Myanmar – Where All Fun Facts Reunites

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Going on a Burma travel, there is nothing more interesting for visitors than exploring the local folklores. Indeed, Myanmar has its own secrets which sometimes are weird facts that create beautiful Myanmar.
Let’s take a look at several fun points regarded as key elements contributing to Burmese uniqueness below!

Men wear skirts in Burma

To be honest, a large number of people tend to think that there are no countries in the world that men wear skirts apart from Scotland. Nevertheless, this exception is also the case with Myanmar.

It turns out that longyi which is a long wrap around skirt considered as popular traditional Burmese skirt worn by both Burmese genders. Of course, feminine and masculine styles of longyis are flexibly designed. More particularly, while men are usually keen on wearing green, blue or burgundy checkered skirts, women prefer more colorful longyis decorated with pictures of flowers’ patterns.

Thanaka – The secret of Burmese beauty
No one can deny that there are numerous impressive sights that draw a traveler’s attention when they arrive to Myanmar. One thing which sparks the curiosity of new comers is special yellow circles, squares and lines painted on cheeks, noses and foreheads of everyone throughout Myanmar, no matter which gender or how old they are. The yellow pattern is thanaka, a yellow-white cosmetic paste produced by grinding the bark of the thanaka tree on a flat, smooth stone with water.  Perhaps, Burmese make-up art cannot be done without thanaka which has existed in this golden land over the course of 20 centuries.

Traffic in Myanmar may be very confusing!

Perhaps, arriving to Myanmar by Burma cruises or other kinds of transportation, everything about the traffic seems to be fine until after spending the first 10 minutes in a taxi that you definitely soon realize. 
Well, what is wrong with Burmese taxi system?

Before 1948, Myanmar applied traffic laws of England – moving in the left side of the path. After gaining independence from the British Empire in 1970, Myanmar enacted the international laws by changing into the right-hand traffic. However, the most unique point here is that both vehicles with steering wheel in the left and right are allowed in Myanmar.

Everything will be really confusing with the first-timers to this country!

However, instead of merging into the bustling lines of vehicles on the streets, you can consider a boat trip on Ananda Cruise to deeply and peacefully explore a lot of obscured places in Myanmar and gain once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Weird time zone

Interestingly, Burma is mentioned in a unique list of ‘half hour time zone’ including only a few countries on the world.
In fact, ‘UTC +6:30’ is widely known as the official time of Burma, which 30 minutes different from its neighbor - Thailand.

Long Neck Tribe derives from Myanmar

Perhaps, the images of long neck women celebrated all over the world. However, only a few people are aware exactly that they come from mysterious Myanmar.

As a traditional rule, a girl usually begins wearing coils at the age of five and the longer the neck, the more mature this girl becomes. The reason why the local people here always keep it as their cultural custom is that it is an effective way to protect the women from dangerous tigers’ attacks. Moreover, they also hold a strong belief that having a long neck will make them become more charming and healthy.

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