Where to Spend a Beach Holiday in Myanmar

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Myanmar has plenty of beautiful beaches and paradise islands which are yet to discover. If you are planning on your Burma beach holidays, let take a look at 2 ideal destinations below.

Gaw Yin Gyi Island

Just about 7 hour drive from Yangon, we arrive at Gaw Yin Gyi island in the Ayeyarwaddy region, southwest Myanmar. Although the stretch is not as popular as the Ngapali beach, it is an ideal place for budget friendly tourists with limited time. 

Gaw Yin Gyi island is blessed with picturesque landscapes of clear blue water and white soft sand attracting many locals coming for beach holidays. However, the infrastructure here has not developed much to meet all the demands of the tourists. 

Gaw Yin Gyi island lies near the area of Nga Pu Taw village, Pathein District. From here, you will have to take a jetty to get to the island. Because the location of it is pretty easy to reach, many city - dwellers choose this place to spend their weekend. 

When arrive in the island, it will take about 20 minutes to get to the beach by riding a bike through a lovely village of Kayin which surrounded by lush tropical forest. The accommodation is limited at the beach but you can stay at Nga Pu Taw village where few hostels and guest houses are available. For a bite of local food, you can taste the freshest and most savory seafood at the village restaurants.
Apart from some basic water – based activities, visitors can also choose to hiking in the Gaw Yin Gyi mountain. The beach itself is charming with the sublime landscape which is becoming a new destination for beach holidays in Myanmar. 

Mergui Archipelago

This offshore archipelago lies in the southern part of Burma containing more than 800 islands and islets whose most parts are yet to be explored. 

In spite of the outstanding natural beauty, not many tourists choose this place to spend their holidays due to the hard – to - reach area and pricey travel. 

Endowed with turquoise blue water and incredible marine life, Myeik archipelago is one of the best spots for scuba diving in Burma and in Asia in general. Some of the most famous diving and snorkeling zones are Lampi Island, Red Monkey Island, Shark cave island, Ma Kyone Galet, Bo Cho and MacLeod Island. Join in a journey with Mergui Archipelago Cruises now to explore all of these fascinating islands.

There are not many choices for accommodation in this area due to the remote location. For lager budget travelers, you can stay at Myanmar Andaman Resort on the Khayin Khwa and Bo Cho island. Those who look for a more reasonable hotel can choose to stay at Dawei township. 

Myanmar Andaman Resort 
Mergui Archipelago can be reach by air and by road depending on each budget and time limit. Take a look at http://myanmarprivateholidays.com/mergui-archipelago-tour/ for more information and tailor made holiday to this tropical paradise.

Regardless the isolated location, this Mergui Archipelago is an emerging travel destination in Burma which is a dream trip for many travelers.
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