Top beautiful natural lanscapes you should discover in Quang Ngai, Vietnam

Quang Ngai is a province of Vietnam with many beautiful sceneries together with famous landmarks to attract tourists. If you are interested in visiting the famous landscapes to relax, I will introduce you to the following places.
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Quang Ngai is a province of Vietnam with many beautiful sceneries together with famous landmarks to attract tourists. If you are interested in visiting the famous landscapes to relax, I will introduce you to the following places.

1. Ly Son Island

Ly Son Island
Ly Son Island is also known as Cu Lao Re, which is a volcanic crater has turned off, has many beautiful attractions for anyone interested in traveling and loving to explore. Far from Quang Ngai 40 km, Ly Son Island is not only famous for the "garlic kingdom", but also an interesting destination for many tourists. This is a beautiful island with clear watercolor, and you can see the bottom of the sea. Besides, You will see three colors of water distinctly. Near the shore is clear emerald water and far is blue. A beautiful view that you will definitely want to jump down and soak in the cool water.

2. Minh Long White Waterfall

Minh Long White Waterfall

The waterfall is in Thanh An commune, Minh Long district, about 23 km southwest of Quang Ngai. Surrounding the falls is the hills and a variety of trees, so the scenery is so poetic, fresh and quiet. The white waterfall is about 40 m high and there is much white froth below. The water flows into the foot of the waterfall and flows along the stream about 20 m wide. In the lake, there is much Ca Nieng which is a specialty that many visitors prefer at the foot of the waterfall. 

3. Sa Huynh Salt Field

Sa Huynh Salt Field
Sa Huynh salt field is famous for its large and important salt field in the Central Part. It is located in Pho Thanh commune, Duc Pho district, Quang Ngai province. From March to August every year, local people here always try their best to collect salt of Sa Huynh. The scene of Sa Huynh salt fields that is adjacent to each other like giant mirrors reflecting the bright sun and countless white salt. Thanks to this, all make an idyllic picture but special.

4. Three An Village Cape

Three An Village Cabe
Three An village is an important cape of An village in Binh Chau commune, Binh Son district, Quang Ngai province. This place is called such like that because there are three villages named An Hai, An Vinh, An Ky. The lighthouse is always light to lead the way to the Sa Ky port. Looking from the Tinh Ky, three An village is taken from the sediment of the lava pouring gradually toward the sea. From here, you can see Ly Son Island. This is one of the prominent lands forming the shape of Vietnam's coast and the land closest to the Hoang Sa archipelago.

5. Ca Dam mountain

Ca Dam mountain
Ca Dam Mountain is 1,431m high and known as the highest in one of the mountains in Quang Ngai. There are many clouds all year round and ethnic people sometimes go to the forest also see seven-leaf ginseng. Ca Dam mountain conquered many tourists by the majestic mountains and high mountains in the middle of the sky. By the wind, the clouds gather together and then pull away, the blue of the mountain appears again in the cloud. At the same time, the climate changes many times. If the morning is warm, the noon is cool, the afternoon is cold and the night is much colder.

6. Vi O Lac Mountain Pass

Vi O Lac Mountain Pass
Vi O Lac Pass is quite longer and higher, with many of the slopes than other passes of Quang Ngai Province. The pass is located on Highway 24, one of the main roads linking the Central Highlands with the South Central Coast. This pass was bushy and wild in ancient times and there are many trees. From the top of the pass, the land below will come into your view. The four mountains are connected as if it likes an undulating terrain. Far away from the foot of the mountain are the paddy fields of ethnic minorities.

7. Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve

Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve
Located in all three provinces of Gia Lai, Binh Dinh, and Quang Ngai, Kon Cha Rang Nature Reserve was established in 2004. With a total area of 15,446 ha, the density of forest cover is about 98.5%, the ecosystem is diversified and rich in species with nearly 1,000 species of plants and animals. Not only that, this is a rare nature reserve also owns many kinds of precious wood and many animals listed in the red book.

8. Long Mon mountain pass

Long Mon mountain pass
From Thanh An T-junction to Son Ky intersection about 25 km long, you will go through Long Mon pass and Minh Long white waterfall. Especially, the magnificent scenery is no less than the majestic of North West. Standing from the Long Mon Pass, you can zoom into the panoramic view of the charming Thanh An valley. This is a wonderful place for you to explore.
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