Truly Authentic Experiences in Myanmar

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Myanmar has recently opened its door for tourism, thus, this country is still a secret for many people. Endowed with stunning landscapes and pristine beaches, Burma is a precious gem in Southeast Asia. Let’s take a look at some of the best experience in this country with Myanmar Private Holidays.    

Local Markets

Market is an important part of Burmese life. People still get their daily supplies from the early morning markets owing to the modern grocery stores only appear in the big cities.  The markets are always lively and colorful with numerous vendors and a wide range of products from food, clothes to souvenirs. A visit to the local markets in Burma is truly an amazing experience as you know about Burmese culture through the most interesting aspect.  

Tea Shops

Tea shop is a familiar image on almost every street of the golden land. People come to this place not to have a cup of tea but to catch up with each other. They do it as their daily routine, sitting around the small table with a hot kettle of tea and some interesting chats. 

Tea in Myanmar is usually black tea sweetened with dense milk or original green tea which is served with some traditional Burmese snacks. You don’t have to know their language to order a cup of good tea. Just by some simple gestures you can access to the daily life of the natives. 

Beer Stations

Night is the perfect time to relax and have a glass of ice – cold beer. Beer stations in Burma are usually open – air eatery selling draught beer and a wide selection of BBQ with a cheap price. Coming here with your friends to experience the local culture and enjoy the delicious Myanmar draught beer.  

Football Games

Burmese people seem to be obsessed with football like its neighbor countries. Whenever a Champion League begins, a great number of local fans gather in the tea shops and beer stations to cheer for their favorite teams. Furthermore, there are also Myanmar national league and games playing in Yangon and Mandalay where you can come and immense in the boisterous atmosphere in the stadium. 

Music Concerts

From October to March, Yangon has a chain of weekend concerts taking place in the beautiful Kandawgyi Lake and Myanmar Convention Centre. There will be all kinds of music selections from pop, rock to traditional performances. The ticket is very cheap, just about $5US/person and you can have a great time for yourself. Or you may make some new friends in your Yangon tour with those who want to take a picture with you. 

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