving, glass bottom boat etc. 

Nha Trang Oceanography Institute

Another best place to visit in this city should be NhaTrang Oceanography Institute. Founded in 1923, this is considered to be the earliest of its kind in Vietnam. The Institute owns a huge collection of thousands of death and alive species, bones and specimens of extinct animals in Vietnam. Additionally, you will have a chance to extend your knowledge of fishing as well as fishermen’s life in Museum of fishing methods inside the institute.

Po Nagar Cham Tower

Po Nagar Cham Tower is definitely a must-see spot for history and architecture lovers. The Tower is one of the most typical of its kind of Cham culture and one of the few well-preserved structures in Vietnam. Po Nagar Cham Tower can be divided into 3 parts: Low story, where you will start walking on stone stair way to get to the Middle Story; Middle Story contains 2 big pillar lines and other smaller ones; High Story or the main area lies on the top consists of main Cham towers - with the unique architect and characteristics, where sacred statues of Cham God are kept. Every year in Spring, people from different regions in Vietnam come to Po Nagar Cham Tower to attend the local festival here, where they can worship for luckiness and happiness in their life, join a lot of interesting activities and art performances. 

VinPearl Land

Located right at the heart of Nha Trang City, VinPearl Land is featured in many Vietnam family tours and known as "Heaven of Entertainment in Vietnam". The ticket consists of 2-way cable cars and playing fees of a lot of games in the center and other exciting areas such as Safari Zoo, Dolphin Pools etc. All you will need to worry about is to choose your most fashionable swimming suit because you will be surrounded by blue sea, white sand, yellow sunshine along. This is exactly the place to spend time with your family and your beloved ones.

Christ The King Cathedral NhaTrang

Situated at the heart of NhaTrang City, The Cathedral, built in 1928, is well-known for its unique beauty. Once arrived, you will be amazed by a well-preserved French architecture along with such a peaceful place. Everyday, the Cathedral attracts a lot of local people and tourist to come, pray or take some good photos.

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  1. These all things are really so interesting that we can visit in nha trand, I want also explore these all places once in my life.

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