What to Expect on a Trip to Perfume River, Hue

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Famous for a lot of beautiful landscapes, Vietnam has become afavorite destination of tourists. Vietnam day tours are a popular choice for travellers who would like to discover the beauty of the S-shaped country. If you are looking for a peaceful and romantic place to relax after busy working days, Perfume River, which crosses the capital city of Hue, in the centralprovince of ThuaThien Hue, is an ideal one.

Perfume River has many different names in Vietnamese: Lo Dung, Linh, Dinh, Kim Tra and Huong. Despite being just 60 miles long, the river is packed with natural beauty and cultural significances. Along with Trang Tien Bridge, Perfume River is considered as the symbol of Hue which has inspired many writers and painters from generations to generations.

Local Fishermen's boats on Perfume River

Without a boat excursion on the poetic Perfume River, your trip to Hue will not be completed. In other words, you cannot feel the romance of the old capital city. Most of tourists who have been to Hue admit that this is one of the most beautiful and splendid riverside landscapes. The standard boat trip will take you to the Thien Mu Pagoda, Hon Chen Temple and mausoleums like Tu Duc, Khai Dinh or Minh Mang, offering the chance to learn more about history and superstition of the country dating back to decades ago.

Thien Mu Pagoda - An Architectural Masterpiece

During the cruise, you can see a lot old trees, rustic bamboo boats, parks and beautiful resorts along the river banks. Moreover, listening to Hue traditional folk songs on the cruise will be an interesting experience. If you want to spend more time exploring each place on the bank by yourself, it is possible to take a bicycle on the boat with you and cycle back to Hue, though you need double check this when booking the trip.

Cruising on Perfume River's Dragon Boats

Another special feature of Perfume River is that it changes colors several times in a day. In the sunrise, the light green water quickly turns into blue then golden and purple in the sunset. Seeing the last moment of a day on Perfume River with your lover in a peaceful atmosphere is so romantic, right? Therefore, for newly couples, this must be included in Vietnam honeymoon packages. If you have opportunity to contemplate Hue in a moonlight night, you will see a stunning silvery “Perfume River”.

2 Unmissable Icons of Hue City - Trang Tien Bridge and Perfume River

Perfume River provides a cultural lifeline for all the lands it touches. It closely connects with local life with many interesting traditions.The most popular traditional practices are sampan racing, floating, performing folk music and sleeping overnight on the river, under a starry or moonlight sky. Not only ordinary people but also the royal and mandarin ranks,even the tourists, can enjoy these activities. It is highly recommended that you should visit the river in February-March, when grapefruits are in full bloom and aromatic blossoms bring you the emotions of spring.

Beyond sightseeing and relaxing, you will be attracted to a rich culinary culture in Hue on both side of the river including some Hue specialties such as Bun Bo Hue (Hue Noodle with Beef), Me Xung (a kind of local sesame cake), and the charming Banhmi Hue - definitely a highlight part in your Vietnam food tours.

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