Top hotels in Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam

Top hotels in Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam
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1. Muong Thanh Holiday Ly Son Hotel

Muong Thanh Holiday Ly Son Hotel
Address: Ly Son Island District
Room rates: $ 52 - $ 200 per night
Standard: 4 stars
Muong Thanh Ly Son hotel is on the top of the list of high-end, comfortable hotels in Quang Ngai on Ly Son island. With its location right on the beach, there are many resort services such as spa, massage for you when coming to this hotel. If you are a fitness enthusiast, the fitness centers, and outdoor swimming pool will available for you to exercise freely. In the evening, you can walk to the beach to see the view in the sea or go to the karaoke room in the hotel to comfortably sing with family and friends. Moreover, Muong Thanh has spacious rooms that are fully equipped and cleaned daily. Muong Thanh Ly Son Hotel is truly a good quality hotel in Quang Ngai for you to choose.

2. Central Ly Son Hotel

Central Ly Son Hotel
Address: Ly Son Island District
Room rates:  $ 51 - $ 68 per night
Standard: 3 stars
Central Ly Son, located on Ly Son Island and adjacent to Sa Ky pier, is a 3-star hotel. When you come to this coastal hotel in Quang Ngai, you will not have to hire a taxi or find its location.  You just get off the train and you can see it. The rooms of the hotel are the modern design with bright colors so that it looks cleaner and more spacious. Especially in every room of the hotel, there are flat screen TV, free wifi, bathroom amenities so you feel like you are in your home.

3. Central Hotel

Central Hotel
Address: 1 Le Loi Street
Room rates:  $ 33 - $ 68 per night
Standard: 4 stars
This is a 4-star hotel in the heart of Quang Ngai city. It is highly regarded for its many recreational activities and facilities such as spa, massage, sauna, outdoor swimming pool, tennis court, karaoke, or nightclub. In general, the hotel is located in the center so traveling, eating, and drinking is quite convenient. In the evening, there is a nightclub for those who love the bustle of the city. The minus point of this popular hotel is quite old because it was founded a long time ago. So, the interior of the room is not as new as before and the evening is a bit noisy

 4. DLGL - Dung Quat Hotel

DLGL - Dung Quat Hotel
Address: 3 Doc Soi, Dung Quat Economic Zone
Room rates:  $ 31 - $ 120 per night
Standard: 4 stars
 The hotel has a variety of rooms to satisfy the needs of travelers from high-end to affordable. So, you have to choose for yourself a suitable room that depends on your financial ability. The hotel offers a full range of services including a spa, massage, sauna, karaoke, table tennis, gym, outdoor swimming pool for those who want to relax and play sports. From the hotel, you go about 2km to reach Dung Quat beach. However, there are few people living in this area so space is quiet. If you want to eat something, you should eat right at the hotel or go to the beach to eat.

5. My Khe Hotel

My Khe Hotel
Address: My Khe Beach, Tinh Khe Commune, Son Tinh Town
Room rates: US $ 25 - US $ 43 per night
Standard: 2 stars
My Khe is a coastal hotel in Quang Ngai that is chosen by many tourists when coming to My Khe Beach to eat or have fun. The way to My Khe beach is quite close so you can walk to the sea at any time. For those who want to go to Ly Son Island, this hotel is also a reasonable choice from the hotel to the pier to travel Ly Son because it is only about 5 km. The hotel's exception is a small room and no free breakfast.

6. Sa Huynh Resort Quang Ngai

Sa Huynh Resort Quang Ngai
Address: Km 1117 + 600, 1A Highway, Duc Pho district
Room rates: $ 21 - $ 66 per night
Standard: 3 stars
Sa Huynh Resort is a 3-star resort in Quang Ngai with a comfortable, beautiful location in front of Sa Huynh beach, and reasonable price so it is a good hotel for tourists. Even though it is a 3-star resort, you can still enjoy the spa, massage, sauna, and swimming at the outdoor swimming pool. If you take your children to go, do not worry that the children will be bored because the resort has a family room for children to make friends and get together with other children.

7. Ngoc Huong Hotel

Ngoc Huong Hotel
Address: 112, Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Nghia Chanh Ward
Room rates: $ 9 - $ 15 per night
Standard: 2 stars
Ngoc Huong Hotel is a budget hotel in Quang Ngai province. It has a suitable location and many full facilities such as TV, air-conditioner, hairdresser, electric fan, bathroom and so on. If you want to save on travel expenses, Ngoc Huong Hotel is a reasonable choice because of friendly staffs and clean rooms. The exceptions of the Ngoc Huong Hotel are quite noisy due to the proximity of highways.
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Location Quang Ngai, Vietnam


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