Top 12 popular tourist destinations in Hoa Binh

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Hoa Binh Province is endowed with majestic scenery: valleys covered by clouds all year round, waterfalls rushing flow, the mysterious caves. Besides, there are cultural features of the mountainous ethnic groups living here.
All the beauty of nature here gives Hoa Binh a great tourism potential. Here, I would like to introduce you to the famous tourist attractions in Hoa Binh and hints on where to go when you come here for your holiday.

1. Thang Thien Waterfall Tourist Area

Thang Thien Waterfall
Thang Thien Waterfall Ecotourism Resort, located on Vien Nam mountain range, is more than 50 kilometers from the west of Hanoi Capital and belongs to Ky Son district, Hoa Binh province. Covering an area of over 350 square hectares, the waterfall is covered by a vast, pristine forest with abundant kinds of plant and animal species.

In the rainy season, Thang Thien waterfall is more beautiful than ever, because there is a large amount of water from upstream quickly flowing into and making the whole water surface as matt white as foggy. In addition, the beautiful wild nature and favorable climate all year round here has become very attractive and satisfying for every visitors visiting the landscape.

2. Thien Long Cave

Thien Long Cave
Thien Long Cave is also one of the most attractive destinations to visit in Hoa Binh. The cave is located in a complex of relics in Yen Thuy District, including the main grotto and two smaller grottoes.
Going deeper into the cave, you will see a rocky step where you will find many stalactites creating layers of soft-looking cloud ladders. The dropping stalactites look like net curtains. When tourists approach them, 'the net curtains' seem to be opened, and tourists see a strange world. These strange stalactites are like the embodiment of the wildlife in millions of years ago and seem to pull the footsteps of many visitors when they come here.

3. Da Bac Cave

Da Bac Cave
Da Bac Cave, which is also known as Tien Cave, belongs to the territory of Lien Son commune, Luong Son district, Hoa Binh province. With the length of 70 meters, the cave is considered as the work of God with a fine combination of sculpture and painting, of majesty features and poetic ones.
Entering the cave's door, you will be overwhelmed by a 'forest' of stalactites hanging down; each white silvery block of stalactite looks like a bunch of flowers in blossom. When there are lights flashing on, the blocks of stone suddenly brighten with blue, red, purple, gold iridescent eyes look very charming. If you go deeper into the cave, you will see the clusters of small space. Every step is a bit more curious until you go into the deepest part, you will get a new understanding that even if you turned out here even hundreds of times, there are still many niches you cannot grasp.

4. Mai Chau Valley

Mai Chau Valley
Lying in the middle of the mountainous area, there is a beautiful valley that can make all people who have ever set foot in once in life. The valley known as Mai Chau Valley is about 60 kilometers from Hoa Binh town. Looking down from the pass, Mai Chau valley will appear in front of your eyes with terraced fields stretching successively, rows of green trees and tiny stilt houses mixed in blurry foggy. In addition, about 5 kilometers from Son La to the left, suddenly does Golden Valley appear. The scenery under the valley is like a beautiful water painting created by God.
Coming to Mai Chau from October to December or from March to April every year, you will admire the beauty of the bauhinia variegata, plum blossom, and peach flowers. In addition, you can also participate in the lives of ethnic people and enjoy mountainous specialties in the tourist village-like Lac Village or Poom Village.

5. Hoa Binh Hydropower Factory

Hoa Binh Hydropower Factory
Hoa Binh Hydropower Factory was built on Da River in 1979 and inaugurated in 1994. The factory is the largest hydropower factory in Vietnam with the power of nearly 10 billion kWh per year, meeting the demand for electricity for many provinces in our country.
In recent years, Hoa Binh Hydropower Factory is attracting more and more visitors. Getting there, you will be able to see the greatness of architecture and admire the human ability to stop the river, build a dam to make such a magnificent hydroelectric project. The place is also considered as an attractive tourist destination in Hoa Binh that you should visit.
Top 12 popular tourist destinations in Hoa Binh (part 2)

6. Cuu Thac Tu Son Tourist Area

Cuu Thac Tu Son Tourist Area
Located in an area being about 60 kilometers from Hanoi capital, Cuu Thac Tu Son is considered as an attractive tourist area in Hoa Binh with much interesting entertainment and dining services. This place is endowed with nine small waterfalls located close together and a variety of terrains, which creates a very interesting place for those who love to explore the beauty of wild nature. Every year, this famous tourist destination attracts many visitors to Hoa Binh.
Ticket price to visit the waterfall complex is approximately 40,000 - 50,000 VND person. Travelers will be pleased to sink and be immersed in the cool water of the small lake at the foot of each waterfall. In addition, there are massage services, mud baths, jacuzzi and entertainment games like table tennis, billiards, karaoke, etc that will not be easy to refuse and bring you the relaxing moment when you come here.

7. Lung Van

Lung Van
Located at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level, Lung Van is known as the roof of Muong. It is known to be a fascinating place for those who want to conquer the cloudy land all year round. The place, which is famous for its beautiful natural scenery, typical cultural characteristic of Muong ethnic group, is becoming the destination of many big fans of traveling.
If you want to see the beauty of Lung Van, you should go there in the early morning - when the sun doesn't rise and Lung Van is still in the mist. In addition, in the center of Lung Van commune, there is a unique market only meeting on Tuesday morning with the trade activities are quite bustling, so if you have the opportunity to join in the market, you should not miss this unique region to understand more about the simple life of the people here.

8. Hoa Tien Cave

Hoa Tien Cave
The relic of Hoa Tien Cave is located in the central part of the limestone mountain range and Ba Mountain in Ngoi village, Ngoi Hoa commune, Tan Lac district, Hoa Binh province. Being about 1 kilometer from the east of the relic, there is a large, clear lake that people in the area called 'Heaven Lake'. From the two places, the people here have chosen the two most beautiful characters to name the cave. The name of the cave is 'Hoa Tien' (Fairy Lake).
As soon as visitors set foot in Hoa Tien Cave, they are amazed by the breathtaking beauty of countless blocks of stalactites, stalagmites, natural rocky columns full of interesting shapes which attract visitors. Due to the light, all stalactites, stalagmites, and rocky columns are as glittering as the stage lights. 
The main cave: The place reaches a length of 61 meters, the width of 27 meters. Starting from the cave's door, then turn left about 50 meters, the whole cave is divided into two small niches. When visiting there, visitors encounter many stalactites here. The blocks of stalactites are in numerous interesting shapes: some look like dancers, some looks like the Buddha sitting on the colorful clouds. Under the cave's ceiling, we see stalactites hanging down from the top like a bright yellow skirt just washed and being on the dewdrops of glitter. 
North Cave, which reaches the length of 60 meters and the width of 12 meters, is separated from the main one by a series of natural rocky columns and high stalagmites arranged in large rows. Through the natural wall, visitors will enter the heart of the cave. The floor of the cave is somehow rugged terrain because of continuing slightly sloping terraces. The whole cave is 60 meters long. Its outside part is very wide, the widest of which is more than 20 square meters in area. And the deeper you get into the cave, the narrower the cave become. The average height of the cave's ceiling is about 15 meters. Right at the beginning of the path, you will find a shallow lake, which is the starting point for a long row of small lakes that form the terraces. The clear and cool water here in the light of the artificial light becomes extremely shimmering, which makes visitors overwhelmed with the majestic beauty here. The interior, the more tranquil. The place is so tranquil that tourists have to be startled because of small bats flapping their wings and then disappear into the dark. Here, due to the countless stalactites, stone columns, stalagmites in mysterious shapes as well as the purple parasols and golden throne, Hoa Tien Cave is truly a masterpiece of nature.

9. Thac Bo Cave

Thac Bo Cave
From Ha Noi, going along National Highway 6 to the west, passing through the central part of Hoa Binh City over 20 kilometers to Binh Thanh port, tourists will come to Thac Bo Cave. Located in Bung hamlet, Ngoi Hoa commune, Tan Lac district, the cafe is located right on Ngoc berth lying in the northern mountainside, and the cave is also in the heart of Chua mountain range on the shores of Hoa Binh lake.
In the dry season, tourists wanting to visit the cave have to climb nearly 100 steps from the foot of the mountain to the cave's door. In the rainy season, tourists move from boat to floating house by means of the raft made of bamboo that runs about 50 meters into the cave's door. From the cave's door, visitors can zoom out to see the soul of the whole scenery of the beautiful Da River and enjoy the natural masterpieces of the God with the beauty of the majestic mountain and the mysterious cave.
Thac Bo Cave is divided into three zones. In addition to the heart of the cave owning stalactites, there is also a zone for visitors to have a rest. Going up about 50 meters is a Buddhist zone. The dome is quite wide with the cool air. In addition to the altar of the Guan Yin Buddha, Guan Yin Bodhisattva, the gods governing this area, in the Buddhist zone also has an altar of Uncle Ho full of the incense smell of fresh flowers. Therefore, Thac Bo was recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism as National Heritage in 2008.
Coming there, tourists do not forget to enjoy the special tastes of roasted fish that live in Da River, and mountainous specialties like steamed chicken with lemon leaf, pork baked with honey and banana leaves of Muong people, boiled bamboo shoots, cooked upland rice, local cider, steamed fish's guts with wild vegetables, etc.

10. Thung Nai

Thung Nai
Thung Nai is a lake on Da River, belongs to Cao Phong district, Hoa Binh province and is about 25 kilometers from the center of Hoa Binh city. Thung Lai is an interesting destination for many tourists from everywhere. Coming to Thung Nai, when you sit on a small boat waving between the rocky islets, it certain that you will feel admiring of the poetic beauty of the S-shaped country.
Not only is Thung Nai lake beautiful in the rainy season, but the lake also has a unique and breathtaking beauty that captivates people in the dry season and makes anyone feel like being mesmerized. Taking a trip to here on weekends, you will feel that your soul is filled with sweet emotions, and you will want to leave the hustle and bustle of the vibrant city life behind your back.

11. The resort of Kim Boi Mineral Spring

The resort of Kim Boi Mineral Spring
Except for Thung Nai or Tien Hoa Cave, Kim Boi Mineral Spring Resort is also listed as one of the most exciting places in Hoa Binh for you. Thanks to the natural hot mineral water flowing from the underground which has a good effect on health (treatment of arthritis, blood pressure, stomachache, etc.), many guests chose Kim Boi hot spring as a resting and traveling place in winter.
On the weekend, you can soak up in the mineral water of the lake and enjoy the poetic feeling that the mountains bring to you, which make you feel relaxed. Getting there, tourists will feel like feeling in harmony with being immersed in the natural landscape with majestic mountains and 'ocean of cloud'.

12. Muong Museum of Cultural Space

Muong Museum of Cultural Space
Muong Cultural Space Museum is located on a hillside in a small, narrow limestone valley reaching the area of 5 square hectares, and it is 7 kilometers from the center of Hoa Binh City. With an area of over 2 square hectares, the museum has shown the symbolic characteristics of Muong culture - an ethnic group with a long-standing tradition of culture belonging to the huge family of all Vietnamese ethnic groups.
Right from the entrance, visitors have caught the tympanic that reminisces about the rice cultivation is located right next to the traditional house of the Muong. Coming to the Muong cultural space, apart from exploring the culture and architecture of the Muong people, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy the Muong cuisine right here.
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