Top 10 the most popular 5-star hotels in Saigon

The hotel has 6 restaurants and conference rooms accommodating up to 1200 people. There is also a gym, spa, swimming pool, and massage service for guests. The friendly staff gives visitors the feeling of being as close and familiar as possible.
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1. Rex Hotel

This is one of the hotels that have existed for many decades. Though there were many changes in Saigon, Rex Hotel was still there. It always welcomes visitors to the bustling city. This is a five-star hotel with 286 superior rooms, 8 conference rooms, 5 restaurants, and bars. It will satisfy the visitors when traveling there. Besides, professional staffs are very important. They are well trained with the ability to speak foreign languages ​​fluently. Rex Hotel is always the ideal choice for visitors when visiting the city.
Rex Hotel

2. Majestic Hotel

Majestic Hotel is one of the longest-standing hotels in Saigon and is a 5-star hotel with French architecture. Majestic has witnessed many changes in the history of Saigon for many years. However, this hotel still retains its sumptuous charm and spellbinding structure. Especially in 2011, the Majestic Hotel announced the expansion project and built two 24 towers and 27 floors with 353 luxurious bedrooms designed together with the lavish interiors. Majestic is the first five-star hotel invested by the Vietnamese. When you visit Saigon, this will be an ideal place for you to stop and rest. The dedicated service, thoughtful staff, and services of the hotel will make you unforgettable.
Majestic Hotel

3. Caravelle Hotel

Caravelle Hotel was considered as one of the 5-star hotels with French and Vietnamese architecture. Therefore, it is very attractive. The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool and an outdoor restaurant. Coming to your view is the streets of Saigon and you can enjoy the delicious food. There are about 335 rooms and each room is decorated in soft tones that are comfortable for the travelers. Flat-screen televisions, pillow menus are available in all rooms. A sumptuous meal is served at Reflections Restaurant or a casual buffet at Restaurant Nineteen.

4. Continental Hotel

The Continental Hotel is located at Dong Khoi Street. This hotel, along with the Duc Ba church and Opera House remains majestically their ancient. The staffs were well-trained carefully. So, they are very professional and experienced. Staffs ​​will serve the international and domestic tourists in a thoughtful way. You can use LCD TV, internet, and free wifi. There is also a magnetic key, security for all three rooms Junior, Deluxe, and Premium. The bedrooms are also delicately designed to give guests the most comfortable feeling.

5. Sheraton Hotel

The Sheraton Hotel is located in the busiest commercial center in Saigon. Rooms are decorated in European style furniture with luxurious bedrooms, amenities and a variety of facilities.Especially, the food of the hotel is unique and delicious. It is the typical cuisine of many countries all over the world such as the United States, France, Russia and many other countries. Moreover, the diversity in the culinary culture of Vietnam is also introduced to foreign tourists. Sheraton also listed in the list of the largest five-star hotel in Saigon. With spacious space, rooms are designed and decorated exclusively, it always makes the customer feel the most comfortable.

6. New World Hotel

New World Hotel has received many awards from favorite travel magazine reviews, as well as thousands of visitors from around the world. New World is definitely suitable for one of the most favorite 5-star hotels. There is a team of professional staffs well-trained carefully and they have dedicated service and caring guests style. Guests can relax in the luxury bedrooms which is the most special preference at the hotel. In addition, a team of professional chefs will serve for guests the delicious food of many countries. This will surely make the impression in the hearts of tourists.

7. Renaissance Riverside Hotel

Renaissance Riverside Hotel is one of the biggest five-star hotels in Saigon. The hotel on the banks of the river will help visitors enjoy the beauty of the sparkling river at night. The hotel has 21 floors with 349 rooms, including 21 rooms looking the Saigon River and breathtaking city every night. At the hotel, there are many services for guests. You can use the massage, sauna, yoga and enjoy the most comfortable moments together with modern equipment.

8. Tajmasago Castle Hotel

Tajmasago Castle Hotel is one of the biggest 5-star hotels in Saigon. This hotel is located in the heart of Phu My Hung business center. This is a harmonious combination of romantic and sophisticated architecture. It always makes visitors have the most fun feeling when staying here. The western side of the hotel is a cinema, spacious spa area, gym with an outdoor pool. The hotel also has a bar where guests can drink wine or chat with friends. This is a perfect choice for travelers who want to experience the best moments in a 5-star hotel.

9. Sofitel Plaza Hotel

The Sofitel Plaza Hotel is located in Le Duan Street. It is convenient for business, shopping, tourist, and entertainment in Saigon. this hotel is a wonderful place for both foreigners and native people. The hotel has 286 luxurious rooms with harmonious designs between classical and modern. In addition, the Sofitel Plaza Hotel has a large outdoor pool with crystal-clear blue water, and you can also go up on the rooftop to watch the city from there. Menu dishes here are both rich and diversified. It is always available for you to choose.

10. Equatorial Hotel

The Equatorial Hotel has 333 rooms that are elegantly designed with beautiful and luxurious style. Equatorial also has its own smoking room that will not disturb and affect the general living space of people. The hotel has 6 restaurants and conference rooms accommodating up to 1200 people. There is also a gym, spa, swimming pool, and massage service for guests. The friendly staff gives visitors the feeling of being as close and familiar as possible.

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